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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys

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    • bronwyn

      plz drop the brownie recipe zach🙏

    • Hannah Colvin
      Hannah Colvin

      @Kristian aa

    • Hannah Colvin
      Hannah Colvin

      @Kristian lol kksljakkskskskfjalakkk

    • Hannah Colvin
      Hannah Colvin

      @Kristian jfalg

  • AserHapi

    "I have nothing bad to say about this" - an award winning baker talking about Zach's cooking. Wow.

    • Twilink36

      I’ll take both the 22nd and 38th thank you very much.

    • Amy Harrison
      Amy Harrison

      * Hobbles out of hole * * takes the 44th comment * * slivers back in *

    • Jenna Mutzy
      Jenna Mutzy

      @Banana Bot151 I shall volunteer as tribute for the 43rd comment

    • Banana Bot151
      Banana Bot151

      @Teona Barton 42nd comment is mine!

    • Teona Barton
      Teona Barton

      I'm the 41st comment cause I wanted to be included

  • Weronika Walczyk
    Weronika Walczyk

    First episode, the bread, winner: "I have almost considered swallowing it" This winner: "That's the best brownie I've ever had Zack" They came so far

    • Meg Taglialatellas
      Meg Taglialatellas

      They are actually good cooks now!

    • Cheyenne Hunt
      Cheyenne Hunt


    • adrenaline

      @Sham Tham Many ways

    • Sham Tham
      Sham Tham

      For real, they really have come far, it's really wholesome to watch in a way

  • Melanie Magolan
    Melanie Magolan

    The correct name for Ned's dish is "a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walk into a bar" and I will not hear otherwise.

    • jennifer griffith
      jennifer griffith


    • Chrissy R
      Chrissy R


    • robinsam

      he really missed an amazing opportunity

    • TheRoeAndGo2.0

      But what about me... I'm a strawberry blonde... (Red and blonde 🧡)

    • chelseahyruleal

      Thank you. Thank you for this.

  • wei

    Other judges: We're looking for a fully cooked brownie and not dry. Kwesi: *I'm looking for charisma.*

    • whovibe

      @A Random Individual relatable

    • A Random Individual
      A Random Individual

      I barley remember making this

    • A Random Individual
      A Random Individual

      Dang, I made this 3 WEEKS AGO? I thought this comment would be like, from 1yr ago haha

    • A Random Individual
      A Random Individual

      @Daniel Sinlapawattana dnd jokes, we love to see em! 😂

    • Daniel Sinlapawattana
      Daniel Sinlapawattana

      The bard:

  • Ariel T Allen
    Ariel T Allen

    Eugene is so critical and cold, but like he hypes the guys up. Defending Ned's creativity, telling Zac he's the king, and it's the most wholesome thing on the internet.

    • Cheyenne Hunt
      Cheyenne Hunt


    • •Marley_edits•

      omg true

  • Xylee Xylee
    Xylee Xylee

    Can we just appreciate that Keith took the time to help Zack with his recipe, and then humbly accepted 4th place for the 1st time ever?

    • Nena4Ever15

      @Johnny well then dont read the comments beforehand. That's your fault

    • Ash & Belle
      Ash & Belle

      I think he was just so proud of Zach that Keith didn’t care about his placement

    • Liz Kerr
      Liz Kerr

      I hate when comments like this are the highlighted comment. 😂 Not the commenters fault and I prob could have assumed Keith would be 4th...but c'mon IRglo. 😂

    • Zara Harley
      Zara Harley

      We all love keith here💖

    • Tooties_clout._.862

      Spoilers lmao

  • Bear McCulloch
    Bear McCulloch

    Wait, math and law of syllogism: if Eugene tries to make a cake, he makes an omelet. If he tries to make brownies, then he makes a cake. So... if he tries to make an omelet he should make brownies

    • Zuzana Barteková
      Zuzana Barteková

      @Swetha Sritharan look up this: carcinization It's about how everything is evolving into a crab shape

    • Swetha Sritharan
      Swetha Sritharan

      @Zuzana Barteková Wait! What is the crab thing?

    • Zuzana Barteková
      Zuzana Barteková

      @Swetha Sritharan everything is a circle. Sometimes you just need a few more steps to make it actually full. It's like the crab thing - everything changes into a crab (I don't know how or why, I just know that's something that's happening)

    • Swetha Sritharan
      Swetha Sritharan

      @Zuzana Barteková Unless it is not a circle at all..

    • Cheyenne Marie
      Cheyenne Marie

      Your logic got reversed there at the end. The correct conclusion would be if he makes brownies, he will make an omelet, not the other way around (though I guess that wouldn’t be as funny a comment). B=brownies, C=cake, O=omelet B -> C, C -> O, together is B -> C -> O. Simplifying the steps to just beginning and end result is B -> O

  • Lily Gray
    Lily Gray

    Favorite quote: “Keith’s a nice guy...horrible brownie” “You can’t have it all” 35:20

  • Rodrigo C
    Rodrigo C

    Try guys: RE-TRY. Each try guy chooses one of his favorite failure dishes and try to do it better. Make it happen.

    • Nora Gabrielsson
      Nora Gabrielsson

      That’s a great idea!

    • M G
      M G

      They’ve done redemption episodes before. I don’t think they’ve done different things at one time, but that would be hard to edit.


    "You're welcome, Mom!" *points upward* after a beat "She's alive." THIS MAKES ME LAUGH OUT LOUD EVERY SINGLE TIME

    • emi


  • GreyDevil

    The real MVP of this episode is lowkey Keith, who saved Zach from himself and helped him save his brownies at the last second by baking them correctly

    • racheil roth
      racheil roth


    • Don Bosco Than
      Don Bosco Than

      It's called love

    • Tyffanee Lavely
      Tyffanee Lavely

      pretty sure Zach would have kept baking them It is still nice when they help each other, but taking away form Zach's hard earned victory isn't cool. It doesn't happen often, so let's let him have it. He made the brownies, he did the damn thing, and I'm proud. P.S. I didn't look at the comments, but I may have said something similar when this vid came out. lol

    • Guy Dingus
      Guy Dingus

      zamn zaniel

    • Hipa Lahi
      Hipa Lahi


  • Alexa Petras
    Alexa Petras

    keith: *points up * you’re welcome mom... she’s alive 28:30

    • Jordan Hutch
      Jordan Hutch

      Fuckin love Keith

    • person123

      Best line in the video 😂

  • Mickey Patchin
    Mickey Patchin

    STORYTIME!!! So my mom was baking a cake for my dad. She hates baking but loves cooking, thinks baking is way too complicated. I can't blame her. So she did everything right but the problem is the sides were baking faster than the center (she was using a glass dish) and she was freaking out. I remembered this episode and suggested we put tin foil on the edges because that's what they did. So we slapped tin foil on the edges and put it back in for a little while. And it worked. The cake was moist and really good. So thanks Zach and Keith you saved my dad's birthday XD Love you guys!!!

    • Vaporean_BoyLove.0w0

      Coming in with the clutch!

    • Angelica Datu
      Angelica Datu

      Aww you and your mom are so cute

    • Maric Fowler
      Maric Fowler


  • hiraeth

    something about keith fondly recalling a phrase his mother would say to him as a child as if it were an inspirational proverb and then it actually being the ruffles slogan is. so funny

    • Robynn Houd
      Robynn Houd

      69 likes hell yeah

  • Grace Rae Elen Nepomuceno
    Grace Rae Elen Nepomuceno

    “I have learned so much because what made my cakes bad is I put over a dozen eggs in. And this time, I only put a few in.” Jennifer Yee’s face after he said that has me DYING

    • Delaney Keller
      Delaney Keller


  • Alyse Hein
    Alyse Hein

    "I feel like I'm going to vomit" lol zach's body physically rejecting success

    • Aurelia

      @Kyoko Hirose e

    • Anton Liir
      Anton Liir


    • Emily Lange
      Emily Lange

      F*cking same

    • •KRUMBAE•

      Great, just what he needed... another type of allergy

  • NoOne

    Ned with only 1 kid: calm, collected, classic and away from alcohol Ned with 2 kids: slowly descending into insanity, drinking absurd amounts of alcohol with Eugene

  • Eleanor Mason
    Eleanor Mason

    You know what, if Ned had made the vanilla and strawberry layers into blondies but flavoured & coloured individually, baked them all separately and 'glued' them with ganache, then he'd have a pretty amazing brownie/ blondie Neapolitan

    • Nena4Ever15

      Probably bc ut still wouldnt have been a brownie lol ot woudkve been 1/3 brownie

    • the hell
      the hell

      Yea, I don't know why he didn't do that, like that's how you make layered cake right? Just ganache'd it

  • Registered WTF
    Registered WTF

    So... In Ned's defense - not all brownies are chocolate. Blonde brownies exists. He could have made blonde brownie mix and flavored his strawberry layer w/ his strawberry liquor and red food coloring and it wouldda been a full 3 layered brownie as blonde brownies are already vanilla.

    • MissCaraMint

      @Elliot Shore No they don’t. You can put chunks of white chocolate in them, but that does get overly sweet. The blondies themselves are more caramelized.

    • Elliot Shore
      Elliot Shore

      Blondies have white chocolate in them, right? I think any kind of chocolate is what makes it a brownie

    • Registered WTF
      Registered WTF

      @Nena4Ever15 you just acknowledged that a blondie is a brownie without chocolate. If you have to put brownie at the end of it - I think that classifies it as a brownie enough. Chocolate is not necessary. The texture and everything is all exactly the same without the chocolate is the only difference.

    • Nena4Ever15

      That wouldnt have been a brownie lol. A brownie is chocolate, a blondie is a brownie without cocoa and isnt technically a brownie

  • Shido Suteshi
    Shido Suteshi

    The overwhelming pride that everyone in the room was feeling when Zach's brownie was tasted made me so happy! He's tried so hard and did his best and made something that had no flaws! So proud of him🥰🥰

  • kapowshi

    All the other episodes were like "I hate this one the least, so this guy wins" but Zach legit won the judges hearts! Yay Zach!

    • Nicolette Chullan
      Nicolette Chullan

      @Abbi Martin exactly 😂

    • CrusaderTwo

      thanks for spoiling

    • A random nerd
      A random nerd

      @Siobhan Fitzgerald oh I’m sorry

    • Siobhan Fitzgerald
      Siobhan Fitzgerald

      @A random nerd I didnt go into the comments. This just came up as the top one. So kinda ruined it 😔

  • Morganite Gem
    Morganite Gem

    I love that Eugene specifies "white mom" because that's actually something really new, before the 60s nobody measured a damn thing, and my great grandma's recipes have weird measurements if any like "a fist full" or "half an eggshell" or my personal favorite "enough". My grandma also writes recipes this way. My mom is learning to measure these days. I am the only person in my family that can read normal recipes and old ones nobody can make sense of. I am also the only person in my family that can cook perfectly fine but isn't allowed in the kitchen Edit: I am now allowed in the kitchen and helped with Thanksgiving. My mother plans to have me help with Christmas too. I am very excited, but hate the online recipes she gives me and would rather she tell me what the end result should be and let me go wild

    • Morganite Gem
      Morganite Gem

      @Nicole Ntola That's so cool, here in the states such arts as baking without measuring is dying, my cousins can't do anything without measuring cups and measuring spoons and here I am using half of an egg or the back of my hand to gauge how much of something I need, and sometimes I don't even do that. I have a half cup measuring scoop in my sugar container and I don't use it to actually measure, I fill it up as much as I think is appropriate and that's that. To this day I have yet to screw up while fricking off, but any time I use a recipe I mess something up. Nothing major, usually just spacing stuff on the cookie sheet so it doesn't melt into one big rectangular cookie. My mom never learned to fully bake with a recipe before passing earlier in the year, unfortunately

    • Nicole Ntola
      Nicole Ntola

      No but for real, in my country it's fairly well known that when baking you use "fistfulls", "check with your eyes", "as much as it can take" and the ever beloved "chick" and "chack" measurements when you only want a sprinkle of something😭 Something fun I noticed is that even our tv chefs and cookbooks will try to be precise and use actual measurements but they still say that "of course you could need more, check with your eyes (it makes more sense in my language), you will know if it needs more, etc". Baking is a precise science but nobody can tell better than you, that's what my grandma says😂

    • SunnySensei

      As someone who also cooks this way, I recommend asking if you could make something ahead of time. Lots of side dishes and desserts can be made ahead of time and this will make Thanksgiving less stressful and let you experiment! 😄

  • Sunitta Wattanawaragorn
    Sunitta Wattanawaragorn

    “Anything else sucks comparing to Zach’s. If Zach is over here, you guys wouldn’t even be in this ROOM.” Cracks me up real bad.

  • amandapc

    They need to do a challenge where they make health/energy bars just for Keith.

    • Banana Bot151
      Banana Bot151

      This whole series is for Keith lmao he came up with it so he could win

  • Heather Shea
    Heather Shea

    im actually really surprised that keiths brownies didnt do better because his batter looked so good?

    • Katie Baker
      Katie Baker

      Unless they edited it out, he put no leavening agents in his batter. It was just flour, sugar, and cocoa powder for the dry ingredients. So other than the eggs which would give a little rise if they were whipped beforehand, he had nothing to lift his brownies.

    • nixkey

      Also way overmixed because the "brownies are dense" logic comes from amount of chocolate not harder batter.

    • Dragon4eva

      Too much veggie oil

    • Steven Liang
      Steven Liang

      Over baked, that’s what happened

    • H E
      H E


  • Leni Refuerzo
    Leni Refuerzo

    I actually cried when they were praising Zach for his brownie. He’s come so far.

    • Leah

      The fact that is was the best brownie one of judges had ever had, and zach made it without a recipe kills me. I was so happy for him

    • Thvillain


    • Allison Michelle
      Allison Michelle

      I got so happy for him!

    • Hani Things
      Hani Things

      Same !!!

    • Lee

      Please love JESUS, GOD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT :D❤️

  • Pucksandpaperbacks

    Ned putting the oven at 550 degrees has put years off of my life.

    • Pucksandpaperbacks

      @boddypen yes lol

    • boddypen

      are you still alive

    • Arianna Mae
      Arianna Mae

      I’m honestly hoping that he just read the numbers wrong because if he actually put it at 550 I might have a heart attack

  • Alex W
    Alex W

    Is no one gunna talk about how hilarious Kwesi James was! Everything he said was straight out of a stand up comedy

    • k.h.production 22669
      k.h.production 22669

      I read "hilarious" as "hideous" for a second and I was so confused lol

  • Ruby B
    Ruby B

    They made Zach’s brownie sound so good that I literally want the recipe now!!

  • AmethystEyes

    I think the main thing that we learned about Zach in these competitions is that if he limits the amount of ingredients and flavor profiles he can actually do a good job. He just has to get out of his own way. Lol

  • Tory M
    Tory M

    “Brown sugar, because brownies are brown.” “That’s...not the worst logic you’ve had.”

    • Kristie Amaya
      Kristie Amaya

      @Almondcatlady Salty?

    • Hunter Karns
      Hunter Karns

      @Almondcatlady cause no one likes to comment haha

    • Tory M
      Tory M

      @Your Worst Nightmare If it helps, I have no idea why this got any likes either.


      @Your Worst Nightmare yup

    • Your Worst Nightmare
      Your Worst Nightmare

      @Almondcatlady What is there to say? The kid just copied down what was said in a video. Guess people love unoriginality.

  • Kirti Sawant
    Kirti Sawant

    Everything unexpected happened in this episode. Ned went on crazy with creativity, Eugene showed restraint! Keith didn't have a meltdown or anger flare when he got the 4th place and Zach finally won!! This is an alternate universe thing!!

  • Adrian Cristopher Cardino
    Adrian Cristopher Cardino

    Summary for each brownie probably was; Keith: Health bar Ned: Burnt cake top Eugene: Looks can be deceiving Zack: Bakery-level

  • Prapti Gargari
    Prapti Gargari

    When my mom says she loves both my brother and me equally, she means the way Keith dedicated one whole season and an episode to his dad and one episode to his mom :)

  • Olivia Jayne Welsh
    Olivia Jayne Welsh

    i always come back to this particular 'without a recipe' because of zach winning. it is just so wholesome. and this video came out on my birthday last year! december 13th!

    • Raeleigh Black
      Raeleigh Black

      Me too 😭 it’s literally a guilty pleasure Eid love seeing Zach win

  • Ali Ababwa
    Ali Ababwa

    “Is it a brownie?” “It’s the best brownie I’ve ever had Zack” *cries*

    • Asherburger

      @Nadia Bonn RIGHT like I really wanna eat it

    • Aarushi Jha
      Aarushi Jha

      I DID TOO

    • Stephanie Torrico Paz
      Stephanie Torrico Paz

      I live for that moment... just rewatched it and made my day.

    • AEC 06
      AEC 06

      i think we all cried at this moment... baking has really made zach grow up 🥺

    • Erin Plass
      Erin Plass

      I cried too! I have thought I was just being corny. I’m glad I’m not the only one who cries hahahaha

  • amandapc

    I feel bad for Ned, when he does classic they don’t like it, but when he is adventurous, they still do t like it.

    • emma foith
      emma foith

      yeah, like there are brownies that aren’t chocolate

    • Stuff With Soph
      Stuff With Soph


  • Ressi

    Ned: drinks strawberry 🍓 bailey's out a measuring cup Eugene: drinks straight from the bottle Pov: the two uncles after a long day at the family barbecue

  • Amber Shepherd
    Amber Shepherd

    "A brownie is usually chocolate." Maybe USUALLY but not ALWAYS. They really screwed Ned over

    • noodle

      He got second place what’s there to complain about?

    • Olivia Bailey (student)
      Olivia Bailey (student)

      But Zach's looked like it should win because of not only the concept but also the taste

    • Brooklyn Cavagnaro
      Brooklyn Cavagnaro

      Literally have they never heard have blondies 🤷‍♀️

    • E Mass
      E Mass

      Yeah, it wasn't fair to say that brownies have to just have chocolate, but I would not say they screwed him over. He rightfully got second place.

  • Emerald Gilana
    Emerald Gilana

    and underrated interaction 6:10 Eugene: dude i’m so proud of you you’re doing alcohol in yours Ned: thank you Eugene: did i inspire you a little bit? Ned: you did Eugene: awwwh thanks; and you know what i’m going to try to exercise today that you do? RESTRAINT. Ned: awwwh thanks

  • Caitlin Waltz
    Caitlin Waltz

    can we talk about how Zach's first win wasn't even a close competition? like he didn't just win, he annihilated

    • Everything Fangirl
      Everything Fangirl

      i'm so proud of him holy crap HAHAHHA

    • destiny rexya
      destiny rexya

      Do you think Ned and Eugene were trying to lose so Keith and Zach can win for once?

    • Megg Swaggs
      Megg Swaggs

      @He_Is_Calling_You ummmmmm are you lost

    • Isabella Arocho
      Isabella Arocho

      so proud of him

    • He_Is_Calling_You

      The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. (Romans 10:9) Jesus loves you.

  • Ebo Krova
    Ebo Krova

    Yknow. Keith should've dunk the chips in melted chocolate, freeze them and then put them as condiments in the end

  • eliz k.
    eliz k.

    “I don’t believe in measuring” Said every Asian mother while cooking

  • blue3616

    I love coming back to this episode and watching Zach's reaction to the judges. He hams up his surprise at first but you can tell by his face that it genuinely means a lot to him. Not only did he make a delicious brownie - he completely blew everyone else out of the water when no one was expecting him too. Good job Zach - I want to eat your brownies.

  • Heroshii15

    Keith: “My mom loves ruffles.” Me: “Oh, so you’re going to give the brownies a ridged top?” Keith: *Actually puts ruffled potato chips on the brownies* Me: “Okay, that’s... interesting.”

    • Robynn Houd
      Robynn Houd

      Okay but if you’ve never had regular potato chips with chocolate, it’s immaculate

    • horror radio dream radio
      horror radio dream radio

      I feel like maybe it would have worked if he covered the chips in chocolate or maybe chopped them up and mixed them with chocolate to make a crunchy chocolate layer. But the straight up placing of chips in the brownie batter was a bold move

  • raegan elle
    raegan elle

    i feel like a mom who’s kid just won a prize at school. so proud of corndiddy

    • ibjsca

      @Cove Blue sure am 🖤🖤

    • Cove Blue
      Cove Blue

      @ibjsca Ah so you're just passive aggressive in general.

    • ibjsca

      @Cove Blue lmfao it’s not directed at them chill it’s youtube’s stupid design

    • Jordan Granados
      Jordan Granados

      Please edit this to have a spoiler tag. This comment has ruined the end for a lot of people, including me. :/


      @Jordan N please, why don’t you just not say the name. ( no offense)

  • isadora spalding
    isadora spalding

    ngl the brownies the professional made looked gross. i am a firm believer in a fudgy brownie, rlly jiggly when u take it out and letting it set

  • Hoodwink

    I love how everyone just unanimously decided to be happy for Zach. He totally deserved this win

  • windflower byul
    windflower byul

    i come back here just for the serotonin of zach being praised

    • lord voldemort
      lord voldemort


    • syra


  • Clara Brandão
    Clara Brandão

    When the judges tasted Zach's brownie the guy was over the moon, it was so heartwarming

  • Daftrok

    Aluminum foil FOR THE WIN. Literally saved Zach's brownie.

    • C.rackzz

      @Arya Thrikkovil you were deep in the comments...

    • Isis Darosa
      Isis Darosa


    • Arya Thrikkovil
      Arya Thrikkovil

      SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

    • Fireblazer Qt
      Fireblazer Qt

      Keith saved him and took an L. Got feel bad for the man...

    • Aaliyha Fennimore
      Aaliyha Fennimore

      Yess! That aluminium foil was magic.

  • Meggie Moo
    Meggie Moo

    The face of the poor expert when Eugene said he put 12 eggs into a cake 😂

  • Munna K
    Munna K

    33:00 Zach literally looked like he was gonna cry. I am so happy for him. And....I want that brownie !!

  • Lee Yan
    Lee Yan

    There should be an episode where they make health bars then maybe kieth will really truly ace it

  • unknowngal

    I love eugene because how supportive he is. he always in this season defended neds recipes saying that how he tried to be creative and also started cheering for zack and also when he tasted other guys recipe he never say anything to them and always support them

  • Belen Arroyo
    Belen Arroyo

    The try guys getting excited over Zach’s brownie is wholesome

    • Gina Kocher
      Gina Kocher

      I've come back and watched this episode repeatedly because it makes me so happy!

    • Sarah '93
      Sarah '93

      Zac reminds me of ryland.

    • Maric Fowler
      Maric Fowler

      I literally almost cried! (Reads the comments, realizes we all did

    • E

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    Alison Elkins

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    Kirk Gonzalez

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      Beomgyu’s favourite tomato 😃

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      sefakor adabla

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    Ali Flanagan

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