Try Guys Mystery Wheel Blender Challenge
The Try Guys
Here we go again! The Try Couples take on another mystery wheel cooking challenge! Who will make a winning dish, serious chefs, Keith & Matt or chaos queens, Becky and Eugene?
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  • YB Chang
    YB Chang

    I'm still scared of Matt. 😂

  • Joe Alvarez
    Joe Alvarez

    “Something’s burning.”

  • ariana

    becky and eugene being labeled "chaotic besties" is so funny lmao

  • Leina Luo
    Leina Luo

    Eugene: y‘all know how bad we are in the kitchen

  • MegaFreak

    Matt and Keith exude the same energy as your 2 uncles you'd never expect to get along but have great chemistry.

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    Now that we have this, can we also have a series where Matt tries to recreate Eugene’s craziest ‘Without a Recipe’ dishes

  • Alex Grosser
    Alex Grosser

    I love the random "it's so easy" comments about the nutribullets 😂 it feels very infomercial and I'm fully here for it

  • Jaune Soleiel
    Jaune Soleiel

    I love Eugene’s energy when he’s with Becky. They’re so cute and mischievous together 😂

  • kitsa20

    Keiths face had a clear moment of panic when Becky asked him if she finished things. He knew no matter what he said he was screwed.

  • Julie Buckley
    Julie Buckley

    Matt and Keith are the perfect pair solely based on the fact that the judges are typically scared of Keith but with this video, YB was scared of Matt.

  • Brian Mahar
    Brian Mahar

    I'm sorry but, as a professional chef, I need to say that while Keith and Matt only did two items they were completely from scratch including grinding their oats into flour! Becky and Eugene basically took mostly prepared items and spooned them into a glass and seasoned some meat! Keith and Matts items were by far more involved and labor intensive! I as always remain a fan!

  • Any12luv

    I would love to see Zack and Matt against Maggie and Eugene. Does anyone else want to see that????

  • Legion Ivory
    Legion Ivory

    I love how vibrant Matt has become over the years. He's truly found himself amongst the Try Gang.

  • LoverlyJessica

    Having not tasted the dishes, I thought Keith and Matt should have one. They incorporated their ingredients together into a cohesive dish, while Becky and Eugene made separate dishes with their ingredients.

  • Idiotwhotalks toomuch
    Idiotwhotalks toomuch

    I love when they include the Try Partners, you can see why they’re together with their respective guy with their personaloties and dynamics with the guys.

  • Taylor

    Becky and Eugene coordinating their outfits ahead of time is the level of friendship I aspire to have👯

  • Bernice Marie
    Bernice Marie

    Keith and Matt labeled as ‘lawful frenemies’, and Becky and Eugene labeled as ‘chaotic besties’ sounds about right 😂

  • FantasticalDensity

    While I love everybody, I think Matt and Keith should have won! They fully incorporated all of their ingredients into one dish that seemed to work well together while Becky and Eugene just mixed the chia seeds and yogurt and left it on the side rather than trying to make a whole dish :( I'm team Matt and Keith on this one and I hope they get a shot at redemption soon😤

  • AM Gower
    AM Gower

    My daughter watched this and informed me we should do this in our kitchen because "mom, your cooking needs to be more interesting."

  • Bertha Duong
    Bertha Duong

    As soon as I see the thumbnail, automatically knew this video would be amazing!!!!