The Try Guys Dress Like Ned • Closet Swap Challenge
The Try Guys
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  • alex m
    alex m

    Ned’s style has improved drastically. He used to dress like a frat boy with the polos and shorts during the buzzfeed era. His current style is sophisticated, chic and polished. I really love his recent outfits. Looking forward to him wearing Eugene’s wardrobe the most

  • Teresa Clark-Phelps
    Teresa Clark-Phelps

    I'm sad no one has mentioned Ned getting genuinely excited when Zach said he had a spreadsheet to show him. 😭

  • Athenium

    The quiet Ned moments in this "I think you can like sports without being toxic", "wait, do you guys not like it when I yell?" Bless his sweet little heart!

  • Rebecca Henderson
    Rebecca Henderson

    It's absolute killing me that when Eugene has the fake baby he's flailing it around and when Ned has the fake baby he immediately starts patting its back and holding it like a real child

  • flo

    I loved how Eugene defended Ned and was so excited to dress as him, they can be so different but deep down they seem to really like and trust each other and I love their friendship

  • d.marie_radha

    Ned being so proud and comfortable with the fact that he's easily roastable is largely why he's lowkey always been my favorite Try Guy. We love a humble chestnut in this house.

  • Kyla Childs
    Kyla Childs

    Love when Eugene tossed the baby to Ned he immediately caught it supporting the neck - dad instincts are

  • Kaitlyn

    Ok but when the other guys are making fun of Ned and then Eugene steps in to defend him because he knows Ned is insecure is just so sweet. Also it makes me sad that he stopped wearing those overalls because his friends were making fun of him.

  • Melanin Lioness
    Melanin Lioness

    Keith “I also feel I was hired as a straight guy to play a gay man. And I’m doing my best” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cam

    My therapist: Straight Eugene isn’t real, he can’t hurt you

  • Ro Go
    Ro Go

    Eugene trying so hard to act like he knows sports: “Duval’s not even there anymore, right?“

  • Becca

    I like how all of them look like a different age

  • Martian

    I never thought I'd see Eugene looking like a straight fratboy, but here we are

  • itimmayy

    "I need my clothes to assault people." - Zach, 2022

  • Olivia Ketheesan
    Olivia Ketheesan

    when Eugene said "I think its natural in families and friend groups", I love that he said families first about the try guys.

  • Caleb McIntosh
    Caleb McIntosh

    "If you ain't gay, you're gator bait" is hilarious coming from the most hetero Eugene has ever been


    Ned is the dad energy the group needs, I really think he is a kind soul, he has his demons and has fought to find his place and I admire that. And I don't like people shouting but his shouts are out of pure joy and energy so they are OK to me :) God bless you Ned! if you read this, keep it up!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The most unrealistic part was zach "ned" getting the date night cookbook website right on the first try😂😂😂

  • L Forsey
    L Forsey

    "I think you can like sports without being toxic masculinity" Ned says, while not just cradling the baby doll but gently rubbing its back.

  • Erin Altman
    Erin Altman

    Keith’s “Ned” looks more like an “Ariel working on a project”. I honestly questioned whether Ned had stolen the overalls from her. 😂