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  • Juliet Raginsky
    Juliet Raginsky

    This makes me want to see Try Guys try running a daycare, and between all the chaos of 15-20 children running around the office, we get cuts to the Try Moms living their best life

  • Math

    To anyone who need to hear it : cellulite is normal, it is visible on almost 90% of female bodies. It is just because of the way our bodies store fat (which is good and necessary for correct health).

  • Nae

    First: all of these women are gorgeous and I'm glad they got a well-deserved spa day.

  • Coleen

    "They literally suck the life and beauty out of your body." Video transitions to a montage of the 4 of them beautiful women. You're gorgeous ladies! Go get that spa treatment yaaassss

  • DZR

    DESERVED! Pamper these ladies!!! I love seeing "the Try moms" special episodes too. They're all so, so beautiful inside and out, and it makes me happy to see them getting a day off to feel revitalized and relaxed.

  • Emily Stamps
    Emily Stamps

    i would really like someone to open a spa where they do all these things but without the buzzwords and pseudoscience and they just say "this doesn't really do anything long-term, it just feels nice, have fun" before they wrap you in a giant foil blanket

  • Lucy Bee
    Lucy Bee

    This whole video is a testament to the power of mothers- they push through difficult symptoms and sacrifices they make for their children, all so that we can thrive and learn to become human beings. Thanks Try Moms, and Moms everywhere!

  • Liz W
    Liz W

    love that they got to relax and enjoy a day of being pampered. however nothing about spa treatments are ‘detoxifying’. that’s what your liver and kidneys are for! it’s just a buzzword for marketing :/ sorry, just a pet peeve of mine as a biochemist

  • Ombeline

    It's crazy to see how much the cosmetics/care industry thrives and makes massive amount of profits on women's insecurities... Like half of this video at least was about anti-aging. But it's more than okay (and absolutely normal) to age. It's ok to have wrinkles. It's okay to not look 20 when you're in your 30s. A human body is made to age, and not really made to go through 5000 different treatments that probably cost a fortune but don't really make any difference. Also, this is very much a gender-specific thing - not many men go and get a spa treatment to relax, or use anti-aging products, or worry about how they look that much. You're beautiful no matter your age ladies!

  • Tiffany Bowden
    Tiffany Bowden

    I'm glad they got time for themselves I just wish our culture embraced aging gracefully instead of trying to push products based on insecurities

  • valarya

    As much as I love these Try Mom videos -- I can't help but feel like the LA Lens affects the mental attitude of every single one of them. Each time one of them is self-conscious about something that I think a lot of people who DO NOT live in the LA bubble don't think twice about. I would love to see these gorgeous ladies gaining some more self-esteem. 🥰 Also, now I want a spa day lol

  • Owen Ollis
    Owen Ollis

    friendly reminder that aging is beautiful and should be celebrated. no product is going to magically make people years younger and we should not be striving for that! regardless, i’m happy the try moms had some time to relax.

  • Becca Feeney
    Becca Feeney

    I’m a huge fan of Try Guys, but part of me wants it to be like “cellulite is normal, so there’s no reason to get rid of it”

  • Karl Carlsburg
    Karl Carlsburg

    I’m sure this very good for mental health and some skin care benefits.

  • Angela Scheiber
    Angela Scheiber

    There is so much scientific nonsense in this video, but they feel great and that's all that is really important. Treat yourself ladies and especially Moms, you deserve every second and cent of it and more!

  • Rachel Donald
    Rachel Donald

    “I’m ZERO” adorable 🥰 please more Try Mom stuff! Spoil the Try Guys moms too!

  • Kari Stadtmueller
    Kari Stadtmueller

    I love how Joey talked about how moms are pitched self-care is “taking a shower”. No, it’s basic hygiene. I feel so validated, so thank you Joey.

  • Nadia Bonn
    Nadia Bonn

    Rachel: I prioritize my kids, I prioritize my job

  • NOY DB
    NOY DB

    Love the Try Moms and Try Wives, but some parts of this episode made me wince. Seeing them so hard on themselves for having wrinkles, cellulite, etc, is difficult-- especially knowing younger girls might be seeing this. (And as a disabled person, sometimes taking a shower is self-care. Self-care is just whatever you do to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual wellbeing.) But there's so much social pressure to be skinny and smooth and forever young, and there's so much pressure to go go go and constantly work, I don't blame them. It's just hard to see. I hope they walked away from this feeling pampered. They deserve it! I just also hope eventually, they find a way to be more at peace with their bodies.

  • Eleanor Alexander
    Eleanor Alexander

    I love the Try Moms! I only wish there was more emphasis on the acceptance of our supposed 'flaws' - cellulite, wrinkles, sun damage, they're all part of living a beautiful, full life! And they are so beautiful already. ❤️