The Try Team Gets Celebrity Hair Makeovers
The Try Guys
The bigger the hair the better! Watch these ladies have their dream hair transformations come to life. What iconic look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • myriad of melons
    myriad of melons

    I love how this channel is balanced between women's empowerment and the guys, it shows how much they value their team and the women in their lives while also giving us great content ♥️

  • YB Chang
    YB Chang

    This was so fun to shoot & edit 🥰🥰 hope I can grow my hair like this by next year 🥲

  • Nik Walters
    Nik Walters

    Can we just take a moment and give appreciation for Rod's councilor who actually cared for their kids and went above and beyond? Kudos to all of the teachers who become invested.

  • Cecilia Martinez
    Cecilia Martinez

    I love that they brought a Black hairstylist just for Kaylin hair texture. Representation definitely matters. And a Latino hairstylist is the cherry on top. Definitely enjoy that. 😁

  • heliagrey

    They all look phenomenal. But let's all realize, girls who look at and envy celebrities with their gorgeous, perfect hair...see the truth that this video illustrates so perfectly... a lot of it's not even THEIR HAIR! Lol. XD It's fall pieces and extra add-ins and brilliant artists doing their creative thing. Don't feel like you have to compare your everyday thing to what you see online or in the magazines.

  • Madhura Ghosh
    Madhura Ghosh

    Wow the way Rod speaks about his love for hairstyling- you just know he'd have made it big. if you love something you do that much theres no way youre not gonna be great at it!!

  • Nat l
    Nat l

    Can we now just admit that the Try guys have recreated buzzfeed but actually good?

  • Calypso Mariani
    Calypso Mariani

    I love that the Try Guys include everyone, every genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, body shape, and so on and not making it a big deal about it because it's normal. And the content is varied and always amazing. They are truly gems

  • TsukikoMumai

    As a black lady, seeing kaylin and just hearing her story, made me teary. The black girl struggle is strong

  • Miss Overlord
    Miss Overlord

    Can we talk about how this channel has zero toxic masculinity and shows women empowerment. And that men created channels CAN be successful without being toxic to women and rude to others. It gives me hope and makes me believe there is still good people out there. Thank you Try Guy’s and team for always being there to raise our spirits and make our days easier! ♥️

  • Anna Romina
    Anna Romina

    Kaylin 100% can be a model!! Those pics look like they’re straight out of a fashion magazine.

  • Sarah Mayotte
    Sarah Mayotte

    Glad this is part of rachel's plan to just make the office as hot as possible

  • thevioletgirl

    All of Kaylin’s “birthday braids” photos are GORGEOUS!

  • Frog Man
    Frog Man

    When I first came out as a trans guy when I was 19 in 2015, I became obsessed with your videos (I think this was around the time Try Guys was born). I looked up to all of you because there were so few examples of non-toxic masculinity and men that were vocally feminist. And now that I’m 26, I still look up to you folks for that reason. It’s not 100% related to this video, but I just wanted to express it somewhere.

  • faureamour

    These women look fire! The staff at Second Try are amazing. You can tell they put a lot of work into themselves and into the work they do. They're all so talented and look absolutely stunning in this shoot! The videos and the social media for the company are amazing in large part due to these women (and of course others on the team too). Just wanna say kudos to these 3 for what they do. 👏🏾

  • JadedLane

    “Like you’re getting married, but to yourself” is the exact energy I try to channel on a daily basis

  • amanda adams
    amanda adams

    I’m guessing Kamara loves Demon Slayer because of her Tanjiro earrings, let’s gooooooooo,,, the girls all look amazing :)

  • Sarah Coleman
    Sarah Coleman

    Rod Ortega's life story was not the wholesome I expected to get today, but it was a wholesome we all needed.

  • FranarttheGeek

    Its so cool that kaylin's hairstylist can and in this video, is specifically to do black hair. I live in an asian country so forgive me if im wrong but from articles and interviews, it seems to me that a lot of actresses and models arent given hairstylists that can work with their hair type (like the best friend of vanessa hudgens in hsm) so their hair isn't taken care of in the same quality of their white counterparts

  • Lauren Hogan
    Lauren Hogan

    This was so cool to see the different tricks of the trade that they can do for red carpets and movies. Also, Kaylin was a boss because that wig looked insanely heavy! They all looked like fabulous Charlie’s Angels super spies!