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  • Secondhand Neverland
    Secondhand Neverland

    Ned is everyone's dad. He was so wholesome taking pictures for them. I loved this video but the Ned cameo was adorable.

  • Lauren C.
    Lauren C.

    Seeing the look of pure confidence on Ariel's face while she rode honestly gave me chills. She was absolutely in her element. 😭♥️

  • BriBriJen15

    I appreciate this ranch using beginner and more advanced horses for different people! Matt and Ariel are definitely more advanced, so it made a lot of sense for them to be in a more advanced space

  • Machteld Menkveld
    Machteld Menkveld

    First of all: You really did a good job choosing a lesson stable, this is amazing! With such a big platform it is important that your viewers learn the right way, this stable is the right way.

  • Lili Yurch
    Lili Yurch

    I hope that this gets Ariel “back in the saddle” and that she’ll be able to find the time to ride again. Maybe when the boys are older they can try too!

  • Richelle Deseo
    Richelle Deseo

    Of course matt and ariel do horse backriding or something. What can they not do?! 😂 they are amazing! Props to becky and maggie for trying! You guys did great ❤️🥰

  • Ashley

    as an equestrian, Barbara's style of teaching is so refreshing. so many trainers forget to emphasize the "be kind to the horse" part of the sport, so I'm so so thankful that she made such a big deal about it. it's supposed to be a partnership, not just the rider demanding the horse do something.

  • Morster 1015
    Morster 1015


  • gabiluch87

    Barbara is an excellent instructor and she's so calm and reassuring

  • Ava Wong
    Ava Wong

    I love that they capture the “messy” part of owning a horse. It’s not just riding. Love Barbara! She is such a great teacher!!!

  • Vedika


  • Alyssa Ferry
    Alyssa Ferry

    The editing was hilarious Devlin! The change in dramatic western movie type music when Matt and Ariel were ridding compared to the cute little trot music when Becky and Maggie were ridding was very fun.

  • Gix

    I really like Barbara, she is a kind soul and she has an awesome firmness that makes her a badass! And sorry, I gotta say it, Ariel and Matt were soooo sexy while riding lol such confidence! Loved the video!

  • Dallas Flemming
    Dallas Flemming

    As someone who’s been around horses their whole life: IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE. I’m so happy rn. Also those pictures turned out so well! Go Samsung, damn lol

  • Things I Like
    Things I Like

    Me: (getting ready to skip the ad)

  • parnian

    Petition for a "TRY GUYS vs. TRY WIVES" series. I'd love to see them as teams competing.

  • Deus Monobear
    Deus Monobear

    I love how naturally Matt fits into the Try Wives now. Now, the Try Wives are complete!

  • Kailani Clarke
    Kailani Clarke

    SO SO HAPPY they took lessons from a black horsewoman. The equestrian world can be very whitewashed even tho POC were the OG cowboys and have an enormous place in the history of American horsemanship. Ms Barbara rocks!

  • Julia Moreno
    Julia Moreno

    As a single mom of two seeing Ariel try one of her old hobbies again inspired me to try one of my hobbies I use to love ❤️ btw she looks breathtaking

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    I actually really like this lady, this is the most simplified version of horses being explained I've ever seen, as someone who has no experience, I really enjoyed this.