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How long have you been waiting to see this video? Be honest! Today's the day we're getting brazilian waxes!
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Tanya Juarez - Aka Wax Daddy
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys

    Watch the full uncut Try Team reaction on Patreon now 😈

  • Enyx Elias
    Enyx Elias

    the fact that she calls herself "wax daddy" just makes this so much better.

  • Sandra Prudames
    Sandra Prudames

    I can’t stop laughing this is priceless the lady doing the waxing is a real professional. I don’t know how she didn’t loose it.

  • Olivey Art
    Olivey Art

    zach going "fuck daddy" over and over again is going to kill me i'm laughing so hard.

  • PinkestPeaches

    I adore that wax daddy is just like “I offer this service because why not?” A legend

  • Recess, I’m Tired
    Recess, I’m Tired

    love how the reactions were all so different yet funny-

  • a_literal_menace

    1st off, "Wax Daddy" is the best name I've heard. 2nd, if guys don't have to shave/wax down there to look "aesthetically pleasing" bc It's an organ, then women shouldn't have to either. I shave ofc but for ME not for anyone else.

  • Hexa Mae
    Hexa Mae

    I love how they included the little part of asking the waxer what would make them uncomfortable

  • Michelle Demaio
    Michelle Demaio

    Fun Fact: Boners in the waxing salon are actually helpful because it helps pull the skin taut which in turn makes the waxing more effective and less painful. 🤷 (I went to esthetician school)

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan


  • Daniele Crema
    Daniele Crema

    Y'all laugh, but it's unbelievable how young we start doing that here in Brazil. As soon as hair starts growing anywhere on a woman's body. I started at 14 just to be able to wear a bikini without being bullied. That's insane.

  • gibu002

    The co-worker reactions in the office was probably the best part. I cant believe they didn't invite the wives into the office for the day to get their reactions as well. They could have at least been listening in with the office workers.

  • Ray HK
    Ray HK

    Ned's one liners in the vid are on point. Zack saying "daddy" a zillion times is hilarious. And Keith's horror at having to do this is SO entertaining. I've watched this video at least 3 times and it STILL makes me chuckle.

  • AreYouNormalBass

    all joking aside wax daddy seems like such a professional and considerate and good humoured person. she is probably the best person ever to do this. i hope she gets all the good things!! fantastic work

  • Suzanne Sellers
    Suzanne Sellers

    I’ve (female) had a bikini wax, underarm, face and legs as well. During the bikini wax, I think I probably said “Oh!”, but barely audible. We as females learn early that pain is a frequent event in our life, so a little wax here and there ain’t gonna sweat me.

  • Chezr

    “It’s a organ! It doesnt need to be aesthetically pleasing” agreed, for women atleast pubic hair helps fight against infections. Not sure about guys though.

  • Sabine Kock
    Sabine Kock

    I just imagine being an employee at this company, coming home at the end of the day, maybe my partner asks "hey, how was your day?" and I have to go "well, I heard one of my bosses shout 'thank you, daddy' at the woman giving him a Brazilian, so... average?"

  • 19Jetta

    I once dated a guy who stopped waxing his back because, and I quote, it "hurt like hell." At the time, I was get Brazilians, which he loved. yeah...I don't date him anymore...

  • Melanie Wright
    Melanie Wright

    “Your entire company will hear every word” - whoever thought of this really knows how to boost company morale 😂

  • Jovanaleshae

    Keith screaming Rachel's name is beyond hysterical. I rewound it over and over and could not stop crying from laughing so hard.