Try Guys Test Crazy 5 Min Fashion Crafts
The Try Guys
The 5 min. craft craziness has returned! This truly might be one of the most chaotic videos we've ever made, and it's all for you guys! Watch us try all of the craziest ~wearable~ 5 minute crafts we could find!
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  • Gabriella Germanotta
    Gabriella Germanotta

    Yes the editing is chaotic but a lot of people don't understand or appreciate that this is how 5 minute crafts do their videos and that's the whole GAG. I feel like so many people missed that. I know how long this took to edit with the additional stuff added in. So yes this may not be their "style" of editing but that's the WHOLE POINT!!! Amazing job editing this to be obnoxious and be a parody for what 5 min crafts are.

  • lynndec22

    Whoever edited the sheep in between Ned giving himself a lip ring is a genius.

  • Stephanie A.
    Stephanie A.

    The guys are naturally the stars but the editors absolutely blew this one out of the water. Little Shoe Boy is ON THE LOOSE with his jean-ius slippers 😂😂

  • Elaina

    i don’t know why everyone is hating on the editing! it’s not like ALL of their videos are like this. i think they did it like this bc look at what they were covering- 5 minute crafts. like, that stuff is very over the top and out there and i think it went with the theme! not everything has to be so serious all the time.

  • Leah P
    Leah P

    Apparently I’m in the minority, but I loved this video, including the editing! I wouldn’t want every video to be edited like this but I thought it was chaotic and hilarious and fun!

  • Mallory Tate
    Mallory Tate

    I would watch an entire video of Zach trying to fix something and just verbally trying to describe what tools he needs to Ned.

  • Billie Daigle
    Billie Daigle

    There is something about the energy of this video mixed with the editing that just feels like a fever dream.

  • Tania R
    Tania R

    I feel like the only explanation for this type of editing is that they’re looking for new editors and they’re testing which ones we like. I’m gonna say it’s a little mixed on this one🤣

  • Jenina Brown
    Jenina Brown

    You guys should do a segment called “Ned’s No-No’s” where he reviews toys as an adult lol and how annoying it is from a scale of yes to no-no lol I think it’ll be cute…he should maybe do some drunk lol

  • Emily Mitchum
    Emily Mitchum

    "let's grow the channel by giving all the editors LSD" is what i imagine happened here

  • russian gorl
    russian gorl

    I love how comfortable they are w each other than Kieth just distractedly kisses Ned w/out even looking at Ned motioning for his cheek 😭😭

  • FearsomeHippo74

    Ned’s dad energy when he’s talking about what tools he owns is unmatched

  • feuilletoniste

    This whole video feels like it was made and edited at the end of a Try Guys (and Team) Sleep Deprivation Experiment. Trippy and quite disturbing, in a way that I am much too sober and awake to appreciate.

  • TheDisguise

    Zach: Oh, so I use both?

  • Kayana K
    Kayana K

    The editing on this video fit the vibe so perfectly. 7/5 minutes would recommend

  • crazytater 94
    crazytater 94

    Don’t worry Keith! The other guys may have glossed over your “Jean-ius” joke but I thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Baylee Stovall
    Baylee Stovall

    shout out to Elliot for doing his best with this chaotic material and pray for him after all these comments😂

  • Sahara Joy
    Sahara Joy

    Not going to lie, the thumbnail looks like Zach has pieces of kfc on his headphones, and I was very confused until I watched it. And though I enjoyed it, now I kind of want Keith to make headphones with pieces of chicken on them, just because in my head it makes me giggle.

  • badoomchhroxi

    Petition for Ned to get a nose ring in real life. That man is a CHAMELEON, he can literally pull off any look/accessory/style they put him in! It's insane.

  • Samantha Santos
    Samantha Santos

    The energy of the editing is so chaotic and I’m here for it.