Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Chips
The Try Guys
I’m right! You’re wrong. Shut up! The Rank King is back to rank the most popular chips! Which chip do you think will reign supreme?
*The photo at 10:46 is actually of Paul Sills, a decorated pioneer of improv comedy and theater, not Fred Baur, the man who patented Pringles and put his ashes in a Pringles can upon his death. We deeply regret the error!
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  • Patterrz

    How can Pizza be the most popular Pringles flavour when Sour Cream and Onion exists??

  • Niamh Hinkley
    Niamh Hinkley

    can we just talk about how good all of Eugene and Matt's dogs were. Not a single noise out of any of them, they just sat there like the royalty they are lol

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson

    I love how Eugene didn't even bother having an opinion until the end when he closed ranks 😂 90% of this video was just Matt and Becky arguing lol

  • milkamilla

    I love that both Matt and Becky have a reputation of liking each other more than their actual partners but also roast each other constantly, that’s what friendship is all about lol

  • LixaK

    There is nothing I love more than a group of friends having a knockdown drag out argument about completely arbitrary things

  • l.c.g.

    as a canadian, i am offended by the miss vickies slander. kettle chips are superior in every way. and they actually taste like good quality, canadian potatoes. im no patriot, but canadian chips are always supreme.

  • Emilee White
    Emilee White

    The only thing Becky and Matt agree on is that they both love Eugene 😂😩

  • Christa Stevens
    Christa Stevens

    I wanna try these Hawaiian chips now 😍 Also, Sun Chips got delt dirty because the classic flavor is the worst. They should’ve tried the Garden Salsa or the French Onion flavors which are so much better 😩

  • Tiffany Miner
    Tiffany Miner

    Eugene’s rankling was the best- Becky possibly better if she had full control, but I feel like people alternate liking cheese Doritos vs Blue Ranch, cause you get sick of one and then switch to liking the other better. Also, they did SunChips wrong- most people don’t realize the new flavors are amazing- cheddar? And OMG THE SALSA SUNCHIPS- they rival cheese Doritos. Same with Miss Vickie’s- she has the best kettle chips. If they’re had done a normal flavor or BBQ it’s would be the best potato chip

  • jackie piansay
    jackie piansay

    The Bridgerton references 😭😭😭😭 we need becky on Guilty Pleasures to talk about Heartstopper and Bridgerton s2

  • Michelle Brandt
    Michelle Brandt

    Eugene- Could you eat the entire thing?

  • jackie piansay
    jackie piansay

    "Every video should be a Jonathan Appreciation video" the truth could not be put better than Queen Becky Habersberger herself

  • Fearl

    Honestly Eugene and Matt should just rank every Lays flavor. Isn't there like 50 of them?

  • Paulina Gonzalez
    Paulina Gonzalez

    I love how Becky is the only normal human. Like she's able to eat everything, like every other person I know. She's living life and loving where she's at. 100% love Becky.

  • gotfanfiction

    Matt and Becky about to come to blows while Eugene has divorce flashbacks omfg


    Matt and Eugene are more functional and secure in their relationship than most people I have ever seen.

  • LadyYamiofLight

    Me seeing pizza pringles: “Okay, I adore pizza pringles but there is no way in hell they’re the most popular flavor. Almost no one I’ve met likes them besides myself.”

  • Casey Shea
    Casey Shea

    Eugene corrected so many mistakes when he closed ranks, thank god. I was legit getting anxiety watching the original ranking. Matt is actually insane

  • Divya Joseph
    Divya Joseph

    Matt is the only person that can stop eugene from saying 'shut up'😭😭🥺

  • Bobbi's Baubles
    Bobbi's Baubles

    Matt trolling Becky the whole video is a mood.