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A feast unlike any other! Keith is taking on the challenge of eating AND drinking everything on the menu at Dunkin Donuts! 🍩☕
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  • Rachel kelly
    Rachel kelly

    I know Shane, Ryan, and Keith used to work together but seeing them together in a video felt like a crossover episode of a animated show where the animation styles are different

    • Cultural Artist Encounter
      Cultural Artist Encounter

      Did anyone else notice Shane referencing Orson Welles drunk french champagne outtakes at 32:23. "Ah the french champagne" celebrated for it's excellence...

    • A Random Individual
      A Random Individual

      “What is this, a crossover episode?”

    • sophia grace
      sophia grace

      this was described perfectly

    • Naama Sade
      Naama Sade

      Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron XD

    • Serious Grim
      Serious Grim

      Scooby Doo x Supernatural crossover

  • Kanske det Nej?
    Kanske det Nej?

    For everyone wondering about the sound that is now trending on TikTok. At 31:48 Shane tells Ryan he looks like a sprinkles guy and Ricky Gold gets offended

    • jonginini kim
      jonginini kim

      @Kanske det Nej? don't know who robert de niro is?

    • LovelyCatVal


    • Nick Gimarelli
      Nick Gimarelli


    • Grey Thomas
      Grey Thomas

      I love how Keith is sitting in the middle just looking confused at the ghoul boys

    • • frostedjosieos
      • frostedjosieos

      That’s Ricky Goldsworth to you

  • E K
    E K

    I like miles and his coffee rage, I like his shirt, too. He looks like a frazzled reporter from an 80's movie. I can picture him throwing a typewriter across a room.

    • Kitten Of Chaos
      Kitten Of Chaos

      YESSSSS! I 100% agree. I enjoy his angry coffee rants! Maybe he could review the coffee offerings from all these places with Keith.

    • Emily Wilkerson
      Emily Wilkerson

      More of this character!!

    • Christine C.
      Christine C.


    • Peachy Panda
      Peachy Panda

      he pants, nods. “thank you,” he says, before taking his seat, the typewriter discarded against the wall. silence.

    • Naama Sade
      Naama Sade

      Now that you said that I can totally see it!

  • Juliana Manansala
    Juliana Manansala

    As much as I’m obsessed with Shane and Ryan (aren’t we all?), there’s not enough love for Cam and Rome!! They were so funny and really bantered well with Keith. I hope they come back for another Eat The Menu!🤍

    • Emma Olivera
      Emma Olivera

      They were in without a recipe, it was great 😃

  • - Jennifer -
    - Jennifer -

    Idk why but Shane having been a batista at Starbucks makes sense idk he seems like the guy whod serve my coffee and would tell me a better coffee shop idk if that makes sense lol

    • xianxian sansuile
      xianxian sansuile

      it does make so much sense

  • Cheyenne Marie
    Cheyenne Marie

    This looks like it was filmed in a teacher’s lounge lol

    • Flee_x3

      @Beardman in a cop car

    • Isabelle Gelinas
      Isabelle Gelinas

      They really do😂😂

    • Jenna Chartier
      Jenna Chartier

      I can confirm our break room as a teacher isn't that nice at all.

    • madieatsbees

      @Justine Doner can confirm I had a crush on my geography teacher and always thought he looked like Keith 😳

    • raven riley
      raven riley

      @Amanda r/wooosh

  • Eme Long
    Eme Long

    I can physically see when the caffeine starts kicking in

    • Oh boo yourselves, I'm gerett-bobby Ferguson.
      Oh boo yourselves, I'm gerett-bobby Ferguson.


    • Europa

      Lol when

  • Layney White.
    Layney White.


    • Domi Macaroni
      Domi Macaroni

      wait, even the sweet donuts? friend in pork fat? 🤢🤢🤢

    • Captain Chaos the Pirate Pimp
      Captain Chaos the Pirate Pimp

      I don't trust anything that comes out of Dunkins. Worked at one for years and had friends that worked other ones in town. We all have horror stories about the food and coffee prep (nevermind shitty managers and insane customers). I do know that the one I worked at most definitely used lard for frying up the donuts as it was one of the few shops left that actually made the donuts right there instead of having them shipped in. All the glaze for the donuts was also just in this big plastic tub, that never got changed out in the 5+ years I was there, it would just get topped off from a barrel of glaze. The 5 second rule was definitely a thing and I actually got in trouble on multiple occasions because I would throw away anything that hit the floor instead of just quickly picking it up and putting it on the rack. And the eggs for the sandwiches just come in this tube that is precooked and flash frozen, which never made any sense to me as we had fresh eggs in the cooler. There is more, but when I think of it I suddenly see helicopters, explosions and Ride of the Valkyries starts playing.. flashbacks man. Ughh. It really is disgusting and definitely not kosher.

    • m

      @Jp G vegetarian =/= kosher difficulty wise. I’ve kept kosher my whole life and I live in a state with a lot of Jews. 9/10 times the restaurant workers in my area do not know what kosher is. Kashrut is very complicated and it’s not easy to just “ask” if something is kosher, or if it contains a certain ingredient, etc. It’s an incredibly complex system of laws that goes beyond the food itself. Jews who keep kosher but do eat vegetarian at non-kosher places rely on the vegetarian items being actually vegetarian because sometimes you can’t get an answer easily to figure out if it’s safe to eat. So, it’s really upsetting to find out that Dunkin’ cooks their food like this and doesn’t tell people (at least at OPs old workplace). And it doesn’t help when people say “Well, why don’t you just ask?” Many times, I can’t get the answer I need. And if you’re wondering why I even eat at non-kosher restaurants: kosher restaurants are hard to find. There’s only one in my city. There’s 5-10 in a city nearby with more Jews. But there just aren’t that many of them. I’ve traveled around most of the US and sometimes the only kosher place is the kosher grocery store, if they even have that. And as someone that works in the “secular” (non-Jewish) world, sometimes you have no choice. Sometimes the bosses pick where to go, and you can’t get out of going, and you have to sit there picking apart the menu and trying to figure out what to ask the server about because you can’t be rude and not eat something. Or your friends pick the place and you’re stuck. So yeah, it’s not so simple as just “asking.” Especially when you’re the person in the restaurant that knows the most about kosher laws.

    • m

      @sanash96 if it’s certified kosher with the right certificates, it’s probably fine. That stuff is usually legit, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    • m

      Omg thank you for telling me. I keep kosher but I will eat vegetarian at non-kosher places and I had no idea. Will not be eating at Dunkin’ again. Also, in my area, there’s a kosher Dunkin’ Donuts in the Jewish neighborhood. I’ve only ever seen the one, but I’m glad at least one exists.

  • Maxwell McGuirk
    Maxwell McGuirk

    Not to get too mushy, but I just want to thank you guys for making this video. I have a terrible anxiety disorder and this has been my go-to comfort video when I need to calm myself down.

    • Courtney Merrell
      Courtney Merrell

      @Lindsey Vasquez literally same. I listen to these when I need a nap 😂

    • Maxwell McGuirk
      Maxwell McGuirk

      @StarkMaximum I'm a big dunkin donuts guy, so it really drew me in to begin with. No real reason besides that, I just find it the right amount of calming for some reason.

    • StarkMaximum

      Why this one specifically

    • Lindsey Vasquez
      Lindsey Vasquez

      Omg I have depression and adhd and these eat the menu videos are the perfect amount of chaotic and calmness to put me to sleep at night 😂😂😂

    • M

      you got this :)

  • angelofdusk13

    "I like salty things--chips, fries, petty tweets." That got me good. I feel like it slipped under the radar, but it's SO good!

  • Bailey Ingram
    Bailey Ingram

    Is literally anyone surprised that Miles and Shane were baristas?? They look like every male barista I’ve ever seen lmao

    • Michiko Manalang
      Michiko Manalang

      this is such a valid read and i can't believe i'm only seeing it now

    • aishah

      how many jobs has shane had omg

    • SatanIsYourGoodPal

      @Jennifer Barillas ?

    • Alos

      Ikr 💀

  • Too Lazy
    Too Lazy

    shane looks like that one creepy guy in a thriller movie who turns out to be the good guy helping you to escape the bad guy

    • 123 456
      123 456

      @Too Lazy nice reaction

    • Pauline Saylor
      Pauline Saylor

      to be fair, its a running joke in the fan group that he is a demon and all the evil things and ghosts are too scared of him to come out when they do haunted locations. and that he is a guardian demon for ryan, so this makes plenty of sense lol

    • Too Lazy
      Too Lazy

      @chris falkenberg ok

  • Mayday

    I would LOVE to see Ryan and Shane take our boys on a Ghost Hunt

    • Tempest

      OMG yes please, "we try hunting ghosts or something"

    • Emily Wilkerson
      Emily Wilkerson


  • Hannah Marks
    Hannah Marks

    Watching this again and Keith should absolutely have Dormtainment and Watcher back as guests on ETM, they all had a great energy!!!

  • Sarah

    kieth: licks his fingers when trying the donuts and patries me: watches him use those same hands to distribute the food 😃

    • Domi Macaroni
      Domi Macaroni

      also he smelling the food BEFORE taking a piece and giving it to Rome 🤡 sir your nose hairs just brushed against that

    • Taegan Skye
      Taegan Skye

      It’s been freaking me out

  • KiSea Katikka
    KiSea Katikka

    the way he says bye to the girls feels like the that one senior who sits with his younger sister and her friends just to check in every once in a while

    • chris falkenberg
      chris falkenberg

      @Grace D. Barulho ( Noise ) No matter how much one celebrates one will not raise the DEAD , nor bring back those whom have passed, and neither will it free one from the misery and trial its been Living.

    • Grace D.
      Grace D.

      @chris falkenberg what. i couldn’t even read that all lmao

  • Jule_Emi025

    Shane looks like an overworked divorced dad that finally got a break

  • *SHINee-Shawol*

    After hearing Miles rant about Starbucks ruining the macchiato, I have a story to share. I decided to stop by Starbucks for a coffee after class one day, and it was a very grey rainy day. On days like this, I like to either drink a cappuccino or a macchiato (how it traditionally is like Miles described) and I made the foolish choice to order a macchiato. When going up to order, I asked if they could make me a macchiato without the caramel, and that confused the s**t out of the barista. She did not understand what I was talking about, and then a second barista got involved and kept telling me they only do caramel macchiato's, they can't get rid of the caramel so they could add more espresso shots, what did I mean by "macchiato without caramel". I wasn't able to intervene and try to explain what I wanted because I had no idea what was going on anymore. In my mind, this was not a confusing order, so I ended up just buying a black coffee. Lesson of the story: do not try to order a macchiato without caramel at Starbucks. Way more confusing than it should be.

    • Oli Donohue
      Oli Donohue

      i’ve only been working at starbucks for about two weeks so maybe i’m missing something, but the caramel in a caramel macchiato is literally just a topping. there’s no reason they couldn’t just not put it on there lol

    • Christine C.
      Christine C.

      It's "macchiatos." Please stop using apostrophes to make plurals. That is not what they're for.

    • Amal Kayse
      Amal Kayse

      i used to be a sbux barista, most people don’t know that the syrup used is actually vanilla, next time say no vanilla and no drizzle.

    • Abigail Marshall
      Abigail Marshall

      Lol seeing that caramel is added separately as a syrup / pumps, they could've totally left it out I'm sure..

  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention

    I love Keith and Miles' reaction to the vanilla chai "This is a treat. This is a treat for little boys. This should be an ice cream bar."

  • tristin

    “we’re like the try guys but black. we’re missing an asian guy but we’re getting there.” i’m officially in love with this duo.

    • Lance Cowburn
      Lance Cowburn

      @Uranus Coloniser exactly! Flip it around and people lose their jobs and receive death threats.

    • RedEye101

      @ٴ that didn't bother me, but the amount of times they mentioned they were black and Keith is white was just laziness of commentary, and frankly boring. Talk about the food, no one cares.

    • Honey Moon
      Honey Moon

      @VolutedMetal85 thank you! I’ll go check it out

    • VolutedMetal85

      @Honey Moon It was a video from Dormtainment, not the Try Guys. I haven't seen it, I just know they did it 2 or 3 years ago

  • Skyburner's Oath
    Skyburner's Oath

    I knew Miles used to be a barista the second I saw his face. He looks like what a person who's never seen a barista would imagine one to look like after being described one to them.

  • gateauchaton

    shane's "i've got puppets over there!" made me laugh so hard i had an asthma cough attack. used my inhaler and then i replayed that moment 4 times more lmao

  • Angelina Hong
    Angelina Hong

    This crossover of the bois and the try guys never gets old

  • Fiana Farrington
    Fiana Farrington

    Eugene needs his own makeup palette or bottle of wine.

  • Xox Jurado
    Xox Jurado

    I actually liked hearing miles tell us the differences between the drinks and the facts on them.

    • Ariana C.
      Ariana C.


    • Kaalyn

      @deprofundis Not accurate. He said "they have the same amount of milk, just different foam". They absolutely do NOT have the same milk ratio in any way you try to explain it. A cappuccino is all equal parts: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foam. A latte is 1/3 expresso, 2/3 steamed milk. The foam is more a topper, about 1cm worth. That's an ENTIRE third more milk, making it taste completely different. (And the 1/3 foam in the capp isn't made from very much milk, so even though it's technically a milk product, if you stirred it all together, it will NOT be 2/3 milk like the latte.) The fact a capp is basically half espresso/milk, and a latte is double the milk for the same amount of espresso, the capp will be much stronger. He described it more as "same drink underneath all the foam, one you just get less drink to make room for all the foam". Nope. In every way you slice it or interpret his statement, his "same amount of milk, just different foam" comment is completely wrong.

    • katie samol
      katie samol

      same! it’s actually rly interesting

    • Rin TinTin
      Rin TinTin

      Ask me any and all remaining questions you have for a barista. Barista of two years!

    • Tipton Wheeler
      Tipton Wheeler

      Well, I work at Dunkin’ donuts and he was so wrong about most of the information he gave

  • Katy Pickering
    Katy Pickering

    One thing I’ll say about dunkin is that you have to find the right dunkin to get good dunkin, I can be really bad and stale but when u find a good store it really hits different

  • Fatima Grace Echem
    Fatima Grace Echem

    I really enjoyed Cam and Rome’s presence. You gained a fan yo. they should come back!

  • Bryanna Cloutier
    Bryanna Cloutier

    Keith: "what are we gonna do with all these left over coffees?" Shane: "I got you" 😂😂

  • Teresa T
    Teresa T

    Seeing Keith get progressively more hyped up on caffeine and sugar had me rolling!

  • shmooi

    I love the chaotic energy with Ryan, Shane, and 'nearly in a food coma' Keith. 😂

  • Zenon Empire
    Zenon Empire

    "You're not that white, man." Shane and Ryan came on and you could tell that Ryan had the braincell between the three.

  • M. T.
    M. T.

    "It tastes like taking a swig of creamer!" Perfect. That is just how I like my iced coffee lmao, I want the effects not the bitter taste haha

  • Nikki Swimmer
    Nikki Swimmer

    Keith: Duncan Donuts won’t sponsor me after many applications Also Keith: *trashes all of their drinks* I LOVE THIS GUY XD

  • Madison Coriale
    Madison Coriale

    Keith: “They have this at every location? This garbage???!?!” Also Keith: “after many attempts of trying to be sponsored..” Lol

    • a melancholy brown
      a melancholy brown

      @Meia Solo i mean it's his opinion so

    • Cybernetic squid-god of mass destruction
      Cybernetic squid-god of mass destruction

      He got his revenge

    • Ally Mills
      Ally Mills


    • Meia Solo
      Meia Solo

      He probably would have been nicer. I’m glad they didn’t sponser.

  • superstelly

    I totally sympathize with Miles. I worked at a little French cafe for 8 years and we sold European style coffees, so our macchiatos were made the traditional way. We had to confirm with new customers that they wanted an Italian style macchiato and not a Starbucks style macchiato. 😤

  • Taylor Lee
    Taylor Lee

    This makes me want to see Keith do an Eat the Menu for Jamba Juice.

  • K226

    I work at a (licensed) Dunkin and can tell you that all of our swirls probably taste best with cream and sugar. It helps mellow the flavor.

  • almadedragon

    I love how Shane eats the whole donut portion is given to him!! A No Waste Guy

  • Megan P
    Megan P

    As an ex barista, I really appreciate Miles angry rant about Starbucks RUINING what a macchiato traditionally is. Love him forever now

    • Ana Pie
      Ana Pie

      As an Italian I share this sentiment

  • Aurora K
    Aurora K

    We need more Try Guys and Watcher crossovers

  • MsSmashlyashley

    I'm not sure why but every time I get dunkin delivered with doordash I have to watch this video while I sample the goods. Eat The Menu is like the best casual viewing while eating.

  • M

    As a Canadian, hearing munchkins is so weird to me 😂 I didn't even know donut holes weren't called timbits until at least highschool! Even if you went to the grocery store and they were at the bakery everyone still says oh yah timbits

  • Just a little human
    Just a little human

    The way every single one of them is dressed like a teacher, in a room that (as the top comment says) looks like the teachers lounge is just beautiful to me because I could 100% picture my favorite teachers back in highschool doing this

  • GloriousClio

    The chaos that Ryan and Shane bring to the show was incredible.

    • ij

      Jessica Adame girl censor their names- we don’t need to see that 😭😭😭

    • yeonjunpee


    • Daniela Zafra
      Daniela Zafra

      the impression of Steven by Shane was so accurate

    • Duckington Duckss
      Duckington Duckss

      all hail the watcher

    • lilmonkey13

      It's strange to see how much bigger shane is than Keith, whose supposed to be the biggest try guy right????, And the fact that watcher is like edgy alternative to the straight edge try guys style wise in this vid

  • God1127

    I like how you include the production crew in the videos! They’re interesting and real fun to be around! 😂🔥

  • Kitten Of Chaos
    Kitten Of Chaos

    I like Miles and his coffee rage! Frankly I just enjoy his whole asthetic. Maybe he could help Keith review the coffee offerings from all these places.

  • 🌟

    dormtaintment were so good! would love to see them guest again :)

  • Miss Overlord
    Miss Overlord

    Fun fact: the ones with the wider holes are usually shipped from a factory and brought in before opening. And they are always terrible. Most times all the holiday ones are brought it because they take longer to decorate and are in high demand.

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith

    bringing ryan and shane in was the ultimate power move i was STUNNED and THRILLED what a crossover

  • Bria Turner
    Bria Turner

    Thank you, Miles for explaining the difference in the coffees! I have always been too intimidated to ask the differences

  • Aubrey Tucker
    Aubrey Tucker

    Cam's "petty tweets" comment when talking about salty foods is the most underrated part of this episode

  • neversaygoodbye

    Miles’ outfit matches the setting. An overworked office worker at the end of the day 😄

  • Reb

    Keith staring into the distance and delivering "The blue is buried" like he's in a dramatic period piece is an underrated 1 second performance (41:23)

  • luckygirl1able

    Keith: "For some reason they wouldn't sponsor us!" Also Keith: "I thought this drink was mold"

    • Elizabeth Pelland
      Elizabeth Pelland

      “it’s just a world of ice coffee that i don’t agree with”

  • Mslizzieforbes

    “What do you think it tastes like?” * pause * _”irish people”_

  • Whiskey Grandpa
    Whiskey Grandpa

    having seen miles’ newer video where he talked about his career and money struggles, i appreciate him sharing his knowledge base with us in this. he truly threw himself into being a barista and worked super hard!! and now he’s here!! yay miles!!!!

  • 〈3 jazztapballet〈3
    〈3 jazztapballet〈3

    Love the hazelnut iced coffee with vanilla oatmilk!!! I love Dunkin because they have almond, soy and oat milk substitutions. Might taste better trying a milk/cream substitute instead 👍

  • b

    what i wouldn’t do for a try guys/watcher crossover. someone put zach in a haunted museum with a go pro right now

  • Hite W
    Hite W

    “We are like the try guys, but black. We are missing an Asian guy.” They are good.

    • New Milo
      New Milo

      @Animdoodle well idk they have theyre three and if it’s strictly becausw theyre black then they wont really have a connection or bond now if they have a bond with someone and they become the new try guy and he happens to be black that great

    • Animdoodle

      @New Milo why not?

    • New Milo
      New Milo

      Ailany T. ...why tho?

    • Hite W
      Hite W

      LietSayri They do have a channel.

  • Aimee Hanger
    Aimee Hanger

    shane shoving every doughnut into his mouth whole without fail is so relatable

  • deathwished13

    Shane's starting to look like a Miami vice villian the older he gets🤣

  • Rosie Meek
    Rosie Meek

    keith heard someone say "one note" once; chocolate doughnut - "one note" vanilla doughnut - "one note" chocolate glaze - "this is just one note"

  • libz c
    libz c

    Yes! Been binging these recently, the guests are always great but this episode was especially great. Love the watcher guys!

  • Kathryn Harvey
    Kathryn Harvey

    Keith: "THEY CARRY THIS GARBAGE?? THIS GARBAGE???" also Keith: "yeah they wouldn't sponsor the video, idk why tho, it's a mystery"

    • Liyah

      @Christine C. They're just using the shortened version

    • H E
      H E

      He wouldn't have been as harsh if it was sponsored

    • Christine C.
      Christine C.


    • Naama Sade
      Naama Sade

      I know right 😂

  • E Garcia
    E Garcia

    I am absolutely dying at the sound editing. Hilarious pairing of sound with mood.

  • P Jenks
    P Jenks

    I honestly clicked on this video (knowing it was 40 mins long) and thought, Yea, watching a dude on the internet pig out on doughnuts and crappy coffee is a great way to spend my time. What is wrong with my life😂

  • joko tri
    joko tri

    He's taking a huge bite of everything LoL

  • Kenzie Ford
    Kenzie Ford

    I’m surprised there weren’t more flavoured hot coffees and hot chocolates.

  • Alicia D
    Alicia D

    Shane looks like a mad science professor who’s been up for days and hadn’t slept but it’s ok because his friend Ryan got his coffee 😂

    • Daniel Vasquez
      Daniel Vasquez

      I’m not sure what to do here

    • soph 🌷
      soph 🌷

      @Sc Vidéo uhhh

    • Iona D
      Iona D

      Sc Vidéo the fuck?

    • layc

      @Sc Vidéo girl what

  • Michelle Rizza
    Michelle Rizza

    I grew up in Quincy, MA where every other person worked at a DD at some point (yes, including me). I can confirm that the hot chocolate is made with water and not cream or even milk. It really is super rich, but that’s just from the mix itself.

  • NaNimal Crossing
    NaNimal Crossing

    I’m a barista and he’s saying what every single one of us are thinking

  • AnimecrazySakura7

    YB and Becky know where it’s at. Chocolate glazed is one of the BEST donuts they have. Sorry you’re broken Keith.

  • Bonesidedowngoof

    Yay for Becky and Keith together, eating the menu!! They make the best team!!

  • Taylor Howard
    Taylor Howard

    “It tastes like grilled cheese without the cheese” “Bread?” I’ve never related so hard

    • Just Some Monke
      Just Some Monke

      @Grey K and gluten free products are expensive

    • Grey K
      Grey K

      @The IcyRat a gluten intolerance must suck. Gluten is in almost everything

    • Chavon Hawthorne
      Chavon Hawthorne

      @Selena relax lmao

    • Selena

      @The IcyRat no one asked..

    • The IcyRat
      The IcyRat

      I can’t eat bread it’s gluten

  • Candice Warren
    Candice Warren

    Shane looks like a private investigator from the 70s, and I'm not mad at it.

  • Kaitlyn Gardner
    Kaitlyn Gardner

    I appreciate the heck out of Miles’ passionate coffee knowledge

  • pippa

    Miles liking good coffee makes me like him even more. I'm from the country where they drink the most coffee in the world and we are pretty specific with our coffee here.

  • Maggie B
    Maggie B

    I like drinking creamer straight out the fridge so maybe I should try them all

  • Sam Panzer
    Sam Panzer

    I love how Shane unapologetically puts the whole damn doughnut in his mouth. a man after my own heart

    • Michael Rusnak
      Michael Rusnak

      I saw that too. I don't jam donuts in my mouth like that. But I always put the whole munchkin in my mouth in one bite, like sushi.

    • Hoodwinked Hamster
      Hoodwinked Hamster

      We love shane 🤣

  • Create Awakenings
    Create Awakenings

    My fave part is when miles blew kisses 😂 so funny 🤣 I also appreciated the coffee facts 👍