Eugene Gets Surprised By A Baby Deer 🦌
The Try Guys
Zoogene is back with some Animal Facts! Meet Willow the doe eyed baby deer, and learn about all the amazing things she's capable of! Special thanks to State Farm for sponsoring this video!
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  • S C
    S C

    Eugene: Doesn’t like kids.

  • Ashely Diaz
    Ashely Diaz

    Eugene just casually living his Disney princess dream and we love that for him

  • Nova Alamillo
    Nova Alamillo

    eugene literally looked like he was about to cry when the fawn looked up at him and he uncovered his eyes. it makes me so freaking happy <33

  • Hannah

    eugene: doesn’t love babies

  • Meloi Assume
    Meloi Assume

    Eugene: Wes was born and forced to babysit: I can't do this. I'm not a fan of babies.

  • Krissi076

    The moment when the fawn looked up at Eugene when he uncovered his eyes was such a pure moment. It was like OH HELLO NEW FRIEND.

  • Amber Morris
    Amber Morris

    I have never been so early on a video I feel obligated to tell Eugene how much I appreciate him and his love for animals

  • Máté Jancsek
    Máté Jancsek

    Eugene: "Today, we going to learn about patience"

  • Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!
    Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!

    eugene: doesn’t love babies

  • Ben Anasarias
    Ben Anasarias

    Once lockdowns are lifted, I want Eugene to visit the animal islands and towns of Japan. Like the cat island, fox park, and Nara deer park.

  • Ani

    Question: do y'all partner with AZA accredited animal ambassadors/handlers? I deeply enjoy this segment and I wish there was something in the description box that gave me assurance it was ethically made. 🤓

  • sonipitts

    Gene: "Today we are going to learn patience."

  • Jin_ Jah
    Jin_ Jah

    If the background music for this episode isn’t proof enough that Eugene is a Disney princess, I don’t know what else will.

  • Celes

    I really love the idea of this series, I really do. I'm just not really sure about the legitimacy of a company that trains and RENTS animals out to parties. For something like this, it'd be amazing for Eugene to go maybe into a zoo to promote conservation that way. It's MUCH more difficult, but I think better overall for conservation efforts and zoos. Anything AZA approved!

  • Rissa_Rarity_

    "She's so friendly!"

  • Fiction_Elle

    Eugene around animals is the April Ludgate of the group---"Animals should be rewarded for not being people....I hate people."

  • xoPrimrose

    Wait because the way Kimbop was flopped over during Eugene’s ad 😭 “Willow… can you see me?” Such dad energy. I need more of these 2 because she’s so cute and he really was treating her like his baby

  • Mel V
    Mel V

    As a queer, asian, veterinarian, this is exactly the type of content I want lol thank you for this series 👏🏼❤️

  • Thea Bruun
    Thea Bruun

    “Why don’t more people think I’m crazy?”

  • KaaaassQween

    Eugene telling Willow that she doesn't need antlers because she's beautiful just the way she is was so wholesome 😅