Gay People Get Their Dream Fashion Makeovers
The Try Guys
Our resident fashion icon, Eugene, meets with his fellow LGBTQ+ friends to chat about their fashion fears, and then helps give them the clothing makeover they never dreamed they could pull off!
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  • Isla Taylor
    Isla Taylor

    The best thing about this was it wasn’t like…. Such a drastic “makeover show” where they completely change the people’s looks and put them in anything. They actually took into account what they liked and what they would feel comfortable in and idk that just made me so happy 🥺 so many makeover shows take a person and completely change everything about their look and this just, ugh. Also made me kinda sad that nick is so like insecure about his looks/outfits because he looks fantastic, but I relate

  • Sofie Mai
    Sofie Mai

    I'm so happy I live in a world where people like Eugene exists

  • Mariah Mayerle
    Mariah Mayerle

    okay but that black dress on Ally was phenomenal! It was literally cut for her and gave her a gorgeous figure, plus that jacket with it? It literally made her just glow and was perfect (in my opinion) for her- she could literally take it anywhere and do anything with it. I have come to appreciate that cut is more often than not what makes or breaks an outfit on a person. I loved it

  • Unapologetically Lizzy
    Unapologetically Lizzy

    Paul and Nick's relationship is absolutely adorable, I love them.

  • Evan O
    Evan O

    I literally just read a lesbian romance book (called Roller Girl) about a trans woman who was a professional athlete pre transition then became a roller derby girl after transition! I hope Ally knows she’s so cool that ppl wrote romance books starring people like her.

  • Bearnais

    So happy to see older lgbt+ people, and as a transperson, I'm so happy to see a transperson, and an older transwoman at that!! This video made me so happy, I really hope you make a lot lot more try gays videos <33

  • Nikki McKnight
    Nikki McKnight

    I’m just so freaking happy of the age diversity here. Show us the older queers! Makes me so joyous to see happy people at any stage of their life.

  • MissGhostface

    I came out as bi when I was 12, now 21 years later and married to a man I make sure to be vocal about the fact that I'm queer. It's so important for my kids (and everyone else's) to grow up knowing queer doesn't "look" a certain way. I love seeing so many people living their best lives, I cannot wait for more content! Thank you Eugene!

  • Spencer Thiel
    Spencer Thiel

    As a young trans man there is something so tender about seeing older trans people. It always soothes me, reminding me that I will grow up. There is a future for me out there.

  • Sydney Fishman
    Sydney Fishman

    When Carol took her jacket off, her skin was glowinggg in that red blouse. Everyone looks so amazing 🤩

  • Lauren Walker
    Lauren Walker

    The gay couple who both thought the other was more stylish and inspired each other were so heartwarming!!! The perfect antidote to normal transformation shows where the family is pushing for someone to change who they are

  • Emilie Johanne Ferre-Jensen
    Emilie Johanne Ferre-Jensen

    I love how this was about elevating their own style, not changing it because it was "bad". So respectful, and you guys did such a great job with the styling. My fave was Marcellus :-) The colours looked great on him.

  • m

    eugene being the representation he needed as a kid is so inspiring

  • rewindvampire66

    I love that all these people aren’t “celebrities”. Like anyone can/deserves to be fashionable

  • onesadsoprano

    I’m a bi cis woman, never commented on a video - everyone in this video made me cry. I want so much to have your confidence and pride xx

  • pnjsmom26

    As a mother of two LGBTQ+ adult children, I love seeing the community so diversely represented here. I have one that chooses to use fashion as expression and one that is more reserved and still discovering their place. However, the more reserved has been working very hard streaming this month raising money for the Trevor Project thanks to Eugene making it so publicly known. He’s raised over $200-300 already and I’m super proud of him (if you couldn’t already tell).

  • Erin Gudge
    Erin Gudge

    I literally said “Ooooh!” out loud when Ally out the floral piece over the monochromatic outfit. So beautiful! This video is so important.

  • Kyra Pro
    Kyra Pro

    Here's my official application to be part of the Try Gays 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Kit M
    Kit M

    This is a breath of fresh air among all the corporate pinkwashing pride nonsense being tossed our way this month. I LOVE seeing LGBTQ+ people who are 40+ celebrated - we aren’t all cute 22 year old white cis boys in tank tops (no shade to those who are!). I’m so proud to see my community represented and loved and celebrated. Happy Pride, y’all.

  • Maggie Morrill
    Maggie Morrill

    Ally was my middle school english teacher and I am so happy to see her finally living her best and truest life. She always was a positive spirit even as she went through personal growth in a rural Maine school. Seeing her in one of my favorite channels videos is so incredible!!!!💓💓