The Try Guys Bake Pie Without A Recipe
The Try Guys
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Four inexperienced bakers. No recipes. One goal: try to bake a perfect holiday pie
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Good Mythical Morning and Jacob Moncrief
Winston Pies
Mari Takahashi
Host, VO, & Judge
Jessica Schupack
Brianna Abrams and Winston Pies
Expert & Judge
Directed by Keith Habersberger & Rachel Ann Cole
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Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
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Editor - Devlin McCluskey
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Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore

نظر: 31 170
  • Braidi J
    Braidi J

    "Pie crust needs these 5 ingredients"

  • MirrorCity

    Judge 1: “I’m a professional food judge”

  • Fran Paola
    Fran Paola

    keith's montage saying "how did it happened?" is me seeing my grades after finals at college

  • Pandapigs Pineapple
    Pandapigs Pineapple

    Ned has graduated from Yale, yet he asks “Do apples rise?”

  • Adriana Santiago
    Adriana Santiago

    I love how in episodes Eugene just throw shit together and it actually works I’m like sis how

  • derpderplul

    “Oh Susan, how’d you get so lazy?” I lost my mind when Keith said that.

  • meMint

    Eugene basically made a cocktail and accidently dropped some pie dough in it

  • Kai Antipas
    Kai Antipas

    "You wanna lower your're tripping on it" UNDERRATED JOKE

  • Devin Cross
    Devin Cross

    That bottle of corn syrup Zach was using literally has the pecan pie recipe printed on it. 😂

  • VioletSkies

    Eugene's pie would do well in Britain. We love alcoholic spiced desserts. Most of our traditional Christmas desserts involve a lot of spices, alcohol, and fruit. Also Eugene would do well here we like drinking on any occasion and fun drunks.

  • Мария Ермоленко
    Мария Ермоленко

    who also thinks that Eugene should open his own café like “Alcohol food”

  • John Patrick Eliorda
    John Patrick Eliorda

    I think Eugenes motto is:

  • Houston Bryant
    Houston Bryant

    Eugene’s strategy is to get the judges drunk enough to enjoy the dish.

  • Crosby Bye
    Crosby Bye

    The middle lady is SO NICE! This is how judging should be done!

  • MyLifeIsMy Laptop
    MyLifeIsMy Laptop

    Keith, who has had a wedding:

  • Nano Bubbles
    Nano Bubbles

    I am so happy Keith won. His face when his crust got burnt melted was devastation cuz I think he truly was going to do amazing. You still pulled it off Keith, good job.

  • Advita Mundhra
    Advita Mundhra

    Personally, my favorite part of Without A Recipe is when the judge explains the correct way to do something and what not to do, and then it cuts straight to one of the guys doing EXACTLY THAT.

  • Taylor West
    Taylor West

    I'm actually devastated for Keith that his pie was ruined like that since he was killing it

  • Memetastic

    I haven't even watched it yet and I can already see the house fires

  • Myszu

    They are the most positive judges throughout the whole series😂