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  • Chelisa Hand
    Chelisa Hand

    One time I was coming back from a concert at 2am and the only thing that was open in the area was a Wendy's. Now I'm sure my early morning hunger had something to do with it, but I ordered a Jr. Bacon cheeseburger and fries, and it was the best fast food burger I'd ever had. Really hot, fresh and luxurious. Still think about it to this day, and have not been able to mimic it since.

  • Laura Oliver
    Laura Oliver

    It's really sad but these were all more romantic than my proposal to my wife 🤣.

  • AZ

    I'm playing in band in school, and although I'm not a brass player (I play clarinet and bassoon), Keith's tone and range and dynamics were INCREDIBLE. Honestly shows how much you can learn as long as you're dedicated and try, which he definitely did. Standing ovation from me, sir. I find it funny that he learned it from someone named Chris because my upperclassman who plays trombone *really* well is NAMED Chris, so lol

  • Angipandi Pacheco
    Angipandi Pacheco

    This was a fantastic video. I hope they do more in the future like this is such a fantastic fun idea

  • Jenny May
    Jenny May

    4 years since Keith said him and Becky would have a baby in 3 years

  • Jenny May
    Jenny May

    4 years since Keith said him and Becky would have a baby in 3 years

  • Nataley Kothari
    Nataley Kothari

    Zach and Keith are so cute!!!

  • ItsKyXoxo

    I wrote an entire essay high in class one time. It was the worst class period of my life but I passed 🤷

  • Jenny May
    Jenny May

    I loved the call back to the nuggets thing in the original motherhood series

  • TheGhostiestHatRack

    I could be easily hypnotized to forget things, I forget things on a regular basis

  • Monster-Teeth

    To be fair to Zach some rice has like added nutrient things? And the packaging will specifically tell you not to wash it because you'll wash off the added nutrients

  • Leo Uchiha
    Leo Uchiha

    Zach and Keith are soooo cuteeee

  • lilac_rain

    18:30 to 22:30 just a time stamp for my depressed self to rewatch the most hilarious bit of the internet in recent history when I need to

  • thdwjsal Sjm
    thdwjsal Sjm

    I want Eugene’s 서울 shirt.

  • Kai

    Im watching this all late, but this is legit the best series on IRglo. Like these guys really know how to film and edit. Like bravo to the whole company

  • Deborah Karp-Leiss
    Deborah Karp-Leiss

    I really don’t like when hypnotism is used for entertainment purposes, but I think it can be very useful when used in conjunction with psychotherapy.

  • mercee killer
    mercee killer

    I live Hughie's star earring!!!

  • safety pin
    safety pin

    CALEB???? This is THE randomest collab 😭😭😭

  • sophie whitin
    sophie whitin

    zach and keith are so cute

  • mercee killer
    mercee killer

    Being a picky eater, the food here looks pretty good!!! (I want to try it)

  • Deven Estes
    Deven Estes

    When I was a kid, I stepped on a broken beer bottle in the lake and had a massive gash in my foot. Being rural OK, by the time we got the boat out of the water and got on the road it had already been about an hour and we still had to drive another hour to get to the ER (I ended up with seven stitches in my foot). We ended up stopping at Hardee’s half way to the ER and getting something to eat and I got kicked out for bleeding on the floor. That’s how good Hardee’s is.

  • Deven Estes
    Deven Estes

    I’m totally loving the bluegrass “Good King Winceslas” cover

  • Rosa

    I wish they included what everyone thought of it after the session with ricardo. Was it real?

  • SmilinginFear

    Just…I’ve always appreciated, adored and been mildly jealous of Zach’s carefree style and even bought certain items because of him…but why…just…how does Eugene just…WORK!

  • Mykala Patel
    Mykala Patel


  • not mila
    not mila

    I need 'Life is painful enough so fuck it let's get fluffy!' on a Shirt Please!

  • Rebecca Prudence
    Rebecca Prudence

    As a hypnotherapist, please dont think that this is how hypnotherapy works! It's just great stage entertainment!

  • Luke Axolotl
    Luke Axolotl

    Aww this is so cute

  • Luke Axolotl
    Luke Axolotl

    This is too adorable AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH