The Try Guys Try 14 Hours Of Labor Pain Simulation
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Ariel Fulmer -
Dr. Ivonne C. Bohn OB/GYN
Dr. Mary Trumpi, DC, CCSP
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  • Nightlark100

    I imagine that labour would be even harder if you had a grinning man in a pink hat following you around

  • KaileyAnne

    Imagine being in a hospital and just hearing a grown man screaming like squidward

  • Izzie Em
    Izzie Em

    Hilariously, Ariel saying she wasn’t in a ton of pain and Ned being in a ton of pain is pretty accurate. Women have, on average, a significantly higher pain tolerance than men.

  • blue3616

    It's super sweet that the other 3 guys start off with not taking anything Ned says seriously,. But time passes and Ned's pain becomes more visible. They dial back the jokes and genuinely start to empathize with and support Ned. It's one of those moments where you realize they are going to be friends for a long time because they shared this really, really weird - but touching moment together.

  • Alysssa Jimenez
    Alysssa Jimenez

    When Eugene said “Hi, I’m your active labor” it was like he’s the ghost of active labor.

  • Sharlie Garrido
    Sharlie Garrido

    "I really want you guys to be a part of my actual baby's life."

  • Emi

    When Becky gets pregnant Keith has to go through this

  • CPCoulterTweedles

    Love Eugene's semi-sadistic smile when he takes the controller. The way he says, "Hi. I'm your active labour," makes it perfectly clear that he intends to show absolutely no mercy.

  • IzzyB_ella_M

    This was an emotional rollercoaster! We got Arielle talking so peacefully, so sweet, and just so inspiring.

  • MegaMochii

    “You have to cuddle him”

  • Pandora

    Oh My God Poor Ned he genuinely looked like a woman after labor. He was wrecked 😂

  • Lagoons002

    My fiancé was white as a ghost and completely shitting himself before, during, and after the c-section for the birth of our twin girls. It was the only thing that kept me from completely losing it. Watching him freak out weirdly calmed me down. 😂

  • Just Wandering
    Just Wandering

    I love how the female hospital staff were all like: * sadistic laughter *

  • Timothee Rivedo
    Timothee Rivedo

    If Keith gets a baby, then he should do this as well!

  • EmmaLiza

    Who is in more pain:

  • L Oswald
    L Oswald

    The doctor has the face of a woman who loves her job

  • cierra adrii
    cierra adrii

    the fact that we watched this in my parents & children class jus goes to show how influential you guys are lol

  • Quinn

    The last bit of this video made me cry. It’s one thing for guys to simulate labor for a few minutes, but Ned went through all 14 hours step by step like Ariel did. You can see the red around his eyes at the end from being so exhausted and in pain. He went through those 14 hours to understand what his wife really went through. I already knew these were four good men, but this video brought me to tears. I know this is a late comment, but I know Ned will be a great father. Every video I’ve seen lately has proven it too.

  • HarleQueen

    Glad to know that whenever a pregnant person is about to enter active labor, an Asian man in a suit with a sparkly pink hat will appear and say, "Hi. I'm your active labor." and follow them around.

  • Mahnoor Junaid
    Mahnoor Junaid

    I really like how Zach suggested the usage of a safeword. It was really sweet