Keith Eats Everything At KFC
The Try Guys
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*All leftovers were eaten across the next few days at lunch by the Try Guys' staff. The staff begged for alternatives, and they were given none until all the tasty, tasty chicken was gone.*
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  • Jules Saginario
    Jules Saginario

    The foreshadowing pot pie shakes me to my core to this day.

  • Sharlene Chin
    Sharlene Chin

    Eugene: Will you call me when you do Popeyes?

  • bob

    The fact that Keith was gonna cry because of a Pot Pie has me dead.

  • 07barryr

    Watching in lockdown and I'm stunned at how many people have drank from that drink 😂

  • Ded Channel
    Ded Channel

    Eugene: Cries when he talks about something very personal

  • Cass and Ass
    Cass and Ass

    Since kfc officially got rid of the “It’s finger lickin’ good” line due to covid, my suggestion for the new slogan is “It’s toe sucking succulent”

  • Justine Giroux
    Justine Giroux

    I actually really appreciated the lesson on the difference between chicken strips, tenders and fingers. Thank you.

  • normalboi 2
    normalboi 2

    This is in the description:

  • Rebecca Stuck
    Rebecca Stuck

    “call me when you do Popeyes”

  • Rachel Frank
    Rachel Frank

    I would like someone on the TryTeam to know that, whenever I feel insecure about myself, I hear Keith's voice saying "it's pretty finger-lickin okay", and it actually makes me feel better about myself. So, thanks, Keith. You don't know me, but that random comment you made is now a core part of my personality.

  • monelle cote
    monelle cote

    chris and keith should be called the “Taste Buds”

  • Manchurian Fool
    Manchurian Fool

    Keith's favorites:


    He walks into any fast-food place

  • Monique Murphy
    Monique Murphy

    For some weird reason my favourite thing at KFC is the potato and gravy it's so freaking delicious! Have y'all ever dipped a fry (or chicken) into it like a sauce its definitely a game changer!

  • Vivian Vu
    Vivian Vu

    “This is a foon! a fork dominant fork-spoon” killed me 😂😂🤣

  • Emily Everett
    Emily Everett

    me: a vegetarian watching this at 4am while eating plant based chicken nuggets.

  • RomanNoodls

    "You'll tell me when you do Popeyes"

  • Feba Philip
    Feba Philip

    The fact that they put the 'la la la' reference from their Drunk Fast Food Taste Test is everything. I don't think I can ever eat KFC again without Keith's and Zach's 'la la la' haunting me.

  • Regan

    It’s 2 am and I’m watching a grown ass man eat mashed potatoes and gravy

  • Shortylove5384

    Whenever I have a hard time eating throughout the day I always rewatch Keith Eats The Menu videos. Thank you Keith 💙