Drunk Gays Explain RuPaul’s Drag Race To Straights
The Try Guys
“It’s the super bowl of drag.” Watch these Drag Race experts try to drunksplain RuPaul’s Drag Race to their straight sober friends!
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  • Matt Cottrell
    Matt Cottrell

    Holy fuck “someone who is secure in the masculinity will never insult femininity” fucking chills ran down my spine that’s beautiful

  • Saumya Mathur
    Saumya Mathur

    “I haven’t seen a heterosexual in months” the most iconic line I’ve ever heard

  • Diana Perry
    Diana Perry

    Dude, Kwesi is one of my favorite people in the extended Try-Fam. He just seems so real, like he isn't trying at all, he's just being himself. Then all the sudden he has something so smart, or so funny, or so cool.

  • Marissa

    I adore everything about this video, but can we take a moment to acknowledge Miles? I can't believe I'm about to praise a straight white man in a video about Ru Paul and drag, but the way that he shut up, sat back, listened, and took in everything that was said - THAT is what we need from white straight men. There are times we don't need to hear from you, we need you to

  • Jenna Gets Creative
    Jenna Gets Creative

    "Do women not feel safe in most rooms?"

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora

    As a trans person, I really appreciate them discussing how trans people and drag performers can often face push back within the LGBTQ community, it seems to be something that people outside of that community don't always know. I love this video by the way, I want to see more Drunk Gays Gasyplain!

  • Tamra Smith
    Tamra Smith

    “If you hate someone for being their authentic self, it means you hate yourself.” I’m going to use that.

  • Me Me
    Me Me

    Arisce speaking on how young gays often treat their elders hit me so hard. the one gay bar where i live has been closed for 2 years.. it meant so much to me to sit and learn our local queer history from those lovely people, and thank them for everything they have done. i hope they're ok, and may we meet again ♥ to any elder gays reading: i love you, miss you and am eternally grateful!

  • Taylor

    Eugene is looking FINE AS HELL HERE. The lacey shirt. The stacked necklace situation. The ring. The matching blazer and pants. YES. YES. YES. YES!!!

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora

    When Arisce said that feminism is for everyone, i could FEEL the punch in the gut of those women that call themselves feminists but are first to throw trans people under the bus. Feminism is for everyone, if you put a "but" in it its not feminism anymore.

  • LilFire Fox
    LilFire Fox

    After listening again, and hearing her say when a woman walks into a room she looks and evaluates how safe she will be. After thinking about it now I realize she is right. I subconsciously do it. I never realized that before. Also I am a straight woman and I LOVE the gay bars! I can have fun, drink and NOT worry about some drunk scum bag grinding on me or trying to hook up.

  • kdtfiles1

    Kwesi: "do women not feel safe in most rooms?"

  • Dawn Kierstead
    Dawn Kierstead

    I don’t think you guys can even understand how profoundly grateful to you guys. When my mom went to pride parades when she was a teen she was breaking the law. But I go and there are families everywhere now. This video made me cry. So thank you.

  • Jake Haywood
    Jake Haywood

    Please more content like this. Honestly, the Try Crew could come out with a second channel devoted to LGBTQ+ content and do amazing numbers. Put Eugene in charge, make more educational and heartfelt and emotional and goofy videos, thrive. It would be fantastic.

  • Casey Marie
    Casey Marie

    I loved that you mentioned a lot of straight women go to the gay bars. I graduated high school in 2006. About 80% of the time when I would go to Nashville I would go to the bar Play because I felt safe there. Didn’t have to worry about handys men and could Dance all night with my friends without a hard on behind me.

  • Lynn Zamora
    Lynn Zamora

    I just love how "loving" the atmosphere is among the people in this episode. transgender, gay, cismen, and ciswoman, white, black, asian, all of them were really open to the discussion, respectful of the opinion of each other and very supportive of one another. I just hope more spaces become like this. ❤🌈

  • ana valeria
    ana valeria

    Mayhem Miller actually came to my university to hold our annual drag show and can I say, she is the best MC EVER! The way she drags attention from every single person and the way she made us have fun and laugh.. I absolutely loved every second of it. Sending lots of love <3

  • Lauren Trujillo
    Lauren Trujillo

    “Is Kai-Kai hooking up with someone but you’re not fully proud of it?” “No that’s a Thursday night” 😭💀

  • mimi

    as a queer black person, this meant so much to see discussion like this on a channel this big, eugene is working so hard to educate and it means so much

  • Ivory Dawn
    Ivory Dawn

    I grew up with two moms, I'm bi myself, to put it in blunt terms I hit every branch of intersectionality save for being cis. My godfather is a drag queen, I have more uncles and aunts than I can count who tick basically every possible box on the gender binary. So as someone who was literally raised to view queer culture as the norm, who had to realize that straight people existed, I just wanted to say that even in the twenty years I've been alive the fact that we can sit and have these conversations on youtube now, and half a million people will watch it in a day, that's bigger steps than I think any of us could possibly imagine when I was a baby and that's simply incredible.