The Try Guys Switch Pets For A Day
The Try Guys
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The guys swap dogs to puppy sit for day. Who would you trust to watch your pup?
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  • Claire Lo
    Claire Lo

    Bowie's just that kid with strict parents and he's just spending the weekend with his cool uncle.

  • seiciy

    i love how bowie just.... doesnt care that hes with a different human

  • Picachki

    I just realized Pesto teaches Emma how to dog. She needs other dogs to guide her through her dark past. I’m glad she’s in great hands with Eugene.

  • Madison Hartnell
    Madison Hartnell

    Can we just appreciate how everyone’s idea of taking care of another persons dog is going to a dog park😂 and Keith’s idea is to sit in a bathtub with Emma

  • River Song
    River Song

    Holy fuck, Wes's face when he pet Pesto was literally the most precious thing ever.

  • BloodPix

    Lets be real - Pesto is dope. He is chill, but energized sometimes. He is a weirdo with scruff; rule breaker. And he just is so laid back!! HE AWESOME. MORE LOVE FOR PESTO!!

  • Syd Quinn
    Syd Quinn

    Normal people: I think my dog got abused from a shelter and is just scared from that. Eugene: I think my dog was coddled by an old lady and the lady died in front of her and now Emma is traumatized.

  • Audrey Grace
    Audrey Grace

    Pesto is fucking adorable I don’t know why none of the guys want him he’s soooooo cute

  • Jasmine Surreal
    Jasmine Surreal

    I thought Eugene suited Bowie so much, they are similar types. Emma was so adorable, I think Keith did his best with her to make her feel safe, although I think the bath was not a great idea, she needs lots of cuddles and security. Really enjoyed this so much.

  • Jaemin Cho
    Jaemin Cho

    emma: having a hard time with keith

  • Holytitmouse

    I love that Zach acknowledged that Bean probably doesn't trust him because of issues Zach has had with him before. Like, I love that he saw that and was like, "ya know what? Time to fix it!" I absolutely love it

  • Evan Paccione
    Evan Paccione

    Keith with Emma:Depression and Anxiety

  • Jillianne R.
    Jillianne R.

    It's funny how Eugene and Bowie are comfortable each other while the other dogs are having anxiety and trust issues

  • Eshan Yalla
    Eshan Yalla

    Imagine what Wes was thinking when Ned came back with a totally different dog

  • Dillan

    Eugene gave Bowie the activities he needs as a shepherd dog. Damn that dog had a blast that day, his face while cuddling on the bed says it all

  • Karin W
    Karin W

    why aren't people talking about how great pesto was with ned's family. he seems like a super chill family dog. not too high maintenance, which is good because youngers kids will take up most of their attention and pesto's just so chill-

  • Mei Lin M
    Mei Lin M

    I’m surprised no one’s talking about the part where Zach threw Bowie’s toy (aiming for Bean) and it fell in the toilet 😭😭 FSHHDHDHDHXH

  • Claire

    Zach: “idk why bean doesn’t like me”

  • ap Spencer
    ap Spencer

    Keith : “I don’t like dogs”

  • Erin Lee
    Erin Lee

    zach: “i think that the most unforgivable trait that a dog can have is barking”