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The Try Guys
It's wedding season at the Try Corp and today the guys are struttin' down the aisle! Who will be the best man of honor in this special bridesmaids dress try on?!
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  • YB Chang
    YB Chang

    Can we convince the try guys to plan our bachelorette party!!! 🤩🥳

    • Kayla A
      Kayla A

      That sounds like such a fun video to watch!

    • Ariane Winter
      Ariane Winter

      I hope so

    • Lady Almathea
      Lady Almathea

      Hell yeah!

    • Bethzahely


    • Nichole Killion
      Nichole Killion

      This would be an amazing series!! Dresses and bachelorette parties and wedding day simulation!

  • Kiragan Mercer
    Kiragan Mercer

    It only makes sense that Eugene isn’t in this episode because he would have SLAYED everyone

    • mikeysrose


    • Jokerkat

      Srsly, it would not be an even playing field. 😂

    • Vyk Epp
      Vyk Epp

      He woulda pulled a Kendall Jenner

    • Hessed3712

      It’s only fair. Give the other guys an actual chance.

    • Winston Vincent
      Winston Vincent

      We all know Eugene would have won each one cause he knows what to pick

  • Nails Chrysanthemum
    Nails Chrysanthemum

    Ned really really needs a daughter. he enjoys this stuff more than some girls do. he would do prom AGRESSIVELY for his kid.

    • Poe cat
      Poe cat

      @Lety V Stop assuming his literal babies are masculine or feminine.

    • Lety V
      Lety V

      He can do this with his sons too. You don’t need to be a girl to enjoy these things

    • Leilani Duarte
      Leilani Duarte

      Are you saying Ned's son can't do this with him?????

  • Blaise Avey
    Blaise Avey

    I genuinely think people are sleeping on Ned's taste in women's fashion. I know Eugene is the most femme presenting, but I think Ned has a better eye for these kinds of challenges.

    • E Shog
      E Shog

      100%. I loved all of his choices

    • Annalise Grueter
      Annalise Grueter

      hard agree. I think part of why his usual wardrobe is so plain is because Keith and Zach roast him when he does dare to try out more femme outfits

    • Valerie Pitre
      Valerie Pitre

      Zach is pretty good in fem things too

    • Zara Hoffman
      Zara Hoffman

      I don't think he could beat Eugene but yes, I think he does well among the other 3!

    • Maggie Cloud
      Maggie Cloud

      He also spent $1,400 and capitalism is why we can’t have nice things (unless we’re youtubers lol)

  • nnbk_fornow

    Just noticed that after years of Try Guys and wearing heels randomly, Ned is actually quite proficient in walking in them now.

    • Emily L
      Emily L

      The prom dress video says otherwise lol

    • chlem arcelo
      chlem arcelo

      It does seem like Ned is pretty comfortable wearing heels.

  • Mary Rachel Keville
    Mary Rachel Keville

    8:47 Zach: “Where can I get a f*ckable princess crown?” Lauren: 😐…”Welcome to my family dinner…”

    • Becky Ly
      Becky Ly

      I CACKLED at this moment 😂😂

    • Fanfiction 4thewin
      Fanfiction 4thewin

      I almost spat out my drink

    • Kbugg06

      CRYING 😂

    • D.I.Y. Carley
      D.I.Y. Carley

      I love their friendship

    • Chandoll88


  • Amy Mae
    Amy Mae

    the way rachel is adding to the chaos like "are you going to a castle in germany or not?" and basically encouraging zach to get the super sexy dress

  • Tillytom Jones
    Tillytom Jones

    I'm sorry, but Ned actually looked stunning in that last dress, idk how they got it to fit so well but it was a 10/10 in my book. They downplayed how good he looked.

    • SupahNinjasfreak

      why isn’t he here?

    • Judging a book by its cover
      Judging a book by its cover

      I know right!! I literally gasped when I saw the dress on him

    • wizardjokes

      Also you can see he bought at least two different sizes as the other one can be seen hanging in the back of the fitting room

    • wizardjokes

      It fit well because it was laced up in the back so they could make it wider. You can see it was meant for someone with a slimmer ribcage because it didn't really fit around the armpit: you could see the back of the sleevelet sticking out from the front.

    • jose reyes
      jose reyes

      I think they had to because they couldn't let their choice for the winner be so noticeable. Even when he came out Maggie stopped herself from saying she loved it.

  • spock'n'roll

    THIS MOMENT: Zach: Where can I find a tiny fuckable princess tiara for a wedding? Lauren: .... Lauren: So welcome to my family dinner *MURERED ME ON THE SPOT*

    • Ant

      @Aurelia probably LaurDIY, Zach and her are close

    • N_Forgotten 1302
      N_Forgotten 1302

      @Aurelia did you not see the video? The person he FaceTimes with

    • Aurelia

      Who tf is lauren

  • bananie_1202

    "Welcome to my family dinner.." will truly forever be a severely humbling moment for Zach

    • DakotasKong

      Especially after asking about a “fuckable” tiara 😂😂

    • Kbugg06

      I WAS SOBBING 😂😂😂😂

    • Felicity Carter
      Felicity Carter

      LMFAO 😂 😂😂

    • daisy110495

      He’s def the type to never have on speaker 😂💀

  • Maria Eduarda Bravim
    Maria Eduarda Bravim

    I'm sorry, but Ned has the best taste out of the three of them, I would wear anything he picked on this video . The dresses looked high quality and all of them were really pretty.

    • Ant

      I think he got lucky a little too, since he went first so he had more options

    • Aldrin Sojan .P.
      Aldrin Sojan .P.

      ned looked good in all dresses too...

    • Stinky Cheeseman
      Stinky Cheeseman

      I think rachel picked them all lmao

    • Freya778

      @Sage Tatakis Same

    • Sage Tatakis
      Sage Tatakis

      I would wear the blue dress personally 💙

  • creepergirlnextdoor

    Ned: “700$ but on sale for 150$?? I can’t afford not to buy it!” 😂

    • Nadia Bonn
      Nadia Bonn

      Ned shops like I do

    • AwkwardLys

      Then proceeds to buy $1500 worth of stuff on one website

  • Maddie Weisblatt
    Maddie Weisblatt

    Zach saying “let’s get married bitch” as he walks out to his fiancé is so funny.

    • Nicole Ntola
      Nicole Ntola

      @Yowai Mo Bruh no

    • Yowai Mo
      Yowai Mo

      @Aisha Abdullah did they? I’m so confused

    • Aisha Abdullah
      Aisha Abdullah

      Did Zach and Maggie break up?

  • NOY DB
    NOY DB

    I love that the guys aren't afraid to put on a dress, or try out other stuff that isn't stereotypically "masculine". The amount of time and effort they put into it? Great. The fact that they don't make derogatory jokes? Even better. The fact that they say they feel attractive while doing it? Best. And I hope they actually do, and aren't just saying they do as a laugh, because men SHOULD be able to feel beautiful or hot! Men should be able to wear whatever clothes they want! Even if it's "feminine" clothing.

  • JewishUnicorn

    Okay can we all agree that Ned in his green dress looked incredible

    • Łexyzxx


    • Sandra Vargas
      Sandra Vargas

      He looked like royalty

    • avocados


  • Em Dove
    Em Dove

    Keith’s first dress really is the perfect cut for him. He looks so elegant, sorta like a Greek statue ♥️

    • Łexyzxx


    • Ellie H
      Ellie H

      He looked so happy. 🤭

    • avocados


    • Laura

      Honestly I think Keith looked amazing in all the dresses. I don't like the dresses per se, but Keith looked so beautiful in all of them and with his energy, he made the dresses look gorgeous🙈

    • Len n
      Len n

      I know!!! It looks so good on him!! I was scrolling through the comments hoping other people noticed too 😭 I can't stop looking!

  • Joi Weaver
    Joi Weaver

    Totally not the point, but I LOVE that lilac cloud sweater that Zach is wearing. Absolutely love.

    • WompusSlompus

      Right?! Same!!

    • Evelyn Jenkins
      Evelyn Jenkins

      And how he and Maggie had coordinating outfits!

    • Jokerkat

      Yessss! It was so cute!

    • avocados


    • P D
      P D

      My exact thoughts! I need him to drop the links

  • auntydale

    Keith: "Every single site has their own sizing. Why?" Producer: "Welcome to being a woman" LOL

  • Trini Fernandez
    Trini Fernandez

    Keith's butterfly dress not arriving on time is one of the biggest tragedies of the century

    • QuietWriter91

      Yeah I was sooo excited when I saw it online 😭

    • T C
      T C

      @Nomiconita they have a video abt it. basically he was invited pretty late and there were a few problems with the outfit etc

    • Nomiconita

      @Lucrissa Wait, what happeneeeed?

    • P D
      P D

      We need to see it 😭 even if it’s too late

    • hokkaido osaka
      hokkaido osaka

      @Lucrissa lmaooooo

  • Mr. Devil
    Mr. Devil

    Grown men saying, "Where are my slippers? Daddy, I lost my slippers," while in bridesmaids dresses is the funniest thing I've come across all day.

    • Kary Aguilar
      Kary Aguilar

      i would love to be able to tell their younger selves that this would be their job , they truly seem to enjoy it so much i’m sure their younger selves would be so relieved and happy to hear that🥹😭

  • Em Dove
    Em Dove

    Ned seriously looks like Cinderella in the last dress. The color, the poofy shoulders, the hair, the crown - very Disney!

  • Katarina Giselle
    Katarina Giselle

    Ned looks surprisingly SO HOT! I’m surprised they didn’t choose his green dress for the first round because I personally thought it was the best, but I also understand the reasons why they didn’t choose it. If the bride is off the shoulder, the bridesmaids can’t be!

  • Raye J
    Raye J

    I would totally wear Zach's purple dress. Not to a wedding, but I'd wear it.

    • avocados

      @Crisstian Mechelle THATS SO COOL

    • Crisstian Mechelle
      Crisstian Mechelle

      It’s funny because I actually own his dress 😂

    • Raye J
      Raye J

      @autism creature I'm very okay with this. That's high praise.

    • autism creature
      autism creature

      it’s a dress that a thrice-widowed woman would wear, each of her husbands going missing under strange circumstances

  • Nyctophile

    im SO sad keiths butterfly dress wasnt featured. it was so pretty. it probably would be a bit too much as a bridesmaid dress and likely wouldn't be picked, but i still really wanted to see it on him and see the girls' reactions

  • J W
    J W

    I laughed out loud in the middle of the night at "Little. Tiny. Crown. For. A Woman."

    • J W
      J W

      Here you go 8:33

    • J W
      J W

      Bro timestamp?

  • Johanna Younce
    Johanna Younce

    Quick googling tip: you can put a "-" before something to exclude it in the results. So they could've googled "lilac bridesmaid dress -chiffon"!

    • An Emu
      An Emu

      @Nyctophile well, it’s *supposed to*, but neither always work. Google keeps getting worse with their algorithm, I’m finding it harder and harder to actually find what I’m looking for on google, personally. Still can be useful, though.

    • TigrisTheLynx

      OMG Does this work for Amazon and eBay too?

    • Nyctophile

      another thing you could do, to make sure youre getting results that include a specific term, is putting quotations around a word. so "lilac" bridesmaid dress will only show you results that have lilac included in the description :D

    • Sims

      It's not working for me ☹

    • Noel Johnson
      Noel Johnson

      Thank you! :O

  • Bethany Bouziden
    Bethany Bouziden

    I miss Eugene… I know he’s got his own stuff that he’s doing and I 100% support that. It just feels like someone’s missing 🥺 that’s all.

    • Manga Animefan
      Manga Animefan

      He would have killed this! But, I don't think it would be an easy sweep anymore; Ned is really coming into his own with fashion! He was so pretty!

    • gabriela arevalo
      gabriela arevalo

      @Bethany Bouziden thank you

    • Bethany Bouziden
      Bethany Bouziden

      @gabriela arevalo no he is! I believe he’s doing a lot of other projects, so he’s more busy.

    • gabriela arevalo
      gabriela arevalo

      Is he not in the try guys anymore?

  • Kata C
    Kata C

    keith as a drag queen who only wears halter top dresses would be EVERYTHING. i know we clowned his blue dress overall, but the shape of it was SO GOOD ON HIM

    • autism creature
      autism creature

      oh, absolutely! ugly dress, gorgeous silhouette

  • alienbaby

    ned said "the back is dramatic" and then showed us the highest low back dress i've ever seen in my entire life

  • Devoney Taylor
    Devoney Taylor

    Bro why did ned pick such gorgeous dresses!? IM SORRY!???? He looked so fucking good!

  • Chepan

    I love how Keith is complaining about looking like a 15 year old going to prom by herself, while YB & Maggie are denying it but Alexandria is just nodding lol.

  • Teliza

    this is what it means to be a real man. shamelessly expressing themselves without fear of “losing” masculinity. i feel like these guys are really helping society through this.

  • booknerd234

    Zach snatching up Ned's heels is such a bridesmaids thing to do

  • Chrystal Bastidas
    Chrystal Bastidas

    When Zach said ‘if someone else gets the same dress im gonna be pisseddd’ I had an epiphany moment. Some guys don’t understand why girls get upset when someone else wears the same thing and looking at the try guys take hours to find the perfect dress made me realize, that is why!! We put so much effort into a look that when someone else has the same one or copies it, it feels like the effort was for nothing! 😭

  • Ashleigh Calvert
    Ashleigh Calvert

    I’m kind of impressed that BHOLDN was able to make dresses that looked that good on all 3 of them

  • summergutierrex

    I love that the Try Guys are always not afraid to show their feminine side and therefore degrading the idea of toxic masculinity. They're so great and funny about it too... love them!

  • rene ࿐ྂ
    rene ࿐ྂ

    zach phoning lauren during a family dinner and asking her 'where can i buy a f*ckable princess tiara crown for a bridesmaid dress?' and lauren replying with 'sex shop' with all her family members in earshot is peak friendship goals

    • Jessica Carranza
      Jessica Carranza

      @Mitch Janssen lol ikr 😂🤣

    • Mitch Janssen
      Mitch Janssen

      @Zoe Ballard theyre secretly admitting to hating themselves here haha

    • Zoe Ballard
      Zoe Ballard

      @AxxL Wouldn't this be an oxymoron if you hate people who hate people?

    • Ambra Osadiaye
      Ambra Osadiaye

      ong 😳😂

    • Lil Cherry Coke
      Lil Cherry Coke

      @Stevie Rose they do this a lot, I've seen them on so many youtube channels

  • AM

    Keith googling tiny little crown for a woman literally had me losing it LOL

  • LordofFullmetal

    I can't get over how stunning Ned looks in the blue dress. He's actually so gorgeous.

  • Magda Harden
    Magda Harden

    Zach popping out a bitty to get the vote was the comedic peak of his career. He deserves more attention for that.

  • Malene Simonsen
    Malene Simonsen

    Not gonna lie, Ned looks amazing in that sage green dress!! The cut really fits him

  • Krystal Goh
    Krystal Goh

    I live to see Ned’s confidence when he wears dresses. He really felt pretty

    • toms grexit
      toms grexit

      Yeess!! We love to see our guys spreading that non toxic masculinity energy!! 😊 Love how into it he got (and he looked really gorgeous too, so bonus)! 🥰🤗

    • Nadia Bonn
      Nadia Bonn

      Ned is a gorgeous man

    • Union Unicorn
      Union Unicorn

      He is pretty 😍🥰

    • Tiffany Bond
      Tiffany Bond

      For real. He put the most genuine thought into it. Like.. there was real excitement there, and it was so tender 🥰

    • inactive

      yes!! that was my favorite part of this video ned's joy felt very contagious lol

  • JillyByNature

    "Why are all the sizing charts different????" Oh Keith, you only know an smidgen of the struggle.

  • Audi's New beginning
    Audi's New beginning

    Zack was killing me 😅🤣😂 with his dress choices because his cupping bruises stood out so much.

  • Nina B
    Nina B

    Genuinely, Ned's blue gown looks GORGEOUS on him omg

  • Marissa Nicholson
    Marissa Nicholson

    Okay but can I say that YB, Maggie, and Alexandria's outfits are all on point??? Like they all look stunning???

  • Delen Potter
    Delen Potter

    Okay, but them planning their respective brides bachelorette party as their “Maid of Honor” would be a fucking excellent video

    • hana phelps
      hana phelps


    • Melissa C
      Melissa C

      Or a three video series xD

    • SolitareLee

      It REALLY would XD

    • Chileanyways


    • caroline kualiʻi
      caroline kualiʻi

      and a bridal shower! and a getting ready morning of video. a whole bridal series would be so rad. men have SUCH a different wedding experience.

  • Sarah Mulani
    Sarah Mulani

    Seeing Zach, someone who has openly struggled with OCD and depression and is being happy and enjoying life really gives me motivation to do the things I love, because seeing him is like seeing myself being happy even with all of my anxiety depression and OCD, thank you for being you Zach 💚

  • Windy

    The comedic timing on "Welcome to my family dinner" killed me

  • Michelle Endlich
    Michelle Endlich

    "Is sleeping with a lot of men princess behavior"? YB had the only the answer, " Its 2022, its all right"

  • Shannan Smith
    Shannan Smith

    For Alexandria, I love the color of her dress! The Grecian one shoulder is very romantic. However, I LOVE Ned's velvet dress with the boat neck and shoulders! Velvet is tough for a beach, though, but so gorgeous!

    • tdudleypdx

      I had the same thought: velvet would be hell to keep halfway decent on a beach. And in summer? Yikes. It was gorgeous, though.

  • paintsplattered17

    The thing I love about this video is not necessarily how pretty the guys look (which they do, imo), but how much it looks like they FEEL pretty.

  • SushiNoodles

    Ned looked amazing in all the dresses but that last dress was amazing, he looks so beautiful and handsome, he looks amazing !!!! Congrats Ned

  • Shelby Weatherly
    Shelby Weatherly

    I love that even though Zach did something totally goofy Maggie is just looking at him like yeah that’s the love of my life❤️

    • SaraSmilesandCreates

      I was so confused by the Patrick comments!!

  • Crystil Murch
    Crystil Murch

    Honestly, I was really impressed with most of what the guys found. Also, they managed to navigate the crazy world of women's sizing. Well done all.

  • Diya Mehta
    Diya Mehta

    MAKE “TRY GUYS- wedding season” a series pleaseeee, it would be stunning. I haven’t enjoyed a video like this one in a longggg time😭

    • Maddy Hoverter
      Maddy Hoverter

      They’re a lot better than the high videos.

    • Chileanyways

      Yes!! It would be cool to see flower arranging and venue decorating

    • Katie McManus
      Katie McManus

      They can do a centerpiece/decor competition!

    • Reba Ray
      Reba Ray

      Agreed!! Also, we can all agree that Eugene would have killed at this!

    • skelepen

      They could do a wedding cake tasting episode

  • shravya shetty
    shravya shetty

    Ned is really embracing his feminine side, and I'm here for it... He looked so good in all the dresses 💅

  • Foxy

    "I went to prom alone, I don't need a date" Keith really bringing back my prom trauma

  • MissMusicQueen101

    I’m honestly devastated the butterfly dress didn’t come in time

  • Surabhi Arora
    Surabhi Arora

    zach wearing a satiny dress, heels and a tiara, “i feel so underdressed”

  • Abril Estrada
    Abril Estrada

    The second part of this little contest should be “Try guys plan a quinceañera” 😂 or “Try guys try quinceañera dresses for the first time” let Keith go all out please Eugene would love this.

    • QTpi

      @starlightzebra1997 would that not help meet your “diversity quota”? We all know they would not appropriate the culture and would be respectful

    • Jenna Fox
      Jenna Fox


    • starlightzebra1997

      I'd rather not see a bunch of white guys play Quinceanera dress up. They haven't met the diversity quota for that video yet.

    • Lillian Ward
      Lillian Ward

      Love this idea.

    • Abril Estrada
      Abril Estrada

      @isabel lopez A new category: Is the dress Dad approved?

  • Kim Edwards
    Kim Edwards

    On one of the last Trypods I watched, Zach mentioned how he had gained 15 lbs of muscle. You can see it in his shoulders in these dresses. Keep up the good work Zach!

  • RealLife Kat
    RealLife Kat

    ok, but can we see the butterfly dress when/if it arrives?

  • John Göransson
    John Göransson

    Keith mouthing "FUUUCK" over and over when Ned said he didn't give her the polyester lilac killed me 😂😂

  • Dyanna Judy
    Dyanna Judy

    Ned going on a full shopping spree and buying amazing dresses speaks to me

  • Jezzy Louise
    Jezzy Louise

    Alex: “keith ur already having nip slips” Keith: “better me than u” If that isnt a true friend i dunno what it is

  • Kella Hanna-Wayne
    Kella Hanna-Wayne

    I feel like the fact that Ned got help from Rachel for the princess dress really should've been mentioned. He had a serious advantage on that one.

  • Misheel O.
    Misheel O.

    this video is the height of these men being absolutely comfortable with their sexuality and masculinity

  • emily

    Keith: *wearing a butterfly shirt while buying a butterfly dress and a butterfly tiara* 🦋😂

  • May Lin
    May Lin

    I would 100% buy the second dress Ned chose! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Also I feel like Ned can give all the dresses he picked to Ariel :)

  • Big Kim
    Big Kim

    I really like how each of them have a specific bridesmaid personas Zach: the bridesmaid there for wine and hook-ups Ned: the bride's older sister who is also their parents' favorite child and was given all the nice expensive clothes from her parents growing up Keith: the drama queen there to be center of attention and may "accidentally" get a wardrobe malfunction if someone else at wedding suffer a real wardrobe malfunction

  • soap

    “Now that’s a fuckable princess” best thing I’ve heard this year

  • E M
    E M

    As someone who works in wedding alterations this was hilarious to watch but I was also looking at the fit of some dresses thinking about how some alterations would make the dresses look so much hotter on the guys

  • Jessibelle

    YB is such a sweetheart!! 🥺 she had such wonderful things to say about all of the guys and their dress choices, and you know she really meant them

  • ChocolateLily

    I was not expecting how good Keith was going to look in those dresses! They all looked great in their choices, but Keith did the best in finding dresses that suit his body shape.

  • carly333

    Omg Neds blue dress was everything, that was like perfect fit a princess wedding 👸🏾💙

  • CaptainPanda

    Keith looked STUNNING in the first green dress

  • danilouwho

    the fact that the closed caption at the very beginning says "Oh a tumblr" instead of a tumbler made me laugh so much more than it should have

  • Becky Ly
    Becky Ly

    I like how Keith went full butterfly moment for YB’s bridesmaid outfit and he’s even wearing a butterfly shirt in this video 🦋🦋

  • Maya Guzzo
    Maya Guzzo

    why did ned look so good in the alexandria dress??? why isn’t he wearing dresses every day???

    • Emily Griffith
      Emily Griffith

      The first one too!

    • Jenny M.
      Jenny M.

      Probably chaffing 😂

    • Fanney47

      @Alder Blanco true

    • Maya Guzzo
      Maya Guzzo

      @Alder Blanco you understand me

    • Alder Blanco
      Alder Blanco

      I loved Keith in his dresses. He's very statuesque and dresses look very flowey and elegant on him. Zach also looks great in dresses! We just need more men being pretty.