Keith Eats Everything At Domino’s
The Try Guys
Let me buy you pizza! Watch Keith eat everything from Domino’s on this episode of !
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  • SariReanna

    It blows my mind to see how huge fast food menus are in the US. If this was Eat The Menu Domino’s Canada this video would be 15 minutes long 😂

  • Vannie Eats
    Vannie Eats

    Didn’t realize dominos had such an extensive menu. Need to go try them again! 🍕

  • Killian Miller
    Killian Miller

    It would be hilarious to have a five hour Cheesecake Factory eat the menu

  • Jovanna Troli
    Jovanna Troli

    Watching the Try guys do a “eat the menu” drunk or high would acc be HILARIOUS

  • Llawsh1t

    Resident Hawaiian here, “Hawaiian Pizza” was actually made in Canada, and we’re just as split about it as the rest of the U.S. For those who don’t like pineapple on pizza, don’t blame us 😭

  • KayKay Measpo
    KayKay Measpo

    Having worked at dominos, I can tell you that the parm bites and bread twists are made from the same dough balls that the pizza crust is. The garlic oil is also the same that goes on the crust of the pizza, so Alex was 100% when they said that the parm bites tasted like the crust lol

  • Amity Zenz
    Amity Zenz

    My friend told me it was super creepy to bring an embroidered apron as a gift to a Comedy club… and now here it is in the video! So jokes on them

  • BJ Detweiler
    BJ Detweiler

    I bought my husband all 3 of Keith’s Not Too Hot Sauces for Father’s Day. On our initial taste test they’ve all been Daddy’s Favorite. We would love a video of the guys using the Hot Sauces in different recipes to give us ideas on how to use them!

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K

    Will is the epitome of the awkwardness that comes with being sung happy birthday, smiling on the outside but feeling so awkward and looking around like can this be done

  • Carissa Renard
    Carissa Renard

    When they eat the primavera pasta this line killed me:

  • Sam Michelle
    Sam Michelle

    Am I the only one who was all smiles thinking Alex was nonchalantly coming out during pride when he said “Jasper” only to go on his instagram and see a beautiful woman and a Chipmunk Adventure wedding? Congrats yall!

  • Andelyn Burns
    Andelyn Burns

    I love how everytime Sam takes a bite Keith quietly goes ✨wow✨it’s adorable

  • Joker Productions
    Joker Productions

    I am a pizza snob as I grew up in Brooklyn, but the parmesan bites from dominos are god tier.

  • Caity

    Wings tip: get them plain twice cooked. Get the hot sauce on the side. They’re crispier that way! When they’re baked plus sitting in the sauce that’s why they get so gummy.

  • Makayla Hokage
    Makayla Hokage

    "Well their wings SUCK" keith is such a gem in this world lol thank you all for the content! was a very nice positive in my day

  • Fashion Design with Hannah
    Fashion Design with Hannah

    The EXTRA-VEGANZZA 💀💀 I really got so hyped thinking they finally had a vegan pizza!! 🤣

  • valentinedeer214

    The fact that Keith is already stuffed, greasy and crazy after only the apps means that we're in for a good time.

  • Jordy Dunc
    Jordy Dunc

    I love Sam’s personality, she seems so sweet and down to earth. Also, I really hope Keith’s stomach is okay after all that cheese, poor dude 😝😂

  • nikksterr627

    Shout out to Sam’s lipstick not just for the durability while eating but for the stretch factor. Not a flake in sight.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui

    Let the record show, every time Keith wears this shirt he's an absolute menace and IM HERE FOR IT