Eugene Gets Surprised By A Monkey 🐵
The Try Guys
Zoogene is absolutely bananas for these Animal Facts! Meet Tess the Capuchin monkey.
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نظر: 850
  • BOI George
    BOI George

    I'm into the idea of Eugene meeting an otter, and then learning just how scary they are while this adorable little guy is just rolling around like otter do.

  • MyLifeIsMy Laptop
    MyLifeIsMy Laptop

    Eugene: “I wanna keep this kid-friendly”

  • Old Sap
    Old Sap

    Eugene genuinely trying to be kid-friendly is a terrifying sight.

  • Alex Belden
    Alex Belden

    “I’ve raised her since she was 2, and she’s now 22” she looks way too young to have been working in this field for 20 years, I want her skin care regiment!

  • Raja K
    Raja K

    Almost died a little at

  • the_nikster

    the way we know Eugene is a good person: every single animal that he's met so far has almost immediately become comfortable with him. animals always know. also, the way Tess put her little hand in his hand! I died! ❤️

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith

    I just love how the trainer was Eugene’s normal self when he’s not around animals. Every time Eugene would say how cute Tess was she was like “yeah but she’ll bite you”. 😂

  • goddessoffayries

    “Oh yeah, this is fine. I’ve had worse.”

  • Delen Potter
    Delen Potter

    Eugene- I want to keep this kid friendly

  • CoraTheBlanket

    Eugene: I'm trying to keep this kid friendly

  • Johnna unicorn
    Johnna unicorn

    I love how talkative she is all the time it’s like a toddler babbling to themself when their happy. I like how her trainer said “ she lets all her feelings out doesn’t hold anything in “

  • Mallika

    Tess looked like she was kissing his palm after she got the treat. that was soooo cuteeeeee

  • Dallas Rose
    Dallas Rose

    dreaming of the day Eugene interacts with a baby giraffe! I think that would be absolutely adorable

  • slithery lil snake
    slithery lil snake

    this is by far the purest and most wholesome Eugene ever

  • Gringa-n- Mexico
    Gringa-n- Mexico

    After he says "I'm Zoogene!" it looks like he reeeeaaallyyy wants to add "I'm right, you're wrong, SHUT UP." Like, there was temptation there.

  • Johnna unicorn
    Johnna unicorn

    Tess trying so hard to see if Eugene will stare back was killing me turning her head so hard to look at him 💀💀

  • Amelia Rose❣️
    Amelia Rose❣️

    Eugene: “I’m trying to keep this show kid friendly.”

  • small_and_dangerous

    WARNING: Do NOT keep monkey’s as pets! As the trainer said, they are hierarchical and can get VERY aggressive. Tess is clearly raised and kept in a sanctuary or animal facility that understands this. I do not condone free keeping of a monkey. This is just a situation I found myself in as a child with little education and a family member who ultimately faced the consequences of their hierarchical nature (being scratched, bit, hit, etc) but sadly would not give them a proper home.

  • Gix

    The parallel with the baby pulling his hair was everything lmaooo love this format with animals!

  • Maya Rosales
    Maya Rosales

    This totally turned my day around you have no idea how fast I clicked because I NEEDED this pure serotonin so badly today 😢 thank you, Zoogene