The Try Guys Dress Like Keith • Closet Swap Challenge
The Try Guys
Blue. Plaid. Squares… Who’s ready for another style swap?! This week we’re dressing like Keith! Who do you think will rock the Habersberger look the best?
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  • TheJayWashExperience

    I cannot WAIT for them to dress like Eugene.

  • Small, Emily
    Small, Emily

    Keith in 2020: NO QUEER BAITING

  • lilitheve26

    I love how there is zero toxic masculinity to be found when these four are in a room together, and I can't wait until they do this segment with Eugene's wardrobe

  • Kim

    I love how much Ned loves people and is absolutely not afraid to show it.

  • Kat Weaver
    Kat Weaver

    Zach looking directly at the camera and repeating “don’t tell anyone” absolutely sent me, I love that goofy lil man

  • SpoonCat

    Eugene: "Don't tell anyone, but..."

  • Marty McFlown
    Marty McFlown

    Eugene hyping Keith’s hotness up is the friendship energy we all deserve.

  • Peyton J
    Peyton J

    To me, Keith and Ned Kissathon 2022 is about normalizing physical affection between bros, and the Try Guys have always been incredible at doing that while not queerbaiting or crossing each other’s boundaries which I think is beautiful <3

  • Ellie Norvitch
    Ellie Norvitch

    I will never get over them saying “it’s hank green at a vidcon party” about zack’s outfit 😭

  • Emma Dorothy
    Emma Dorothy

    Eugene is literally a chameleon just like Ned. They both just take an a new persona and fit into anything they wear. I love them all but those two are insane with cloths

  • Juju

    “We’re just different kinds of couches.” Aren’t we all 😂

  • Victoria Koopman
    Victoria Koopman

    Ned looks like the one dad on vacation who is constantly near death due to mosquitoes or sunburns, zach’s the son trying to impress his parents who are visiting him whole eugene looks like the ‘cool dude’ in any 2000s movie. aka the perfect trio for an world ending comedy movie

  • sydney thiebaut
    sydney thiebaut

    This was less “mildly making fun of” like Zach and Ned and more just appreciating the ethereal joy and whimsy that is beautiful Keith and I’m so here for it. Especially given how in the past it seems that people like to sleep on Keith’s attractiveness! Keith is such a large spectacle of a glorious, hilarious and kind man that I feel like people might think it’s too much to also acknowledge how attractive he is and how adorably he dresses. He truly is such a radiant light and never fails to make me smile. He calls himself beautiful because he knows the rest of the world is afraid to do so

  • TheodoreLee

    I want Eugene to create an outfit for the rest of the guys using each of their wardrobes, like make an outfit for Keith with Keith's wardrobe, and outfit for zach using zachs wardrobe Ect... I feel like he would put a fun spin on it, you know?

  • Maya Elizabeth
    Maya Elizabeth

    Hearing the guys talk about each other’s style makes me want a series where they all put together outfits for each other

  • GoldenBrownApples

    Them dragging Keith, "gremlin-core", and me realizing his closet there looks exactly like mine. Except I'm a tiny lesbian lady....hmm. This has given me a lot to think about guys. I'm not mad. I am stealing that gremlin-core thing though. It 100% describes me so thank you.

  • Mel Anie
    Mel Anie

    I'm so into Keith's fashion evolution, the mixed patterns, the little preppy shorts and short sleeve button ups, he looks so stylish in such an easygoing way.

  • Dancing Spatula
    Dancing Spatula

    Eugene: Get your eyes checked. You might only need glasses or contacts for a short time, or only for reading. Additionally, getting your eyes checked the optometrist can detect potential health issues early, such as high blood pressure.

  • forgetmeepnot

    What I’m getting out of this is that everyone is attracted to Keith, all the tryguys, Keith himself, everyone who has ever laid eyes on him

  • Kristen Haynes
    Kristen Haynes

    Zach saying Keith must not have been swaddled as a baby sent me into a giggling fit I didn’t know I was capable of.