The Try Guys Dress Like Eugene • Closet Swap Challenge
The Try Guys
The time has come! Can Keith, Zach and Ned pull off the stylish lewks of our resident fashion king?
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  • canniblanch

    We need a series of Eugene styling the other Try Guys in their own outfits, I feel like Eugene could totally make up a whole new look by nix and matching pieces the other guys don't usually match

  • MonarchsFactory

    I wish those heels had been Ned's size so he could do a true model strut

  • Aubrianna Noelle
    Aubrianna Noelle

    I love how this is just them aggressively complementing each other and making them feel amazing! Toxic masculinity who? Never heard of her

  • Brittany Arford
    Brittany Arford

    Eugene’s clothes turned Keith into a straight up runway model 😂

  • Christy Anne
    Christy Anne

    Alternate Title: Try Guys hype each other up for 16 mins straight

  • saikogrrl

    Keith: We're not gonna look hot in Eugene's clothing.

  • T Nicholas
    T Nicholas

    I absolutely adore how the others were like "Oh yeah I've developed a sense of style over the last few years" and Eugene is just like "Welcome to the queer fashionista rundown, here's my thesis on the overlap of identity and expression"

  • Adamina Carden
    Adamina Carden

    I need the "there's Zach, he's hot, he's a feisty little bitch" as my ringtone for when my partner calls (his name is Zac)

  • Spencer Hale
    Spencer Hale

    ned just looked like he felt the best. he was checking himself out a lot. considering he’s the most masculine, seeing him embrace femininity so easily is amazing.

  • aniela•mck14

    eugene - ‘i want keith in leather, zack in shear, ned in the fem clothes’

  • Katie Gilbert
    Katie Gilbert

    I CANNOT deal with Keith saying Ned’s butt “is like gonna win the biggest pumpkin contest”. Is he wrong? No, no he is not. But the way I laughed!!

  • Martjana Moon
    Martjana Moon

    I hope that everyone now knows that cool clothes aren’t just for “hot” people

  • Alexandrea Holder
    Alexandrea Holder

    Keith: we're going to look ridiculous in Eugene's clothes

  • Elahe Montazeri
    Elahe Montazeri

    Eugene wanting the guys to wear clothes that highlighted features they don’t appreciate enough in themselves made me cry 🥺 he’s so thoughtful, it really touched me

  • mathilde R
    mathilde R

    - other try guys: "yeah these are my clothes!"

  • Kloudy

    I love how the slice of pizza actually elevated Zach’s look. I think because it gave him something comfortable to do with his hands and that translated to his overall body language becoming more comfortable. Crazy.

  • Ace


  • Jamie Morgan
    Jamie Morgan

    YES! The return of Ned in feminine clothes! I swear, his swagger and confidence just skyrocket when he puts on a dress or a skirt, I love it.

  • Tara

    I love how Eugene said he was going to re-style them all and then when they came out he was just so supportive of the outfits they put together. I also love how they all really tried instead of trying to make it goofy to hide insecurity

  • Mr man
    Mr man

    I can’t explain how attractive Keith is in Eugene’s clothes- I’ve never been more gay for any of these dudes