Eugene Babysits Ned's Baby
The Try Guys
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By popular demand, Eugene confronts his biggest nightmare: babysitting for the first time ever. While Ned and Ariel enjoy a day to themselves, Eugene must handle the trials and tribulations of raising little Wes, from feeding him to changing his diaper and putting him to bed. Will he learn to love babies or grow to hate them even more?
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Ariel Fulmer and Wesley Fulmer
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  • Anna N
    Anna N

    Eugene is the uncle that Wes goes to as a teenager whenever he is annoyed at his parents or if anyone is mean to him

  • Ro Saulnier
    Ro Saulnier

    Eugene: "Even through the night?"

  • Aracely Castillo
    Aracely Castillo

    Wes: Crying

  • Nerco

    How to babysit a baby: treat them like your drunk friend

  • hellsunderpaidjanitor

    ned is the stereotypical dad who probably packs bandaids and granola bars in his pocket and always has a bad pun ready, and eugene is the tired gay uncle who shows up to family gatherings an hour late already drunk and gives his nephew a hundred dollar bill as a present

  • Jona de Vries
    Jona de Vries

    It's so clear that, even though he says he doesn't like babies, he definitely loved playing with Wes. However, the moment Ned and Ariel came back in his 'I do not like babies' persona switched back on. Like, the moment there were others to make sure Wes was okay his personality took over natural instinct again...

  • Tiny Dancer
    Tiny Dancer

    Eugene: I’m not a baby person.

  • Baby Squirrel
    Baby Squirrel

    I feel like Eugene doesn't hate baby he's just scared of not doing the right thing or accidentally hurting them. But he's also kinda standoffish with them too.

  • Mustashee

    The funny thing is, for someone who isn't a baby person, Eugene managed to read Wes's expressions and figure out what he needs rather than sitting there confused and letting Wes cry. He did extremely well!!

  • Nadia Bonn
    Nadia Bonn

    “Congratulations” is the appropriate response. Pumping milk is hard.

  • Hugh Tran
    Hugh Tran

    10 years from now...

  • Chavon Hawthorne
    Chavon Hawthorne

    “Ew he just threw up on meeee. Awe it’s not your fault I’m sorry. Do you feel better?”

  • chan's laptop
    chan's laptop


  • Mael Williams
    Mael Williams

    Okay, I want to have a drunk Asian fashionista as an uncle.

  • Estelle Bonnelame
    Estelle Bonnelame

    That shot of Eugene

  • Gurnoor Dhami
    Gurnoor Dhami

    This is like Sirius Black babysitting for the Potters.

  • Sapphire

    I honestly think Eugene doesn't like being involved because he cares too much. He is so considerate of not wanting to harm, upset or offend Wes that he just kind of freezes in panic mode. After being puked on he instantly said it's okay it's not your fault...I think that is just the tip of the iceberg on Eugene's childhood and why he wants to be so careful around babies and children. It was lovely to see him spend some time with Wes and learn that despite what he thinks, he is actually very capable and caring <3

  • Hugh Tran
    Hugh Tran

    Eugene: “i will murder if anyone tries to hurt him”

  • Kheishatheblackcat

    Few years later:

  • Alana Maryan
    Alana Maryan

    Eugene- “I won’t drink on the job”