The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling
The Try Guys
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Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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  • sambeingsick

    as someone who’s also chronically ill, it’s such a mood seeing zach just chilling to the side because of doctor’s orders

  • Danielle Huntley
    Danielle Huntley

    The fact that they were told exactly how soup dumplings are made and still try to syringe stock into a dumpling in without a recipe 😂

  • Selene Cristina
    Selene Cristina

    Eugene is like that kid that finishes a whole page of a test in 5 minutes and then intensively flips the page so everybody knows he's smarter than you.

  • Via Coffey
    Via Coffey

    i love how open Zach is about how he can’t participate in the actual challenge for health reasons. my friends like to do stuff like this and i got a bad tummy too lmao

  • vian

    Eugene at 70: "I think I'm gonna have a heart attack"

  • Madame Mystic
    Madame Mystic

    “I do that Asian thing where I just swallow it and my esophagus burns.”

  • Erin Max
    Erin Max

    Ned is drunk

  • I know who you pretend I am
    I know who you pretend I am

    Keith would have CRUSHED this if it was fried chicken

  • Arlene Kho
    Arlene Kho

    So just googled this and Eugene basically swallowed 7800 calorie in 1 sitting

  • Mayang Pastikaratri
    Mayang Pastikaratri

    Ned: “Don’t look at the dumpling. Look past the dumpling. The dumpling is an afterthought. The dumpling has already been eaten.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lexi Grimbrooke
    Lexi Grimbrooke

    Eugene HAS to be bad at SOMETHING. Like, seriously, guys. SOMETHING. He needs to be bad at SOMETHING and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT IS.

  • Emma

    Eugene telling Zach he "loves him to death" was so cute because you know Eugene doesn't like showing he's love for the boys (especially Zack lol)

  • Felicia Chan
    Felicia Chan

    This video should be titled “eugene and mike showing the world that Asians are superior for 17 minutes”

  • Apolly

    Alex: “I want to beat YB”

  • maevelin


  • Gideon Grace
    Gideon Grace

    I LOVE how they make accomodations for Zach and don't make a big deal out of it. As a disabled person it makes me wildly happy to see illness issues treated in such a good and chill way.

  • ciara ok
    ciara ok

    Eugene: I feel like i’m about to have a heart attack.

  • Mehrab Hasan
    Mehrab Hasan

    Look at how pristine Eugene is, and you wouldn't be able to tell dude just ate A FUCKING HUNDRED dumplings all by himself in one sitting.

  • Kage tracer
    Kage tracer

    The owner of this restaurant was probably laughing his ass off at the idiots torturing themselves and giving him tons of money

  • Leo Zalcman
    Leo Zalcman

    If Ned actually heard mike say how to make a soup dumpling he could have won the without a recipe dumpling episode