Try Guys Try Prom Dresses
The Try Guys
It’s prom season! We’re living out our tulle dress, main character fantasies and trying on some iconic prom dresses! Who do you think will be crowned the prom queen?
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  • 01FlyingAway

    Eugene: Actually reviewing all the dresses

  • Meagan Henderson
    Meagan Henderson

    Keith being upset while Zach looks adorable in the cotton candy dress is so relatable. I've always been bigger than my friends. And I have had that moment of hating what I brought to the fitting room, while my friends slay in the things they brought. It's a hard feeling, and you never really grow out of it. I FEEL YOU KEITH! <3

  • P D
    P D

    Zach is a menace 😭 Keith is so sad about his dress and he’s like “I’m a pastel princess, please move”

  • Lauren Alexandra
    Lauren Alexandra

    "I have a fun choice: show my nipples, or show my vagina"

  • Aquaticfilly0

    I knew a guy who went to prom in a hot pink mini dress, bright pink high stilettos, and full makeup, and he SLAYED

  • SM T
    SM T

    Petition to have a special video just focused on Keith getting to find the perfect dress. It sucks when nothing fits right, and I want Keith to get to experience the joy of trying on a dress that makes him feel pretty AF.

  • Amaya AKane
    Amaya AKane

    Keith: “This is giving me a very unhealthy relationship with my body”

  • Bang-Up Tilly
    Bang-Up Tilly

    I love how Eugune is giving solid advice the whole video, Neds geek side showing with not knowing how to present himself in a dress, Zach just being freaking adorable and then Keith having the struggles most women do when trying on clothes. Loved the yellow moment. Next dress video or clothes try on, you all should get curvier suits and try on what is supposed to be plus size friendly clothing and just let the chaos and lies unravel.

  • Gabrielle Elizabeth
    Gabrielle Elizabeth

    Keith was me prom shopping. The only difference is he didn’t end up alone in the David’s Bridal dressing room bc they were the only store in town that did plus sized dress (16-18) quietly crying as you lace up your converse

  • Siobhan Collis
    Siobhan Collis

    when Eugene said he wants more people to break the clothing binary I freaking LOST IT. My girlfriend and I are both wearing suits and corsets to prom and I'm so excited😭

  • Myranda Peterson
    Myranda Peterson

    Keith deserves to be prom queen bc this was such a hard day for him lmao He really gave us all "women dress shopping" energy the whole way through

  • ScaryGeorgia26

    I love Eugene's phrase and im stealing it for future parenting: "you can wear what you want, just make sure your comfortable having your underwear in photos forever" 🤣

  • Leia Kasta
    Leia Kasta

    "I'm a size 14 in all other stores, but not this one?" Yes Keith, welcome to woman's clothing.

  • Maddie Henderson
    Maddie Henderson


  • Hallie Wong
    Hallie Wong

    Rachel saying "Oh, Honey...." to Keith is my aesthetic, I'm 100%

  • Elise Fyhrie
    Elise Fyhrie

    I would have liked to ask Keith: imagine a teenage girl trying on prom dresses and having the same body insecurities you're having now. What would you say to her?

  • Gwynneth Kobold
    Gwynneth Kobold

    i love how they all keep flipping between "hell yeah girls, slayyyy" and "i would never let my daughter wear this" on the SAME DRESSES

  • Philosopanda

    Keith was ROBBED. He looked stunning in that gold dress!

  • Corinne Swanson
    Corinne Swanson

    The unplanned subplot of Keith gradually discovering that the dresses in his size aren’t as cute or fashionable as the smaller dresses, and getting more and more depressed about how they still don’t fit his body. 💛 A million girls have been where you are. Thank you for empathizing with the struggle.

  • Leire Marcos
    Leire Marcos

    I don't know why I'm even surprised by how good did Ned and Eugene looked, and how they paired them to give us a perfect combo of crazy commentary and lookssssss