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  • Osher Fein
    Osher Fein

    I forgot how hysterical Zach and Eugene are when they're paired up

    • Shelly Provines
      Shelly Provines

      Eugene paired with any of the other three is a laugh riot. But Zach/Eugene is def the most hilarious.

    • wulf

      Nugget is considered for zach and eugene

    • Leah Koh
      Leah Koh

      I need more Eugene and Zach pair ups

    • Landri Gray
      Landri Gray

      I love when they’re paired up! This is my favorite combination

    • Samuel

      @Luxmi N literally in any combination of these guys is hilarious one way or the other.

  • Emily Marie Stehr
    Emily Marie Stehr

    Ned and Keith are what you think girls act like during sleepovers, Zach and Eugene are how girls actually act

    • CGI_ Angel
      CGI_ Angel

      Why is this super accurate!! 😂😂

    • TheGhostiestHatRack

      @Xx_Black_Rose_xX ahem, me casually talking about funny murder techniques at a sleepover

    • KarmaWillCollect

      Truer words have never been spoken

    • Xx_Black_Rose_xX

      I read this while Eugene was talking about how if you skin someone and held it in your hands you’d be hold the largest organ.😂

  • milo

    Seeing Eugene having fun and laughing with Zach is the most adorable thing ever

    • Susannah Davis
      Susannah Davis

      If you call adorable rubbing your toes together and giggling like children,Then yes

    • Ariana Mauery
      Ariana Mauery

      honestly reminded me of Catch the Fish with Granddad

  • Annie Fleming
    Annie Fleming

    I need more of Zach and Eugene acting like this I couldn't stop laughing

    • Alice Grieco
      Alice Grieco

      I had headphones on and my mum was in the room so had to bite my hand to keep from losing my shit

    • joeynpj

      Alternative title: Eugene teaching zach to be a mega gay Edit: holy shit thanks for all the likes ❤️

    • MultiFandom HamHam
      MultiFandom HamHam

      Same, honestly! It's so funny!

  • Jessica Todaro
    Jessica Todaro

    Zach's the only one actually applying the products all over the face lol. Keith's like "nah, nose only", Eugene doesn't wanna move his bangs and Ned's doing half face.

    • sarah.phillipa

      @e j he has stubble everywhere but his nose ?

    • e j
      e j

      @Alex H Keith also has stubble I'm this video

    • Alex H
      Alex H

      @Cosplay Clown so Keith just has no excuse

    • Cosplay Clown
      Cosplay Clown

      Ned is a only doing half his face, because of his beard.

    • devilishweeaboo

      tbh as a guy who also has bangs i get it

  • B.D. Fox
    B.D. Fox

    Zach and Eugene are HILARIOUS, they should be paired together more often.

    • Just Lisa
      Just Lisa

      I want to do a Korean products spa day with Eugene and Zach. These two are hilarious together!

    • Elainish_

      I know right

  • C Denny
    C Denny

    Zac and Eugene: “EWWWWWWW!” Also them: *keep rubbing their feet together*

    • smileyrocks563

      @Sage oh my gosh xD

    • Sage

      Eugene will rub his feet on Zach’s but refuses to sit on Keith’s lap

  • Liyah Cheree
    Liyah Cheree

    Ned and Keith are like the two moms having a girls day out and Eugene and Zach are their kids playing with their spa stuff

  • Iscreambloodymurder

    Zach: *trying to make army mad* Eugene: NOOO!!! YOU AREN'T READY- Me an army: *just laughing my ass off*

    • Ocean Breezeyy
      Ocean Breezeyy

      I wanted to be angry that he called BTS overrated, but you gotta pick and choose your battles.

    • Yahtzee 23
      Yahtzee 23


    • Mejustme

      Same 😂😂😂

    • Megan

      same lol

    • Your Mother Hates you
      Your Mother Hates you

      It's not entirely a lie though. The army will come for anyone who has the slightest critique, and unfortunately it is the majority, who ruin it for the little people.

  • Issa

    Here at the Try Guys fandom, we don't believe in toxic masculinity bullshit. Looking good is important. Do what you love, unless it's a crime, then don't do it. Murder is a no-no

    • Nena4Ever15

      Listen if someone hits Ned or bullies his baby Eugene will kill them lol

    • rosy___yuan

      Just go to Shane and Ryan

  • Lux Luther
    Lux Luther

    “Are we getting sponsored?” “No, I just wanted to do that.” *literally drowns Zach* “BTS is not over-rated.” “Coconut oil: good for cookin, good for f*ckin.” “Am I Korean beauty now mom?” “And relaxes cold and puffy eyes...*points to Zach”* Their energy combined together is very chaotic neutral

  • JeanThePants

    Eugene and Zach rubbing thier toes together, giggling and losing thier shit: amazing. 🤣❤

    • S

      Zach: laughs Eugene: horrified screams of realization “that was the worst thing we’ve ever done in tryguys”

    • Farina Tasmia
      Farina Tasmia

      Bro id laugh too its so fking tiklish omgg

    • Elizabeth Bingham
      Elizabeth Bingham

      I didn't know that Eugene and Zach were so ticklish until I saw this video.

    • MultiFandom HamHam
      MultiFandom HamHam

      @Le Goose They Them They were just high off of all the chaotic energy they created. lol

    • Le Goose They Them
      Le Goose They Them

      Why were they laughing so hard

  • Tomioka Giyuu
    Tomioka Giyuu

    Their energies change so much depending on the pair

    • Shelly Provines
      Shelly Provines

      Tell me about it. I love the Eugene/Zach energy. But Eugene paired with Ned is also a laugh riot.

  • vivi

    the endless gay sex jokes in this video from zach and eugene is just amazing-

  • Natalie Pierson
    Natalie Pierson

    Zach and Eugenes energy together is underrated

    • Max Campbell
      Max Campbell

      @Ives it was Zach and Ned, but Ned and Eugene have similarly dominant personalities that made for the compatibility with Zach

    • cazia9

      Their dynamic on the spicy noodles challenge with Alex and YB was priceless

    • Cynthia King
      Cynthia King

      Zacchy looks soooo tiny next to him 😂

    • Lovely Amethyst
      Lovely Amethyst

      Not even low-key, but Zach and Eugene have slowly become my favorite Try Guys precisely because of their interactions with each other. XD

    • 간누리

      Zach and Eugene are like the Jimin and V of the group

  • LadyLucky

    Keith and Ned: Dad's trying to bond with the kids Zack: super bright and bubbly tween Eugene: angsty teen who only lets his little brother (Zack) see his soft side

    • Zack Becker
      Zack Becker


  • Taco bandit
    Taco bandit

    I love how eugene completely ignores the fact that the head band is supposed to pull back his hair- not to decorate it

  • Marieke T
    Marieke T

    “ the only time eugene likes it straight” Zach humor is so underrated hahahahaha

  • Siobhan Sprouse
    Siobhan Sprouse

    I’m offended at the fact that Ned is a chemist and doesn’t know the difference between poison and venom lol

    • Julia Krasinski
      Julia Krasinski

      I know!! I was like NED HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW!?! 😂😂😂

    • Elizabeth Witts
      Elizabeth Witts

      @Angela Montshioa venom injected inside, poison consumed outside

    • Kate Luu
      Kate Luu

      @Angela Montshioa Venom is a specialised type of poison that has evolved for a specific purpose. It is actively injected via a bite or sting.

    • Angela Montshioa
      Angela Montshioa

      What is the difference

  • Kelsey Corazzini
    Kelsey Corazzini

    Eugene rubbing his feet on Zach’s was so genuine. Like he never seems that happy

    • peyton cottingham
      peyton cottingham

      a few years ago when i started watching them on buzzfeed, eugene was instantly my favorite. i knew he was happy and a very loving and sweet person on the inside. he just needed close friends and family surrounded to help show it. i’m so glad where he is now. 💓

    • Mylene Mysterious
      Mylene Mysterious

      I agree. It made me happy to see him laugh like that. This entire episode he seems to be happier.

    • Nurul Natasya HKZ
      Nurul Natasya HKZ

      Im so honestly glad that they are much more happier now...each of them expressing themself more and being genuine with everything...gosh love them the most💫

  • Jasmine Pierce
    Jasmine Pierce

    Watching Zach and Eugene in this video is sort of like a callback as to why Eugene knew Zach the best in Try Guys Game Time. I feel like it's moments like these that matter and stick between them

  • Bob Trent
    Bob Trent

    Zach and Eugene are the adult version of two kids who meet at summer camp and become life long friends

  • Rantings From A Teenagers Perspective
    Rantings From A Teenagers Perspective

    imaging having skin so perfect a single pimple counts as breaking out.

    • aida

      just imagine

  • Eli NeSmith
    Eli NeSmith

    sometimes I think that the universe giving Zach perfect skin is its way of making up for all the genetic disadvantages

  • Mathilda Knöppel
    Mathilda Knöppel

    This is literally Zach and Eugene being 12 year old girls for 20 minutes straight

    • Ling

      @chanel kim underrated joke lmao!!

    • Gogo

      @fatality as an army myself, I can confirm that Zach IS the jimin of the try guys..

    • Gateaux Q
      Gateaux Q

      They really need to be paired together more if only to see Zach eventually put into a corner where the BTS army will tear him to shreds.

  • Nadiah Nor Roslan
    Nadiah Nor Roslan

    Eugene cares so much about his hair he can’t wear a headband right 😭

    • Kathryn Wright
      Kathryn Wright

      Its hilarious

  • Ransom

    Zach and Eugene rubbing their feet together is gay straight solidarity

  • Olivia Bailey (student)
    Olivia Bailey (student)

    "The eyes are the window to the soul, and this soul is tired." That spoke deeply to me

    • Shelly Provines
      Shelly Provines

      I feel that line in my soul.

  • zoe filiaci
    zoe filiaci

    Why is one mentioning the fact that Eugene is rubbing his feet with Zach saying he hates it but continues to NOT MOVE HIS FEET AWAY EVEN THO HE CAN. do you hate it Eugene, do you?

  • R

    Sometimes, I feel Zach goes unnoticed but how can you not love him. He is a cute little snail 🥺

  • Erin S
    Erin S

    Oh my god I love eugenes friendship with Zach it’s so wholesome and fun, honestly this society doesn’t let boys just be friends without calling their sexuality into question so it’s awesome to see them being role models

  • alexa

    *Zach and Eugene rub feet together* Matt and Maggie: 👁👄👁

  • sɕɐʀʟɜʇ

    zach and eugene playing footsies for like 15 seconds is immaculate.

  • vsnl srinivasarao
    vsnl srinivasarao

    Eugene: I like it straight, I like it hard Zach: *The only time Eugene likes it straight* I am dyinggggg😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Barbararivera 0319
    Barbararivera 0319

    5:05 Eugene looks like y/n’s alcoholic father in every fanfic 😭💀😂

    • Troll Rat
      Troll Rat

      Jokes on you, my dad doesn't drink!

  • Estrella Casias
    Estrella Casias

    I love that Ned's normal laugh sounds more like squidward than when he is trying to sound like squidward

  • Payton Benoit
    Payton Benoit

    I like how Eugene was given a headband to hold his hair back and just decided 'fuck that noise I do what I want'

  • sofija

    Eugene is pretending not to like zach while they are having a Nice bond

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget

    Eugene went from hating the moment when he sat on keiths lap to rubbing his lubricated feet in zach. **CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT**

    • Noor

      ew i hate feet i cant do this

    • Brianna PalOro
      Brianna PalOro

      But also it’s Zach. And Eugene has a soft spot for Zach.

    • spacewolfcub

      on* Zach’s* 🤣🤣 “in Zach” would be an entirely different rating 🤣🤣

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect

    I love Eugene in this video! He actually seems happy and not acting, lol I think the try guys need to incorporate more of Eugenes culture/taste into their videos

  • ✧・゚: * sapphire ✧・゚: *
    ✧・゚: * sapphire ✧・゚: *

    "Why is Zach the most Jimin?" :^^ ... ... ... ... short-

    • iMfOiVe'_'

      @MultiFandom HamHam in 5'8 and a girl and i hate it💀💜

    • iMfOiVe'_'

      He doesn't have any jams you guys

    • Jungkook Jeon
      Jungkook Jeon

      and also both of them always loses lolll like jimin does in run bts and zach does in without a recipe

    • Harini Duggirala
      Harini Duggirala

      I read this and literally died!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • lixlix

      @MultiFandom HamHam he’s short for a guy

  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran

    Eugene and Zach rubbing thier toes together, giggling and losing thier shit: amazing. 🤣❤

  • bisexual panic
    bisexual panic

    why is no one talking about how zach started off rolling his leg. then eugene wanted to try it. then they both started to roll eachother's legs. but it looked so wrong. lmao

  • raccoons in cocoons
    raccoons in cocoons

    The fear on Eugene's face when Zach said bts is overrated lmao

    • alex

      @The Try Guys LMFAO

    • Mealea Hidden
      Mealea Hidden

      @AMS I appreciate your passion but I wanted to weigh in. There are some songs performed by BTS which I enjoy (Louder Than Bombs is a personal favorite) and they all have talent in their own way. However, I think it's important to remember that struggles of the past do not necessarily entitle one to advantages of the future. In fact, I think that pitying those performers is a disservice to them and if they or more accurately, their agency is using their past difficulties to further their fame or monetary gain, then it's in disdainful. You are suggesting that because they have suffered, that they are entitled to compensation. You do realize the favoritism that you are suggesting in that statement, correct? It's no secret that the Korean entertainment industry is rigorous and borderline abusive. Not just K-pop trainees/debuted performers have suffered hardships in their lives. Are you prepared to judge every individual who has suffered misfortune in their past?In order to prevent similar treatment of the future performers it's better not to play into the victim narrative that HYBE has created. So, yes, I do think that BTS as a brand is overrated; not helped by a certain percentage of aggressive fans or the worn out arguments such as 'BTS paved the way', or 'they struggled so hard to get where they are'. You are being sold a product. BTS members are not your friends, family or lovers. It's important to remember that although they may save your mental health or mood at certain times, they are performers...and you are their income. Sorry if my comment seems frigid but I've been studying the Korean music industry and culture in recent years and although I have immense appreciation for the richness of their culture, their are some very dangerous aspects to their media's reach, K-pop in particular. I hope that you can enjoy BTS as a band without getting too wrapped up in the calculated advertising scheme that the industry has set in place for fans. Also, jeez, I'm long winded. Just got on a role I guess. Don't take it personally.

    • Jhalak Batta
      Jhalak Batta

      @Gabrielle M. Simeon for sure agree but ARMY do be absolutely crazy (I'm an ARMY so no hate) because we love the band so much and we are so protective of them its like they are our children and we just over-possessive protect them lol

    • Hadia Mirza
      Hadia Mirza

      Bts is overrated tho😬

    • Dl Diva
      Dl Diva

      Bts is the biggest boy band on earth if u don't like it switch the planet 🤷

  • Sarah Werth
    Sarah Werth

    I truly love seeing this side of Eugene.

  • ccyn042

    Eugene's smile at 12:27 is everything

  • NekoKuro2000

    I love that Zack said he was ready for Army to come attack him and Eugene immediately denied that because he knows how intense the Army is! 💜

  • burdenedwithgloriouspurpose

    I just loved Zach and Eugenes friendship in this, it just shows how close the two of them actually are. They always get the best out of each when they get paired up and Eugene seems the most comfortable around Zach. Definitely my favourite Try Guys pairing.

  • Playmeplz !
    Playmeplz !

    “There is a fine line between funny beard and accidental black face” 😭😭 Zach not being offensive at all but still apologizing

    • Cookiebookie759

      Playmeplz ! I read this comment right when he said it😯

  • A\

    This is the giggliest I've ever seen Eugene and it's absolutely adorable

  • mia gonzalez
    mia gonzalez

    I love watching Eugene in videos from like a year ago and how reserved he is and compare it to his energy in this video. Eugene a year and a half ago would NEVER stick his foot in a bag of wet goop and then rub it on Zach's feet. Character development lmao

  • yafte Gr
    yafte Gr

    Okay, but at the beggining Eugene "correcting" Zach for saying "getting Korean" is so adorable and right, I know it was ment to avoid that racist or apropiattion comments

  • SayderCascading

    17:08 Whoever animated the spinning blue lubricated condom: I love you.

    • • Changbins MUYAHOOO •
      • Changbins MUYAHOOO •


  • H A H A
    H A H A

    We an editor's cut on this vid. Zach and eugene's partnership is wholesome.

    • Elijah Luke Lauresta
      Elijah Luke Lauresta

      by wholesome, you mean aggressively sexual, right?

  • Gabriella Eldridge
    Gabriella Eldridge

    17:58-18:30 I HAD THE BIGGEST SMILE, THEY ARE SO CUTE! When Zach said *I think we both kinda liked it*

  • Praying Tanaka
    Praying Tanaka


  • Bby Moon
    Bby Moon

    Eugene and Zach together was surprisingly just the funniest and wholesome part!!!!

  • nerviouza

    Their skin actually looked healthy, fresh and glowy after... or is it just me?

  • Emma Cummings
    Emma Cummings

    Eugene: *Willingly puts his toes on Zach's toes* Also Eugene: THIS IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER DONE Still Eugene: *keeps rubbing toes*

    • Ella Fering
      Ella Fering

      Oh the things he does for content

  • Maya Bjur
    Maya Bjur

    you guys should do " the try guys go eco friendly for a week"

  • AR-Twinkle Reynolds
    AR-Twinkle Reynolds

    2 different groups here, we have keith and ned as the 40 year old mums and eugene and zach as the 11 year old girls

  • Kristopher Parker Bonyak
    Kristopher Parker Bonyak

    As someone with autism, I love all the rules and steps. As someone with ADHD as well, I would rather do anything else than do all these steps and waiting haha

  • Lo

    Eugene having so much fun that he forgets to be cool is my favorite thing.

  • clara t
    clara t

    eugene: has a headband also eugene: doesn’t use it to move the hair out of his face

    • G.G.

      I hate how much it annoyed me 😂

    • Chloe Clover
      Chloe Clover

      Yeah Eugene what the fuck was that

    • Florence Wood
      Florence Wood

      He needs to have that look

    • Betsady

      He thinks it would look cuter if he puts it over his hair instead of removing it like what a baby.

  • MCD217

    Eugenes wince when Zach said “on nyong” was so perfect

  • Sydney Gelvin
    Sydney Gelvin

    I feel like Eugene is the most chaotic and least chaotic at the same time

  • Esper

    I recently found the Try Guys, so I'm LOVING going back and watching old videos. 16:03 Am I Hot? Do I look *Korean* ? is just amazing.

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith

    I was not prepared for Eugene's Julia Child impression.

    • Jami91

      Same tho, holy shit

  • ghostinvideos

    zach: “today we’re gettin korean!” eugene: “mm take it back try it again” 😭

    • MadeeGain Draws
      MadeeGain Draws

      @JustAnother One oh, thx 😋

    • JustAnother One
      JustAnother One

      @MadeeGain Draws hes... Korean

    • MadeeGain Draws
      MadeeGain Draws

      My mum: what you watching? Me: 3 white dudes and an Asian dude use Koren beauty stuff. My mum: Don't be racist. Me: Well what's worse? Saying someone's Asian, or calling a Japanese person Chinese? My mum: *walks away* This literally happened. I don't know which one Eugene is 😅😅😅

    • Natashaboris

      @Drea Eugene is a Capricorn. If you have Capricorn friends they will gladly do this service for you.

    • Drea

      More people need to call out their friends like Eugene tbh

  • Andrea Garcia
    Andrea Garcia

    loving Zack and Eugene’s little role play preformences✨

  • Ayesha Middha
    Ayesha Middha

    I think Zach is actually the jhope of the try guys bc he just makes everyone happy

  • Amende32

    I’ve always had issues with dryness on my face. Around 6 months ago I started using a Korean snail slime routine and my skin has never been better.

  • Gina Delein
    Gina Delein

    I am an esthetician and this had me rolling 🤣. Your skin looked VERY clean, dont forget moisturizer. I love these guys

  • V V
    V V

    Eugene not putting any of the products on his forehead is driving me INSANE

    • Cerebral Thunder
      Cerebral Thunder


    • Nadja Sejersgaard
      Nadja Sejersgaard


    • Nuriyat A.
      Nuriyat A.

      @Allison Bamberger I think he's just don't want to ruin his hairstyle

    • Allison Bamberger
      Allison Bamberger

      I noticed that too - I wonder if he has a condition or recently got botox because with both of those you can’t do a ton of product

  • Holly Jones
    Holly Jones

    This video did a lot for the fetish community. More of Zach and Eugene paired together they bring out each other's Weirdo. And more Ned and Keith together

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl

    Ok but Zach and eugenes friendship is so cute there Relationship is underrated

  • Nani

    ARMY are serious about our boys I love the Zach and Eugene duo This episode was funny as hell

  • Teesha Jones
    Teesha Jones

    Why are zach and eugene kind of like 2 teenage girls when they do things together sometimes? Haha so entertaining haha!

  • Swiftie Collins
    Swiftie Collins

    Zach & Eugene should be paired together WAY more often. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at a Try Guys video since Eugene kissed Ned in the K Drama video.

    • Phynyx

      Also agree!! They are hilarious and lovable, especially together. I think Zach feels the maybe the most relatable he's been lately in this video and it's just great seeing Eugene play around.

    • Lou

      i feel like eugene and zach have really deep conversations about their mental health and their past. i mean, i imagine all the guys talk, but eugene and zach are the closest. and also, zach is greatly underrated.

    • Melanie Lane
      Melanie Lane

      @savanah boyle cause they both have dominant and competitive personalities. I think it was discussed on a previous video way back before when the 4 of them are still in Buzzfeed. Just can't remember the title

    • savanah boyle
      savanah boyle

      I feel like there is so much tension between Eugene and Ned sometimes I don’t like it

    • Lexi Delyea
      Lexi Delyea

      100% agree

  • Cat Ahlersmeyer
    Cat Ahlersmeyer

    Eugene and Zach are my favorite duo! They throw such opposite vibes yet they both really care about each other 😊 they just throw such fun vibes and they just play off each other so well. 🤣