Moms Try Skydiving (13,000 FT)
The Try Guys
“On the other side of fear, is the feeling of breathing for the first time.” Watch these Try Moms face their fears and skydive from 13,000 FT!
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  • ariana

    Rachel’s quote, “on the other side of fear is the feeling of breathing for the first time ever,” might have changed my life just now very heavily. 14 days into eating disorder recovery and her saying that really reassured me that I can do this :)

  • Sol Carlos
    Sol Carlos

    I’ve seen sky diving videos before but this one terrified me the most. Usually you only see the people falling but you don’t see what they’d re seeing. Here seeing how high up they were Omg. So scary

  • Kaeden Palmer
    Kaeden Palmer

    As an autistic person, it's so cool to me to see someone (especially a mother) being so open with her diagnosis and not having it (negatively) affect her experience or have it stop her from having good friends. Thanks so much to Joey and the Try Team for consistent representation of people who are usually overlooked or stereotyped, and for challenging every expectation set before them!

  • tdudleypdx

    I just wrote down Rachel’s quote and stuck it to my wall: “On the other side of fear is the feeling of breathing again for the first time ever.” What a profoundly beautiful thought. I had so much secondhand joy watching these amazing women have this wonderful, deep, primal experience. It was just so lovely-thank you, ladies, for sharing this jump with us!

  • Leemah Nasrati
    Leemah Nasrati

    This was so unexpectedly moving -- especially Rom's thoughtfulness to prompt Rachel to say something to June & Poppy as they floated down. Loved every single second of this.

  • blainke

    When my brother turned 18 he wanted to go skydiving, but my mom was too scared to let him go by himself. So even though she has a fear of heights she went skydiving with him because she couldn't bear sitting at home wondering if he's still alive lol they both had a great time in the end

  • Tomato Potatu
    Tomato Potatu

    Joey saying that negotiating with a three year old is harder than overcoming the fear of skydiving is bringing me tears of laughter

  • Emily Roy
    Emily Roy

    I clicked on this thinking, "Ooo, fun!" And then proceeded to cry through most of the second half of the video. This was unexpectedly emotional, powerful, and utterly empowering. Well done, ladies. Truly. Being a mother is capital H Hard, and we are all amazing creatures. Thank you for this!

  • Subhajit Deysarkar
    Subhajit Deysarkar

    Joey had amazing vibes. Everyone's worried about the height and she is like meh... I deal with a toddler, this is just a plane jump 😂

  • EmberHaze

    When Joey mentioned being autistic it made me cry. As an autistic person, in my household my feelings and how I proccessed was not important. Watching The Try Moms tell Joey in the plane that was the scary part made me happy.

  • Kyra Pro
    Kyra Pro

    You're not "bad moms" you're "BADASS MOMS" 🔥

  • Yaneliz Mercado-Rosas
    Yaneliz Mercado-Rosas

    The editing in this video is *chef’s kiss*!! Really makes you feel the intensity, nerves and thrill the Try Moms we’re going through! 💜

  • Alexandra Pontaoe
    Alexandra Pontaoe

    Joey’s “throwaway” line talking about being autistic and how it causes her to process emotions differently really hit home for me. As an autistic woman myself, it’s so incredible to see us out in the world, open about our authentic selves, thriving and defying societal expectations. Much love to all you ladies, thanks for being role models to us all. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Naoko Nakamoto
    Naoko Nakamoto

    I can tell that the concept of the channel "The Try Guys" has been expanding and shifting more diverse over the course of casting. They start with four guys, and then their crew (ec. the food baby), their significant others and friends. And I must tell you that I really really love it. Keep it up, guys!

  • Julia Harper
    Julia Harper

    Rachel’s response to the guy telling her to say something for her kids is so pure. The way she said, “Oh, June and Poppy,” it was like “oh, I know them!”

  • AloisPlease

    Can we please see more of Joey? She was so relateable to me from being on the spectrum and she was so funny. The negotiating with a 3yo thing made me cackle

  • Imsexysryurnot


  • shhh I'm not here.
    shhh I'm not here.

    They are the absolute coolest, bravest women. Rachel's message to her daughters was so beautiful, I cried.

  • sad3llite

    Joey's casual mention of her Autism and alexithymia was the exact representation I needed to be more vocal about my ASD and ADHD diagnoses in my own life. SUCH empowering women!!!

  • Courtney Reiss
    Courtney Reiss

    Why did this make me so emotional? This was amazing, ladies!