The Try Guys Dress Like Zach • Closet Swap Challenge
The Try Guys
Tell me that's not two Zach's in the thumb 🤔 Today we're all dressin just like Zach for the day! Who do you think will be able to pull off fashion his way?
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  • alex m
    alex m

    Like Keith said, Ned is the best blank canvas. He looks amazing in anything he wears, from women’s clothing to drag to bridal gowns to gen z fashion. And now Zach’s clothes. He’s the default sim who looks great in everything

  • stein360

    Zach proudly telling he doesnt care which section he shops in and that he and Maggie share their clothes lacks any sign of toxic masculinity and we need more people like that

  • Blankfaced Creator
    Blankfaced Creator

    Does anyone else think that Zach looks so much healthier and happier now? Like in the beginning we saw a few flashbacks and he looked so tired and pale, but now he looks more energized and happier! I’m so proud of him for how far he’s come and I love seeing him laugh. <3

  • Trans Plant Man
    Trans Plant Man

    DUDE, I feel Zach on the “I shop in the women’s section” because the men’s section can be boring unless you visit really wacky stores. I’m still too dysphoric to shop in the women’s section again but I appreciate Zach proudly saying he does because it makes me feel like that’s an okay thing for a guy to do. I love Zach’s playful fashion sense.

  • SuperheroAutismGirl

    "Life is painful enough, so f**k it, let's get fluffy." As someone who also deals with Ankylosing Spondylitis and chronic pain, I can so relate to this. If COVID has taught us anything, it's that comfy clothes are the bomb.

  • adrian hook
    adrian hook

    Eugene: I’m just really -

  • LInk02

    Eugene’s clothes should be tried on next👍

  • Brielle Brubacher
    Brielle Brubacher

    The way Eugene knew EXACTLY how to style Keith to look like Zach-

  • mellowbee

    The note that the production team had to buy Zach-inspired items in larger sizes to make sure Keith had stuff he could wear is HILARIOUS. What a tall man.

  • Mina Hr.
    Mina Hr.

    Alternative title: "The Try Guys realise Zack is cool"

  • Krisha Natividad
    Krisha Natividad

    "this is an outfit you can make when you rip apart the muppets and turn them into clothes"

  • C LG
    C LG

    In the “Try Guys Get Style Makeovers” video from 2016 on buzzfeed, Eugene says about Zach “I love his otter shirts”. Fast forward six years later and Eugene chooses to wear the iconic otter shirt

  • Ana Mones
    Ana Mones

    “dress for the job you want, and I dress like someone who wants to be unemployed” I FELT THATTTT

  • Mary M
    Mary M

    As a fellow chronic pain survivor, this style is artfully crafted so we can be presentable in public, but go straight home and crash in bed for several days without having to change. It's perfect, Zach! ❤🥄🎗

  • Madeleine Knode
    Madeleine Knode

    Eugene is literally too attractive for me to even comprehend. He looks good in seriously everything. Not even fair 🤣

  • Lou Bold
    Lou Bold

    I hope Zach pointing out he dresses gender-neutral and shops in the women's section too means we'll get a Zach-in-skirts era soon

  • TigrisTheLynx

    Whenever I go into Able Sisters shop in ACNH, the mannequins never fail to look like Zach. His glasses, the hats, the outfits. It's like Zach visits my shop every day in a different outfit. lol

  • Michelle T
    Michelle T

    Zach's fashion is "less unhinged Pete Davidson."

  • Victória Moura
    Victória Moura

    eugene calling ned ''dad'' was the best freudian slip ever

  • Kira Hines
    Kira Hines

    “They say dress for the job you want, and I dress like someone who wants to be unemployed” -Zach