Home-Cooked Vs. $200 Ice Cream Cake
The Try Guys
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  • Musicnotes

    I want an episode where it's all four try guys vs all four try wives. I dont care what they make or do I just think it would be cool

  • Mandi Mateer ♿️
    Mandi Mateer ♿️

    Ned and Ariel silently accepting praise for the ice cream they didn't make made me laugh so hard.

  • Maggie Jackson
    Maggie Jackson

    It’s so clear in this series that Ned and Ariel are legitimately

  • eliza s
    eliza s

    I adore Matt being so critical and then giving a 7 when Eugene 100% did the opposite. It's so funny. This whole series is hysterical.

  • Grace Galvan
    Grace Galvan

    The cone off is a good example of the Fulmer's communication skills.

  • Ash leE
    Ash leE

    The part where they were complementing the ice cream even though they just store bought it I was dying

  • Veronica Elders
    Veronica Elders

    Keith was worried about Eugene stealing Becky when he should've been worried about Matt stealing Becky.

  • shortstuff

    We need another Eugene babysits with the two kids!

  • Hannah Dixon
    Hannah Dixon

    Ummm Ariel asking “what are we gonna do?”when his cone broke… when she was trying to talk Ned into using her cone the whole time made me die laughing

  • liz eiland
    liz eiland

    all of the judges complimenting the strawberry ice cream

  • V V
    V V

    When Becky and Matt felt deceived that the cone didn't have a top and Chef didn't back them up because his official one doesn't have the pointy top either 🤣

  • Sam T
    Sam T

    ariel is the absolute sweetest person in the world. when she found out that it was the chef’s birthday soon she went into full mom mode and started singing happy birthday 😭😭😭 that was by far the best little moment of the video 💗💗

  • Jessie Dubois
    Jessie Dubois

    I also love when Ariel just casually goes “That’s nice” after Keith and Zach say they have to pee...together.

  • SomeRandom PersonOnEarth
    SomeRandom PersonOnEarth

    The way they just stayed SILENT and gave each other the look 👀 when the judges were complimenting the ice cream is so funny 😂😂.

  • Muresan Ana-Maria
    Muresan Ana-Maria

    The chef was so critical throughout the entire process and then gave them a big grade. So unexpected but so nice. Great effort and ingenuity on this one 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • j ong
    j ong

    I am guessing Ned and Ariel ain't asking Eugene to judge their food in case he gives them a 1.1 again

  • Frances Leones
    Frances Leones

    The elation of Ned successfully pulling his cone from the mould followed by the horror of it shattering during assembly is what you call "pride comes before the fall" 😅

  • Jessie Dubois
    Jessie Dubois

    Ned: “Do you want to see beautiful, structural engineering?”

  • J Mason
    J Mason

    At first, I was wondering how Ned & Ariel hurt themselves before even starting (both have bandaged fingers) Then I realized they must have film this soon after the Mac & Cheese video where they both hurt themselves.

  • Italiana 626
    Italiana 626

    Ok this episode made me love Ariel even more!! She ruled the butter cream, mastered the ice cream layering, conquered the sand castle forms, and dominated the ice cream cone!! And did it all with such grace. Ariel saved the WHOLE PROJECT!!