The Try Guys Meet Ned's Baby
The Try Guys
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  • Michelle Dai
    Michelle Dai

    Eugene going from calling Wes "it" to "him" is the biggest character development we'll ever witness.

  • farxfromxreality

    Let us be reminded Keith said “I’m not planning on having a baby for 3 years” 2 years ago. 1 year countdown to baby habersburger.

  • Always ARMY
    Always ARMY

    The way Eugene feels about babies is how I feel when someone cries... Like wtf am I supposed to do?

  • R C
    R C

    "Your instincts, while confused, are

  • Zeroゼロ

    Zach: "what words can you not say in front of the baby?"

  • womanofseakea

    plot twist: Eugene's going to be Wes's favorite person ever

  • korndiddy

    Wes is my favorite Try Guy.

  • Chasing Butterflies
    Chasing Butterflies

    why is nobody talking about how neds dad sounds exactly like ned

  • Beth Hammond
    Beth Hammond

    Eugene: should I wear a suit or something soft?

  • beadpoet

    so, the moment Wes is holding Eugene's finger and Eugene takes a breath and just whispers "hi Wes", i just completely melt and get choked up. it's like Eugene's heart grew three sizes that day. it was my favorite moment in the video. and then in a later video when Eugene says "you're the only one i'd let touch my hair."

  • Lucy P
    Lucy P

    Zach: Is so intrigued by him

  • Raeanne Branca
    Raeanne Branca

    Them swearing and giggling outside of the nursery gives off chaotic middle school energy.

  • K K
    K K

    Keith is like the friend everyone needs but no one deserves.

  • Baby Mars
    Baby Mars

    Keith: gentle giant

  • Ouranor

    Eugene is the ultimate embodiment of an aloof cat in this video. His entire body language and posture reminds me of the slightly skittish cats in our neighborhood xD! Befriending them is so worth it though, no matter how long it takes!

  • halcyon5zippo

    Ariel- Mommy

  • AudMickey

    Can we talk about how completely sweet, happy, trusting and glowing Ariel was?

  • yellow flower
    yellow flower

    "Ned got married"

  • noctUrnal

    Who else thinks Eugene and Wes will have a unbelievable bond?

  • MB

    Eugene going from “do u wanna hold him? No...I don’t...”