Why Don't We Care About Disabled People?
The Try Guys
What problems has the pandemic unearthed among disabled communities? Could long-Covid become a mass-disabling event?
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  • Stacie Jenkins
    Stacie Jenkins

    I'm so used to disabled ppl being invisible or an inconvenience in America that I just accepted it. Then I travelled to Denmark for work, and the difference was staggering. The airports alone are good representation of my point. Being "ushered" in a wheelchair by airport staff in the US is humiliating. They park you in a corner or by a wall and forget about you. Landing in Denmark, they ushered me to LOUNGE FOR THE DISABLED, staffed by folks with medical training and automatically handled my shuttle trip (on a vehicle for the disabled) for my connecting flight. AMAZING. Now I know my country can do better.

  • Sara Forster
    Sara Forster

    I've learned about the social model of disability and it's so true and so infuriating. As an autistic person, I feel it so deeply that it's not autism that makes me disabled, it's society. Anyone with disabilities gets pushed down so much harder by society than they do by their body or mind being different. Thanks for this video.

  • Crypt Kitty
    Crypt Kitty

    I remember crying in a store when the virus was really raging, before vaccines. I was one of the few people wearing a mask, and I couldn't stop thinking "They don't care if I die."

  • Sup Im Just Here
    Sup Im Just Here

    The fact that they added depression to the list of a disability really touched my heart.

  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke

    Thank you Zach <3 You are such a special human (as someone who knows you IRL) and I SO appreciate you for making this and having a hard yet SO important conversation. <3

  • Aloas Smith
    Aloas Smith

    I am a disabled veteran. And it hit home for me when you guys talked about losing social security. I feel like I can't marry the love of my life. Bc I will lose my social security simply for getting married. It's extremely stressful living in poverty and depressing too. I wish I was allowed to get married and still keep my income.

  • Tessa Haydon
    Tessa Haydon

    It’s impossible to think about the poverty that disabled people are forced into without getting angry.

  • Jeremy :/
    Jeremy :/

    The pandemic started when I was 16, living at home, with my immunocompromised and disabled mother. For a while we were ok, my family all helped each other out, my mom had done a lot of working from home anyway, and we are still able to get groceries delivered as of now. The problem really came when the world “resumed” and we couldn’t. I was forced back into a huge in person public school after 2020, forced to continue to attend after mask mandates were lifted, and the lack of compassion is what really floored me. When my classmates stopped wearing masks around me, even as I begged them to help me keep my mother from dying, they would act like I was being selfish and rude or somehow slighting them. The only thing I have tried to do for this entire pandemic is keep my mother safe, and somehow that makes me selfish in a midwestern public school. I hate this country sometimes for the absolute lack of compassion it has shown towards disabled people as a whole. I’m leaving for school, and I might permanently relocate to a different country as a direct result of the things I have experienced trying to help my mom function here. Everything from trying to work with disability benefits (denied to my mother because she cannot afford to be unemployed for months just to qualify) to begging people to wear masks in public I am just so done. I know it might not be much better anywhere else, but I’m so tired of trying to live with the way that America treats people with disabilities that at this point I am just desperate to move away and try to get my mom into a better situation. Anyway, sorry for the rant, and thanks to anyone who read all of this. I guess I just wanted to scream into the void lol.

  • Zoe Bailey
    Zoe Bailey

    Don’t know if anyone will even read this but this is my story about disabilities and covid. I went to school online like many people and stayed virtual because my sister is a diabetic. School became harder. I have always gotten As and I started to struggle. I have Autism and my 504 was taken away from me because of my good grades even though my 504 wasn’t necessarily pertaining to my grades but I digress. My teachers would want mics on during tests and it was hard for me as I would get sensory overload as people would have dogs barking, people talking, and fans in the background. For me it was very distracting. When I asked my teacher to assist me and let me take it in a different zoom she would not let me and my grade dropped. So finally I fought to get my 504 renewed. Although it ended well for me, this shouldn’t have happened and things could happen in the future. Not even myself but it was infuriating when people were being ignorant as it put my sister in immediate danger. Also thank you for this video, really thank you.

  • Heather Jordan
    Heather Jordan

    I’m not disabled, but my daughter is. She has a chronic lung disease and is on a home ventilator. The past 6 years since having her have been a consistent battle to get her what she needs and deserves, but the past 2 years have been a constant battle just to keep her safe and alive.

  • ChaiSorrows

    I sporadically watch this channel and as someone who has POTS, ME/CFS & other disabilities I've been dealing with the horrible, traumatizing experience of coming to terms with the sheer amount I am avoided, abandoned, and the way people wish I didn't exist. I needed this video. Thank you

  • Carrie Hines
    Carrie Hines

    I loved when Charis spoke about ppl signing with their hands and typing on their keyboards when referring to ppl advocating for themselves. It felt so inclusive in a way that is overlooked so often.

  • yettismama

    I had cancer and only have one lung. Going through the pandemic with people mocking me for my caution and mask wearing, really opened my eyes about how little people care for those who need help. Give your charity donation at the door, then give someone the finger when they ask you to please take their condition seriously.

  • Jenny M.
    Jenny M.

    Thank you. As a blind woman, it sometimes feel like the disabled community doesn't get much of a voice. Both during the pandemic, and outside of it. I live in a world geared for people who can see. It's everywhere, and it's insidious. I put a brave face on it most of the time, but it can be really, really difficult sometimes.

  • Footless Jo
    Footless Jo

    Thanks for doing this video. 💜

  • ArchedThunder

    I’m disabled and 6 years ago social security randomly decided to end my benefits, deciding on their own with no doctor’s opinion that I was better. I’ve been fighting them ever since to get my benefits back, but even having two specialists for my disabilities outright tell the judge at my most recent hearing that it would be impossible for me to hold a normal job was not enough to convince them. The judge literally said she believed that my doctors and I were exaggerating and she even managed to get major details of my disabilities wrong, despite having them explained to her and and being given tons of medical records. That hearing was a year ago and I’m still waiting for my appeal to go through, I’ve been told it may take another year.

  • Fox-Mann-Fam

    This includes several super important elements that all fall under the "why do we treat disabled people like they're disposable?" heading. Thank you for the time and work that went into this.

  • the great rane weather machine
    the great rane weather machine

    The most difficult part of this pandemic for myself is a disabled person is seeing how much people utterly

  • Cat Hep
    Cat Hep

    Disability is the one minority that doesn't discriminate, in that

  • Ki Lime
    Ki Lime

    As someone without a physical disability, this was more eye opening than it should've been. These are the things I should've considered or realized but didn't. To everyone involved in the creation of this video, thank you for sharing these perspectives and this extremely important message.