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  • Bridgette Cashion
    Bridgette Cashion

    I really love that Zach bows out of challenges that are detrimental to his health as a person with chronic illness. It just sets such a great example.

    • Terrah Bruner
      Terrah Bruner

      @Samantha Edwards a lot of times there is pressure to perform even against better judgment and health concerns. In the case of food it is often times easy to write off eating something you shouldn’t because typically one does not suffer the consequences right away, they feel sick later and they do enjoy the food and want to participate. It can be hard people for people with food intolerances to know when to step back for their own health when tempting food is right in front of them and when food is so much of our culture. I know it’s made me eat things I shouldn’t have

    • Terrah Bruner
      Terrah Bruner

      @cassi gio I wish. A lot of times people with chronic health problems feel a lot of stress and guilt when they aren’t able to do what everyone else around them is doing. I can often lead to people doing things that might not be in their best interest in order to blend in or because something isn’t accessible for them. For example, maybe a new person goes out for drinks after work because they want to get to know their new coworkers, but they’re not supposed to drink, but in order to blend in they get a drink even though they know they won’t feel good later. However the environment the Try Guys have created is one about accessibility and acceptance so these problems that many face they have found ways to work around.

    • Terrah Bruner
      Terrah Bruner

      @Ellen Voyage I know you said this forever ago but please don’t feel bad for doing what’s best for you. I also get chronic migraines so I understand the guilt of missing out on things or not being able to do things because your sick

    • Terrah Bruner
      Terrah Bruner

      Fr. With chronic pain and other chronic illnesses it’s easy to get fed up with feeling sick all the time that when you do feel a little bit better you take too much advantage of it and push yourself too far and just tell yourself to ignore the pain until it’s truly unbearable.

    • Charlie Leman
      Charlie Leman

      I like that a lot, but I feel like it would be really fun to watch Rhea Letre (I almost definitely spelled that wrong, sorry Rhea) and Zach hosted together

  • who even
    who even

    Anyone else notice that Kwesi got assigned the Color yellow and he’s wearing a yellow shirt? Feels like a soft launch to me and I like it!! ☺️

    • funplace 🥳
      funplace 🥳

      I love Kwesi so much ngl He's so fun 🤣

  • The Hope of Eden
    The Hope of Eden

    “Ain’t nothing in North Korea named Americano“ is fantastic but I feel like we’re sleeping on - “SO NOW WE’RE JUST GOING TO BELIEVE NORTH KOREA?!”

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe

    "Keith make a joke about me" " guys ever seen Ned?" The way I WHEEZED

    • inez Hamilton
      inez Hamilton

      sad part was actually funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Rachel L
    Rachel L

    No one appreciated Ned's "because it gives them a buzz" about bees being attracted to coffee... but I'm dying. 🤣

    • Taylor Christine
      Taylor Christine

      I’m glad someone said it, 💛 his dad jokes

    • G Hintz
      G Hintz

      @Brittany De Irish they were all too caffeine-drunk to notice at that point.

    • Brittany De Irish
      Brittany De Irish

      I was thinking the same thing! Solid pun that did not get the attention it deserved! 🥺🥺🤣🤣

  • Blah Blahsen
    Blah Blahsen

    today's winner is: literally everyone but Ned.

    • PeanutQPublic

      i couldn't decide the whole video on if i wanted to give it a thumbs up or down, when i realised what this comment meant i decided on up.

    • Wolfiethehero Productions
      Wolfiethehero Productions


  • The Hope of Eden
    The Hope of Eden

    I remember like four years ago Keith making a joke about needing a fifth, black Try Guy, so I’m just happy that Kwesi is here😂

    • rachel

      @Ms. Wilson in the original lie detector test on buzzfeed

    • Ms. Wilson
      Ms. Wilson

      Did he? Which vid?

  • LaureePenguin

    After the espresso translation question, Ned is giving me “HER SISTER WAS A WITCH” vibes.

    • Haley Carson
      Haley Carson

      I can’t believe I found this comment. Amazing

    • Sina Jahany
      Sina Jahany

      Golden 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Yodon theDuck
      Yodon theDuck


    • AshTree


    • Toobitss


  • CPCoulterTweedles

    I love how Eugene deliberately got the first question wrong just so he could have some coffee. Got to love his chaotic energy.

    • terri_riot

      He is the Asian of Chaos. 😆

  • Gabrielle McGahey
    Gabrielle McGahey

    The real blonde roast was when they dragged Ned for not knowing Italian.

  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention

    This was really just a set-up for the guys to give their buddy some sick headphones, congrats to all

    • LWL 2001
      LWL 2001

      Except Ned who has to take care of his baby without a date night.

    • Seek Discomfort:))
      Seek Discomfort:))

      A new record for the largest cup of coffee was achieved last week by Caffé Bene in Yangju, South Korea. The cup contained 14,228.1 litres (3,129.7 UK gal; 3,758.7 US gal) of iced black Americano and measured 3.3 m (10 ft 10 in) tall and 2.62 m (8 ft 7 in) wide.

    • Shiranui22

      Tbf mobile displays the top comment automatically

    • Erika

      But truly such a heartwarming video!

    • sa rab
      sa rab

      @NinjaNerd007 top comment means we're able to see the comment without actually clicking on that section

  • Eddis

    Ned nerding (very sensibly) over the important difference between by volume or per capita was maybe my favorite part 😄

    • Angelica Datu
      Angelica Datu

      Same I love jock Ned but I also love nerdward

  • Amanda Mungcal
    Amanda Mungcal

    Kwesi yelling "WHAT KINDA SHOW IS THIS" was my favorite

    • KriCot 2015
      KriCot 2015

      Still laughing 🤣

  • LPdedicated

    They 100% did this just to Kwesi could get his headphones and if that's not wholesome as fuck I dunno what is!

  • Abbie Gilfilen
    Abbie Gilfilen

    I love Kwesi as a fifth member of the crew, he really balances their energy out

    • maggie kelley
      maggie kelley

      he’s very calming yet always energetic and fun

  • Jenn the Human
    Jenn the Human

    Was this whole episode done just to support Kwesi in goal of flying planes? If so, that's adorable.

    • Hope Garthwait
      Hope Garthwait

      kwesi airlines coming soon sponsored by 2nd Try LLC

    • Florina Fernandes
      Florina Fernandes

      It's so obvious it totally was, and I love it 😀 😍 ❤

    • jamberrymiles

      was going to comment this exact thing!

    • stringybeanss

      @Emily A. omg ur right!

    • coco melon :3
      coco melon :3

      My heart , im gon cry 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • dreZmay

    Kwesi being rained on by singles while wearing his new headphones. The happiest of happy endings.

    • Aasir Newton
      Aasir Newton

      I watched it over like 5 times because it was so pure and gleeful 🤩

  • Isabel A
    Isabel A

    eugene trying to pick between his deep need to win and his desire for coffee

  • southern ghoul
    southern ghoul

    I love how Eugene wins even when he’s purposely trying to answer some questions wrong so he can have coffee 😩😂 that’s the most Eugene thing ever tbh. Congrats Kwesi on your headphones!!!

  • l

    As a Scandinavian I knew immediately it had to be Finland who drinks the most 😂 it gets so dark and cold, coffee is such a necessity for functioning here

  • Mony Sugardogs
    Mony Sugardogs

    "Ain't nothin' in North Korea named Americano." PLEASE EUGENE LMFAO.

    • funplace 🥳
      funplace 🥳

      I read this right after he said that

    • soshiangel90

      the second i heard it called Americano I was like..."but that drink is STUPID popular in SOUTH Korea...."

    • HaloDiane

      He's got a point tho lol

    • syra

      @KillerAcid01 oh rlly

    • KillerAcid01

      I hate this cause the answer to that question was south korea they messed up on the answers.

  • El Rey Del Mundo
    El Rey Del Mundo

    Keith's "I forgot to brush my teeth this morning" sensodyne commercial is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

  • Adam Gill
    Adam Gill

    I love that Kwesi got the headphones and that Eugene was going to help him out by giving him the money he won. So sweet.

  • Unpopular Opinions
    Unpopular Opinions

    I’ve never related to Ned more than when he was reasoning out who drinks the most coffee. It’s ok, Ned, smart people think that way- at least that’s what I tell myself. 😂😂

    • Unpopular Opinions
      Unpopular Opinions

      @oeufdufromage if you really want to see it that way, go for it.

    • Unpopular Opinions
      Unpopular Opinions

      @Miki Williams thanks. I’m so confused by this person. I wasn’t trying to flex. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Miki Williams
      Miki Williams

      @oeufdufromage why are you such a hater? They clearly ment that to be funny and connect with a person they respect

    • Unpopular Opinions
      Unpopular Opinions

      @oeufdufromage I genuinely wasn’t trying to show off being smart. It was more like the crazy anxiety that blasts through my brain every time I’m trying to think of something. It’s like a pinball machine of ideas and factoids colliding. Is that smart? I dunno. But it’s how my brain works and it looks like Ned is similar in that. But you can hate on me if you really want to.

  • Sierra Nelson
    Sierra Nelson

    Eugene: "Wait, did I win a competition about coffee with an answer about alcohol?? How fitting?!" Lol😂

  • Matthew Vazquez
    Matthew Vazquez

    Are they soft launching/testing Kwesi as the fifth Try Guy? I know they've talked about it being a possibility in the future if the fit was right and it seems like this fit is very right. Either way, hoping to see Kwesi even more in the future.

    • Zion Meier
      Zion Meier

      I think he’s gonna be Eugene’s replacement. Come on, we all know Eugene will bow out eventually

    • mom4202

      I think miles is also a possibility, they have a full staff of awesome people to be honest. I'm just glad he got the headphones, I was hoping who ever won opted for the headphones and game them to Kwesi.

    • Kaitlynn O'Brien
      Kaitlynn O'Brien

      @Maria Estrada What are you talking about? I don't get that vibe at all.

    • Maria Estrada
      Maria Estrada

      Better not I feel like him and Ned do nooot like each other, wouldn’t fit I feel liiiike

    • Veronica Macovei
      Veronica Macovei

      I'd hope so!!! i really like him

  • JBirdECE

    Beer (or ale, really) was drunk by adults AND children for basically every meal because, like Kwesi mentioned it wasn’t always safe to drink water. This was common in medieval times. They had different percentages but ale was a huge part of their calorie intake! They even made it thick like porridge sometimes.

  • SteampunkPrincess

    Okay, but coffee grounds definitely can be used in gardening to ward off pests, and to provide nitrogen to the soil! (Not good for all plants though.) Loved this video! So much fun.

    • Miss Mann
      Miss Mann

      I'm with you because coffee grounds contain nitrogen as well as some potassium and phosphorus which are all useful in soil and you should add them when needed. The grounds are also acidic so are usually added to alkaline soils. The key would be to know how and when to add them to get the true benefits. The study specified urban areas so they might not have needed these additives.

    • DarkDragon1889

      Made a comment about this myself today. That study is going off of the idea that you're using SOLELY coffee grounds in your garden; not using it in tandem with the other classic ingredients to a homemade compost. You have to use them on the right plants, but to deny that they're beneficial is to ignore the vast majority of us with actual agricultural experience.

  • who even
    who even

    Anyone else notice that Kwesi got assigned the Color yellow and he’s wearing a yellow shirt? Feels like a soft launch to me and I like it!! ☺️

  • ezryag

    I feel like they're slowly adding Kwesi into the group and I fully support it. Give. Us. A New. TRY GUY!

  • Z AA
    Z AA

    "Ain't nothing in North Korea named Americano" THIS ONE WAS GOLD.

    • the_agender_frog

      @arsmoriendi dude they are saying that Eugene searched it up and said that it was in fact south and not north. They said in the video that they messed it up

    • Mony Sugardogs
      Mony Sugardogs

      @arsmoriendi you're missing the point

    • arsmoriendi

      @Dianne uh huh how about u look it up yourself dude

    • Dianne

      @arsmoriendi they literally looked it up and confirmed that in the video

    • arsmoriendi

      i looked it up and they messed up, it’s South Korea’s record not North.

  • Caraline Jackson
    Caraline Jackson

    Ned did NOT need to dress that poppin but he did - we stan character growth🎉🎉

  • Giovanna Fransesca
    Giovanna Fransesca

    Before even knowing who won, I just know Kwesi is getting that prize cause the Try Guys are just that nice ☺️

  • Mini22Coop

    Ok, but seriously, have mercy on the parents and give Ned his freaking date night!!

  • M FH
    M FH

    The “No!” Keith gave when people started eating the coffee sounded so much like the mom in that Vine whose kid was running around with “A Knife!”

  • jennifer

    zach: "your babysitter is jonathan" jonathan: 👁👄👁

    • Ian G.
      Ian G.

      @Christina MacGregor for a second I thought you meant you and your husband have 15 kids 😭😭

    • AternalJoy

      @Christina MacGregor I wouldn't be surprised if that was ex husband within the next few years...

    • Micheal

      @Christina MacGregor omg that poor man! I hope he and the children were all okay xD

    • Christina MacGregor
      Christina MacGregor

      Your comment reminded me of the time I volunteered my husband and my friend to help watch the kids at my brother's wedding. A couple of hours later, and 15 kids later, I find out that he is terrified of children but didn't want to be impolite. We are still are friends to this day, because he is thankfully a very forgiving soul. 🤪😁

  • simplicitylost

    I don’t know why but the zoom-in on Ned’s face in the mirror was so funny.

  • lorelai mina
    lorelai mina

    It’s actually “affogato” and not “affagato”, affogato means “drowned” and it had that name because the icecream is dipped or “drowning” in the hot coffe :)

  • Anthony

    Anyone else feel like Kwesi brings a nice solid realness to the show? Everyone else is hard to pin down. He seems like a man I'd see downtown.

  • Reina Storm
    Reina Storm

    Lmaoo all those “we need a black guy in the try guys” jokes are now coming true 😂 I love Kwesi

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how Zack is looking like a million bucks here! Also, where can I get that jacket ?

    • Gogo

      Presenting: The Jimin of the try guys

  • Reese Oguis
    Reese Oguis

    Eugene is good with drinks, good with spice, the heaviest coffee drinker AND GOOD at TRIVIA!

  • Ashta Marie
    Ashta Marie

    “I’m feeling this caffeine” as someone with ADHD I simply cannot relate 😂😂

    • Adamina Carden
      Adamina Carden

      Haha same... also the whole bit with Zach:"This is evidence that coffee does not make you think clearer"... me (an unmedicated ADHDer): excuse me?

  • Macy Jett
    Macy Jett

    okay all i want to say, as a barista myself, having Sensodyne as a sponsor is so perfect and amazing LMAO

  • Breana Brown
    Breana Brown

    I freaking miss this dynamic and Kwasi is just a great addition.

  • Krystal Goh
    Krystal Goh

    Dayum the guys’ style game has been so strong recently. Zach pulls off his fits so well with that confidence 🥵🔥

  • Mariana P
    Mariana P

    Gente.. COMO ASSIM?? eu to gritando BRASIIIL enquanto seguro minha garrafa diária de 2L de café 🤣

  • CeliaHakusho

    I hit thumbs up when Eugene pointed out how he won the coffee trivia game with a question about alcohol.

  • Dreya Roberts
    Dreya Roberts

    Can we please see a "try guys learn/try asl for a day" that would be so fun to watch and bring more attention and people to want to learn asl :)

    • Ely Ramos
      Ely Ramos


    • Eunice Braga
      Eunice Braga


    • Gunjan Gupta
      Gunjan Gupta


    • Emme Bucke;
      Emme Bucke;

      omg yes

    • Paige McDonald
      Paige McDonald

      I would love and share this video like crazy!!!

  • soshiangel90

    this video has strengthened my desire to see a "sponsors react" lmao also...congrats Kwesi!!1 Looking forward to your skillz!

    • Dead Dumplings
      Dead Dumplings

      Yesss I wanted to see them react to that sketch at the start😂😂

  • Lily Dunn
    Lily Dunn

    Is Kwesi going to be the fifth try guy??? He has an animal and a color already.

    • Sariah Ratford
      Sariah Ratford

      What’s his animal??

  • Charlotte

    Guys, just make it official and announce that Kwesi is the fifth try guy

  • theo

    the fact that in the julibee, eugene was like ‘it’ll be weird to have a fifth guy that’s like yellow’ and here we are lmaoo

  • MagicalMagdad

    I love that Kwesi has effectively become the fifth try guy with his own color/animal. I think he's so much fun!

    • choccy milk connoisseur
      choccy milk connoisseur

      I find him super boring, I hope he doesn’t become a permanent member

    • solay

      @L Dragon that’s a good point but no one is more Mia than Eugene

    • solay

      I didn’t even notice that at first

    • Caleb McIntosh
      Caleb McIntosh

      @Zugoldragon I was sharing that information so people who don't listen to the podcast would know, thereby ending the speculation. It's put to bed now. No reason to further speculate or defend your speculation.

    • Zugoldragon

      @Caleb McIntosh not everyone listens to their podcast. Still it makes sense that people who dont listen to the podcast speculate he plans to leave

  • LJ

    That second question is a lie. Coffee grounds are indeed good for gardening, with the condition that you're using it on plants that prefer acidic soil.

  • KokoBeanz

    I love kwesi being in their videos 🥺 he’s so funny and cute!

  • Ellen Voyage
    Ellen Voyage

    This was such a fun episode!! Hardest I’ve laughed in a while.

  • Elizabeth Montoya
    Elizabeth Montoya


  • j ong
    j ong

    "THERE AIN'T NOTHING CALLED AN AMERICANO IN NORTH KOREA!!!" Eugene playing his South Korean card so hard at the largest iced coffee question 🤣🤣

    • Angelica Datu
      Angelica Datu


    • Hayden Sloan
      Hayden Sloan

      South Korean but also Texan 🤣🤣

    • BadApple 13
      BadApple 13

      I'm still half asleep watching this and I immediately thought of South Korea cause my Sou Chef is Korean and I think I remember him mentioning something about it (the kitchen randomly got into an argument about coffee, I don't remember all the details but it was a hilarious conversation)

    • Tyler Kim
      Tyler Kim

      The funniest thing was I was the same way as Eugene I was like it’s not North Korea it’s gotta be South Korea no one in North Korea gives a flying fuck about large iced coffees us South Koreans on the other hand love our americanos especially iced americanos

  • Privacy Valued
    Privacy Valued

    "What should you NOT use coffee grounds for?" An enema.

  • Tom Webster
    Tom Webster

    I love Kwaisi for knowing that water was unsafe to drink in ye olden times, so people brewed beer to make hydrating yourself safer. 🤘

  • shalomkitty

    Kwesi’s face when Eugene threw the bills just made my day

  • mikkikaye

    Keith: “but I’m hot” Keith’s mustache: yeah you are. (Help, I’m very attracted to Keith’s mustache.)

  • Kemba Winchester
    Kemba Winchester

    Ned: Do we have a medic on standby? Zack: *ignores him completely* Lmaoo

  • M Y L
    M Y L

    Eugene: Oooh I like what you did there Keith: Thank you so much 👁👄👁 Goddamn adorable.

  • ash // rae
    ash // rae

    i love kwesi so much, his energy is so infectious and bright, i love seeing him in videos cuz his energy is so fun

  • Rebecca Cole Sullivan
    Rebecca Cole Sullivan

    I would accept (and embrace and love) Kwesi as a Try Guy. He is vibe goals.

  • T.L.M.

    It’s funny the Boston tea party bit considering sensodyne is a UK company 😝

  • Brita O'Brien
    Brita O'Brien

    i love that Eugene was the one who was trying to get questions wrong so he would get coffee and he ended up winning lmao

  • Katie Goody
    Katie Goody

    I am absolutely loving these videos guys ( & the rest of the amazing try team❤️) Also I am loving Kwesi and his energy, I never saw the try guys as more than a foursome but damn it after two videos he's making me reconsider!! ✨

  • Spite

    Ned: Keith make a joke about me. Keith: guys ever seen Ned?

  • ItsNat

    LOVE seeing Kwesi! Also Neds f bomb at the end was priceless 😂😂😂

  • idk man
    idk man

    i was immediately worried that zach was gonna get dragged into drinking coffee but i saw he was in a ✨special✨ chair (question asker) and was okay 😭

    • Hunnaytee16


    • Hunnaytee16

      @Monroe Robbins swssw sw

    • Hunnaytee16

      @Monroe Robbins saa was a as sswws

    • Hunnaytee16

      @Erin Arnold zs see it’s s ass as

    • brickley07

      Coffee is very acidic and if u have stomach issues drs recommend you not drink it

  • Melissa Cara
    Melissa Cara

    Kwesi with his own color and his own animal is life. Loving our 5th Try Guy! More Kwesi, please!

  • Emma Buktenica
    Emma Buktenica

    Best ending, Kwesi is such a great addition to the gang when he guests and he deserves everything

  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Vanessa Ramirez

    I absolutely love Kwesi with the guys!!! The chemistry is great!

  • Elandriel Decker
    Elandriel Decker

    I really dig Kwesi. He definitely has Try energy ... I love that he's kind of the unofficial 5th Try Guy.

  • tattooed.white.trash

    I just love that Kwesi got his headphones. Wholesome as fuck.

    • Eesha Raazia
      Eesha Raazia

      Another reason to love Eugene. Such a wholesome friendship 🥺♥️

    • Solared

      @Lauren Hawes how'd you manage to butcher his name like that

    • Lauren Hawes
      Lauren Hawes

      Yup, thing is that the rest of the prizes were mundane stuff but Quasy is trying so hard to acomplish his goal of learning to fly, I am so happy eugene gave it to him

  • Darkhorse3211

    Loved this! Kwesi is a great addition to the try guys! Hope he continues to be a guest or even the fifth try guy 😆

  • Crow Romo-Griffin
    Crow Romo-Griffin